News Zion Williamson's stepfather clears up rumors about New Orleans

Zion Williamson’s stepfather clears up rumors about New Orleans

One month from the draft, the wildest rumors circulate on the future of Zion Williamson. Go to the Draft to finish in New Orleans? Return to NCAA for an additional season? The player’s stepfather takes stock of the situation.

It is no longer presented, it was the attraction of the year in NCAA before most certainly landing on the floors of the big league next October. Zion Williamson is announced as the first choice of the 2019 draft and the lottery has most likely fixed its fate.

While the Knicks, the Cavaliers and the Suns held the rope to recover the phenomenon, the three NBA dunces were doubled by the surprising Pelicans during the draw. The game of probabilities decided so, Zion Williamson will certainly land in Louisiana from June 20.

Zion would then be dropped into one of the smallest markets in the league, far from the spotlights of New York. Everything is to be built in the dampness of Louisiana with the very probable departure of the star Anthony Davis, a perspective that would not have enchanted the young nugget.

While he has not yet hired an agent, Zion Williamson could potentially return to NCAA for a second year in Duk’s jersey, and thus wait for the 2020 draft to reach a more flashy destination. But Zion’s stepfather, who currently manages the career of his foal, wanted to clarify things on this point.

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In remarks collected by the ESPN station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the latter said he had no doubts about the rest of the case:

Regarding a return to Duke, it’s not even something that we considered. We met David Griffin (GM of the Pelicans) and had a great conversation.

We are excited to settle down and find a place to stay.

Reassuring words for New Orleans fans who feared that the miracle would escape them. An understandable decision on the part of the player and his entourage because a new year in university, without salary and with the risk of injury, could tarnish the potential career of Zion Williamson.

If he really doesn’t want to go to Louisiana, the wingman could still ask for an exchange. But the first contact between the player and the franchise seems to have been successful. Enough to put an end to speculation about an early departure? Case to follow.

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