Zelensky denounces at least 51 dead in a Russian bombing in Groza, a town in the Kharkiv region

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This Thursday, Russia committed a new war crime by bombing a food distribution center that served as a cafeteria in Groza, a town in the district of Kupanskliberated from the Z troops last fall. The attack leaves 51 civilians dead so far (including a six-year-old child) and six injured.

The area, which has already been hit hard by the Russian invasion, has lost a good part of its population, forced to flee or taken refuge in basements. Many of them only go out to buy food in the few stores that are still open. The Russians have set the objective of their attack today on one of them. Since their bombings in rebellious Syria, attacks on bread lines have become a common strategy of the Moscow regime to cause the flight of civilians, demoralization and terror of the population.

The weaponry used is the usual S300 missile, an anti-aircraft projectile of enormous destructive power that Russia uses ballistically against ground targets. In cities near the front, it is used daily by Russia, which has a large stock of this type of Soviet-era weapons.

The battle front, which is located a few kilometers beyond the city of Kupiansk, has forced evacuate several towns near the fighting, since bombings of markets, churches or restaurants are the order of the day from Moscow.

The victims of the bombing They were attending a ceremony in honor of a deceased neighborInterior Minister Igor Klymenko said: “There were civilians in the store and in the cafe [cercano]brought together by a ceremony in remembrance of a deceased villager.”

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