Zhu Ting’s injury and serious women’s volleyball team has two options for Lang Ping to adjust the trident_china women’s volleyball team

Original title: Zhu Ting’s injury and serious women’s volleyball team, there are two options for Lang Ping to adjust the trident

Women’s volleyball team lost Zhu Ting with injury Lang Ping: Who will let Zhu Ting rest?

In the first two rounds, they surrendered to Turkey and the United States 0-3. The Chinese women’s volleyball team died in the third round of Russia. Naturally, it is not to be lost. It is only a temporary expedient to use Zhu Ting’s medicine to relieve pain and injury. How does Lang Ping integrate the emergence of the stage? A reasonable lineup configuration is very important. In fact, whether the setter Ding Xia or Yao Di consciously expand the ball distribution ideas in actual combat, they hope to reduce the offensive pressure for Zhu Ting by mobilizing other national players. Now there are two sets of offensive trident configurations to choose from according to whether the women’s volleyball team can play.

From the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s first show with only 4 points and twice replaced, and now the team has the highest score of 18 points in the first three games, the Chinese women’s volleyball leader Zhu Ting is gradually regaining her state through a strong dialogue in the group stage, but her right wrist Repeated old injuries really affected the offensive and defensive core. Although he was able to tear open the U.S. women’s volleyball line of defense through dunks, he still subconsciously held the right wrist with his left hand to ease the pain, and participated in the back row defense and was flew high by Akin Redwo. He hit the affected area and shook his wrist in pain for an instant, but he continued to stay on the court.

This is Zhu Ting, who is supported by the strong spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. Even though the injury has been repeatedly painful to affect her personal state, she still understates that she is now relying on medicine to support her. Facing the secondary offensive line that Akin Redwood and Washington focused on, Zhu Ting gritted his teeth with injuries. These 18 points are especially precious for the Chinese women’s volleyball team. After all, the overall offensive trident performance is not stable. Lang Ping hopes to pass the game. Level confrontation stimulates the potential of the team as soon as possible. Now that the pressure is too great, it has not yet adjusted to the best state.

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According to the official website of the International Volleyball Federation, Zhu Ting contributed 18 points in the first three games from 16 offensive points and 2 offensive points. Among them, the offensive ball rate was 37.84% of 2 turnovers in 16 out of 37 dunks, which was 50+% in comparison with previous highlights. There is a gap in the high success rate, but now it is good to overcome the injury and hand in such a report card. The most realistic problem facing the Chinese women’s volleyball coaching staff is how to help Zhu Ting control his injuries with the existing medical conditions, relying solely on drugs to temporarily relieve the pain and obviously treat the symptoms and not the root cause.

In fact, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is still the world’s number one, but the problem is that the control of the new star Thompson has not been continued. The latter has grown up in the U.S. college league and has made little progress in the top professional leagues in Europe and America. The technique has gradually matured through the experience of the three major competitions. However, there are not many opportunities for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to confront the new star head-on. It is obvious that the video clips cannot be compared with actual combat. This is why the women’s volleyball team lacks sufficient response.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team had a 3-0 victory in a live rivalry with the American women’s volleyball team in the living league. However, coach Kirai, on the premise of securing promotion to the semi-finals, specially arranged Thompson’s shift to use as a secret weapon now. Thompson lived up to expectations and scored 34 points in the first three games. As a big killer, he stole the scoring champion from Zhu Ting. This is only one of the single round-robin matches of the group. If the Chinese women’s volleyball team has a chance to compete with the United States in the quarter-finals, whether the blocking system can contain Thompson is particularly critical.

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team suffered a 0-3 zero seal in two consecutive group matches. As the captain and the core of offense and defense, Zhu Ting’s injury problem was magnified. Coach Lang Ping also tried to protect his beloved through lineup rotation. The first show was against Turkey. Li Yingying was arranged twice to succeed Zhu Ting. In that game, the Chinese women’s volleyball team only scored 4 points and left early. In the second game, they scored the team’s highest 18 points but they only insisted on taking medicine to endure pain. Should the injury worsen The suspension of the game has triggered continuous attention and discussion from different voices from outside.

Zhu Ting played in the Turkish Super League, the Champions League and the Turkish Cup that year. According to the lineup configuration, Wakif Bank tried to help the athletes adjust through rotation. She switched to the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team and was escorted by the national team rehabilitation team. She also chose during the World Club Championships due to aggravated injuries. Suspension protection has led the club to create the worst record in the history of the Chinese women’s volleyball club. It is now playing for the country and preparing for the world’s top event for five years. As captain Zhu Ting needs to be suspended, Lang Ping’s coaching staff and her are required It depends on the injury.

Teacher Lang Ping was asked whether the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team could take a break, and asked, “Who will come then? She also hopes to be able to persist…”. From this point of view, Zhu Ting has a very strong desire to fight from a personal point of view, and the injury has not yet reached the level of being unable to participate in the competition, so she only insisted on bringing her injuries through medical means. But from another perspective, Zhu Ting’s role in the Chinese women’s volleyball team cannot be replaced. Lang Ping has been looking for alternative candidates in the past five years. It should be said that even Zhang Changning has a gap.

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Based on the current staffing, the Chinese women’s volleyball team hopes to reduce the pressure of Zhu Ting by complementing national players. However, the specific effect remains to be seen from the first two games. If analyzed from the perspective of sharing Zhu Ting’s offensive pressure, the women’s volleyball girls can try the strongest offensive trident configuration, including the double main attackers Zhu Ting and Li Yingying, and Zhang Changning; if Zhu Ting is determined to be unable to compete due to injury problems, double main attack Zhang The combination of Chang Ning and Li Yingying and Gong Xiangyu is a choice, provided that Wang Mengjie needs to bear more for the back row protection. (Xu Hailin)

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