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Elementary school teachers, administrative staff or school principals of the Zemgale region are invited to apply for the experience exchange trip, which will take place from June 27 to 30 in Trondheim, Norway, until May 28. The goal is to get to know the methods of teaching and learning entrepreneurship in Norwegian elementary schools, informs Ilze Lujāne, public relations specialist in the Zemgale planning region (ZPR).

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I. Lujāne explains that the experience exchange program is planned to get to know the experience of Trondheim schools in entrepreneurship education for primary school students, to learn various methods, including the inclusion of visits to science centers in the learning process as a tool for inspiration and creative expressions.

“Teachers, administrative staff or school principals of Zemgale region elementary schools are invited to apply by May 28 by writing to project manager Sigita Šiļvjane at [email protected]. The e-mail should be accompanied by a cover letter, which should include information about your own or your nominated representative’s past experience in incorporating entrepreneurship topics or skills into the curriculum, promoting entrepreneurial creativity, idea generation, or other tools used during training. Also, the motivation letter should indicate how the acquired experience and knowledge are planned to be applied. If possible, we invite you to attach copies of diplomas, certificates or other proofs of the students’ achievements in business-related events and contests, where the specific representative also participated, to the e-mail,” explains ZPR representative I. Lujāne.

She also explains that one representative will be nominated from each municipality of Zemgale, who will be given the opportunity to participate in a paid experience exchange trip to Trondheim.

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