Zhong Shanshan ‘Magic’ Water Becomes Money, Now Rich

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Position Jack Ma as the richest man in China evicted. The replacement is Zhong Shanshan. Based on Forbes data, Zhong’s total wealth reaches US $ 78.9 billion. If converted into rupiah, the wealth reaches Rp1,122.50 trillion.

The amount of wealth that exceeds Jack Ma’s wealth as of Thursday (18/11), which is only US $ 40.8 billion or Rp. 580.459 trillion.

Then, who exactly is Zhong Shanshan? Citing various sources, Zhong is an entrepreneur and founder of the largest bottled mineral water company in China, Nongfu Spring.

He is also the owner of the pharmaceutical giant in China, Wantai. However, before achieving the success that he is today, Zhong had experienced a winding and difficult life in his childhood.

When he was just 12 years old or in sixth grade, for example, he had to drop out of school. The Chinese Cultural Revolution that took place in 1966-1976 took away his childhood happiness.

His parents, who are considered intellectuals, were persecuted by the Chinese authorities along with other civilians.

Since then, to make ends meet he had to work hard. A number of odd jobs ranging from carpentry to masonry the man born in 1954 did in order to survive.

When growing up, bad luck has not been separated from his life. When he wanted to enter college he failed the exam twice.

However, failure did not dampen his steps. The advice of his parents succeeded in leading him to be accepted in college. In 1977, he was successfully accepted into the college which is now called Zhejiang Radio and TV University.

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After graduating from college, he was accepted to work as a reporter at the Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Daily in 1983. He worked as a beverage sales agent.

However, China’s declaration of Special Economic Zones in 1988 stopped it. He decided to quit his job and move to another province. In that new place, he founded the newspaper Pacific Post.

However, his business went bankrupt. However, the fall did not dampen his steps.

Shanshan then tried his luck in the mushroom, tortoise, shrimp business and curtain sales. However, bad luck also befell his business.

Zhong failed again. In 1993, he founded a company called Yang Sheng Tang which manufactures health care products, including “turtle pills” to treat erectile dysfunction in the 1990s.

In 1996, he opened a new business, bottled water under the company name Nongfu Spring. And through this company, the door of ‘sustenance’ is wide open.

In a short time the company founded by Zhong grew big.

They are the largest bottled water supplier in China, hold the number one position for market share and are among the top 20 beverage companies in China.

Not only that, his company also managed to beat the world’s beverage industry giants such as Coca-Cola, Watson and Pepsi. It’s all inseparable from Zhong’s expertise in utilizing cloud computing technology and market data.

Expertise has made Nongfu Spring’s market expansion unstoppable across the country. Expertise has also turned a once humble company into a new giant.

In an exclusive interview with China Daily in 2016, Zhong said Nongfu Spring’s rapid development was inseparable from the big breakthrough he made when he announced the company would stop selling pure water to focus on mineral water.

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It was done because the first business did not offer any health benefits to society. The strategy paid off sweetly. Nongfu Spring’s sales skyrocketed instantly.

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