Zhao Wei – gone, gone – China wipes out its most famous actress


Because the government complains of a “chaotic fan culture” and wrongdoing by celebrities, action is taken against the entertainment industry.

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Zhao Wei 2018 on her …


... winery in France.

… winery in France.


The government keeps cracking down on the entertainment industry.

The government keeps cracking down on the entertainment industry.


  • Actress Zhao Wei was deleted from the Internet in China.

  • It is not clear where it is currently.

  • The government should take targeted action against the stars of the entertainment industry.

She played the main role in the television series «My Fair Princess». In addition to acting, she was also a singer, sold millions of records, played in numerous series and produced films herself. Zhao Wei, the 45-year-old jury member of Chinese and international film festivals, rose to become one of the richest entertainers.

But since the end of August, films and series by and with her have been deleted from Chinese streaming platforms. Their social media channels have also been removed in China. She had over 80 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter. Wei’s name can no longer be found in digital film lexicons, the same applies to her person in Chinese Wikipedia, as does her Tamedia newspapers to write. It is not clear where she is currently.

The government is targeting the entertainment industry

According to CNN, Wei was on a list of “misbehaving celebrities” along with other artists. Chinese celebrities were previously targeted by the government, but the latest action is more comprehensive and tougher. Fans compared the disappearance of celebrities from social media to the “creation of a black hole”.

The Chinese government has targeted the entertainment industry with all its famous stars and the associated cult around them, as CNN further reports. Because there is no place in China for people who are bigger and more important than the state with Xi Jinping at its head itself Industry, as the German press agency wrote in early September.

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