Zingaretti and the Urso wave | Massimo Gramellini’s Coffee

Someone help us understand.

If Zingaretti stumbles upon the consonants and says on the radio that we need to relaunch the PCI, rather than the Democratic Party, they give him the nostalgic of the Red Army, bringing up Stalin or at least Freud. If for the next day Barbara D’Urso exalts in a tweet instead of Che Guevara, the indignant references to Berlinguer immediately fall.

What is that poor man to do in his heroic distancing from so-called left-wing intellectuals, who scorn opponents and wrinkle their noses at anything that meets the liking of more than three people?

Yet, to be very picky, supporting Berlusconi’s popular TV presenter was not the only way yesterday to take sides with the masses. A reference to b could be addedazzecola reported by the chief prosecutor of Milan: sixty thousand deliverymen who for a year have been bringing food and objects into our homes without any contractual protection. They are citizens, not slaves, Dr. Greco thundered (not Zingaretti, eh, mind you).

At one time, leftist parties were very interested in exploited workers. I’m not saying how much TV presenters, but almost. Hinting about their fate in the tweet in defense of D’Urso, or even in a specific tweet, one of those classic things that one would expect from a secretary of the PCI, of the Democratic Party, of any P. Otherwise, in doubt whether to speak before the D’Urso or the messengers, there is always the Draghi award. Be quiet.

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