Zetka with Zetka. About Korean pop, South Korea and caring for mental health [PODCAST]

Zuza Frymark is a singer just before the release of her K-pop inspired single and internet creator who you can find on Instagram and TikToku under the name zuzacantsleep. In 2018, she went to South Korea for the first time, and in the third year of her studies, in 2020, she went there for a year. She was educated at Seoul National University until June 2021. He speaks Korean fluently. In the latest episode of the podcast, he talks about Korean pop, living in South Korea and caring for mental health.


– This is the price you have to pay in Korea if you want to debut as a K-Pop idol – tells Zuza, alluding to the famous “preparation camps”, where future stars are formed. – And I have the impression that these people are aware of it. The saddest thing is when you see people who train for eight or nine years and they really spend their whole young life on training, and then don’t make their debut. And they have no memories of their childhood, of their youth, because they set aside this time to follow their dreams, which never came true, because the competition is more and more fierce.

Zuza Frymark (photo: private archive)

South Korea

– It is very safe there and as a woman I was not afraid to come back home at two or three in the morning, alone, on foot. Even when I had to walk two kilometers, I wasn’t worried about my health or life – recalls Zuza, who spent a year studying in South Korea. – Living in Korea was an amazing experience and I am grateful every day, not only to my parents who made it possible for me to leave, but also to myself that I made a decision that made me pull myself together and I went alone to such a foreign country. I would like to go back in time and experience it again.

In 2018, Zuzia went to Korea for the first time (photo: Private Archive), In 2020, she went there for a year (photo: Private Archive)


– My friends, who were closest to me at that moment, helped me a lot, they knew what was going on, because they were the people to whom I told it – tells Zuza. – They were with me all the time, and that was probably the most important thing about it that I didn’t expect anything from them but understanding. That I may have a bad day and I will not reply to someone on Facebook for a few days. There were also people who did not understand this. And at the age of 18 it is known – you do not write back, the end of our friendship, the end. But those people who understood were very understanding to me and to my condition. And this is more than I could ask anyone for anything. And I think it’s very important to just be there for these people, no matter what they’re going through. Because I did not expect any kind words or advice on how to deal with it, only when I wrote: “Hey, today is a worse day”, then if I heard from my friend, from my friend the sentence: “Zuzia, I am here for you “, it was more than enough. To make me feel like I’m not really alone in this.

Agata Pora¿ka. Journalist of the weekend Gazeta.pl magazine. The creator of the Let’s Play Green series, which focuses on what we should do to take care of the planet instead of destroying it. He runs the podcast “Zetka z Zetka”.

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