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Original title: Zhou Huimin sent a long article to talk about the recent experience of the stage video 29 ​​years ago is super wonderful

Sohu Entertainment News on May 10, Zhou Huimin shared her recent feelings in a long post on social platforms, “In the past two years, I have seen new generation singers perform my songs in their own way on their important stages, and I am very emotional. Because this is an inheritance, it is indeed an honor and a warm heart.” She also shared the live version of the award ceremony of her song “Self-made Love”, and the scene was very exciting.

Zhou Huimin said: “I am very happy to know that my works can be handed down for generations, so that generations can appreciate and like them. In the past two years, I have seen new generation singers perform my songs in their own way on their important stages. , played very well, and saw infinite emotion. Because this is inheritance, it is indeed an honor and heart-warming. In addition, at the same time, I found that there are many Internet celebrities and netizens who are fluent in Cantonese or not, and they all study hard. Sing and tag me, of course, it’s better than like.

I recently wrote back to my fans and found a strange phenomenon. Ninety percent of the letters are from the post-90s and post-00s. Some of them started following me because they liked my performances in “Big Times”, and then they found out that I was also a singer, so I went. Find my work to enjoy. Some of them overheard my music and found out that I turned out to be the actor who played the big era, making them excited to find out more of my work to watch. There are more because my parents like me, let them know my songs from childhood and like my songs. When these new generations write about some of my 90s work in their letters, it feels like they are traveling through time. very funny. I never thought that my work would bring me so much, I am very grateful.

Although I’m not very active anymore, and I haven’t been out to see you for a long time because of the epidemic, I occasionally do things I like when I’m not under pressure. Last Christmas, I played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and this Easter also performed such an interesting song for the melody of Psalm 23. Of course it is important to be happy, but knowing that the fans are happy makes me happier, and I am grateful to have you.

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Everyone sings the most, among which is “Affectionate”, and I have many versions myself. I know that the supporters of the live version of the 1993 awards ceremony like it the most, so I want to upload a clear version here for everyone. “Return to Sohu, see more


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