Žibėnas, who is worried about the defense: “This is exactly the match we wanted” / News

Vilnius “Rytas” failed to win the “Vikinglotto” cup – the Riga VEF got in the way of Giedrius Žibėnas’ students in the final. However, the helmsman of the capital’s club enjoyed a serious fight on the parquet after the match.

“We wanted such a match during the preparation. All the preparations are up and down for us – we are running away, but after a few minutes we have been hit, we have to find out why this is happening, – Žibėnas said. – Today was a good opponent, I think the spectators liked it, we returned to the match only with the help of an attack, but stops we did not continue to do so. That is what we wanted. ”

Some “Ryto” players will prepare for injuries and the unfinished equipment is forced to compete not in their positions, but Žibėnas does not mean it.

“There will be many such situations during the season, let’s be realistic. Before the season feels even better, we don’t have 15 players for everyone to play in their positions. We have 12 players, not all of them are healthy, the team is incomplete and it is natural that we need to compete in different positions, ”explained the helmsman of Rytas.

85, 86, 88 – numbers reflecting the points missed by “Rytas” in the “Vikinglotto” cup. It is the defense that worries the Vilnius strategist the most.

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“The numbers speak for themselves – we spend almost 90 points against all teams. That’s the most worrying and a lot of points we could avoid. We have a lot of defensive players who can represent, but today we simply didn’t do that before Riley. The hands were not as active as we wanted to be, ”said Žibėnas.

In the final, Žibėnas did not use the services of Martynas Pacevičius, although he was only two real tall figures in the duel. The Morning Wizard admits that he wants faster progress from Pacevičius.

“No one in our team is psychologically breaking him, he has all the opportunities and needs to be sorted out. We want him to move forward, we want him to react a little faster and we try to help him, ”Žibėnas told Pacevičius’ situation.

Vilnius residents on September 18. The duel with Pasvalys “Pienovaigždės” will start the LKL season, and before that he will play one friendly match with Prienai “Labas GAS”.

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