Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej Wrona chose the name for the baby. Fans are delighted: “It’s beautiful!”

Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej Wrona are expecting a daughter. The couple has already chosen a name for the baby. It turns out that the actress will name her daughter after her grandmother. – Fortunately, Andrzej agreed to this offer – she was glad.

Zofia Zborowska soon she will be a mother for the first time. The daughter of Wiktor Zborowski and Maria Winiarska, who is also an actress, is expecting a child with volleyball player Andrzej Wrona. Their wedding took place in August 2019. In March, the couple reported pregnancy and recently revealed the sex of the baby. It is already known that a daughter will be born to Zborowska and Wrona.

34-year-old Zofia has to be very careful from the very beginning. Doctors diagnosed her thrombophiliawhich may cause problems with delivering a pregnancy or complicating obstetrics. Due to her well-being, the actress had to quit her job in the series “Professional Secret” and lie in bed for a month. Fortunately, numerous ailments do not deprive the future mother of good humor, and do not prevent her from appearing regularly on Instagram. Zofia Zborowska has just revealed to the observers what name she chose for her daughter.

Pregnant Zofia Zborowska heard a terrifying diagnosis. “Nobody knew”

Zofia Zborowska chose a name for the baby. What will she call her daughter?

Zofia Zborowska, who started her career after the famous photos with the casserole challenge the worst celebrity photos in pregnancy, he revealed his daughter’s name. The actress intends to name the girl Hope on his grandmother’s side.

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Hope – that was the name of my Grandma… Grandma Nadia. Incredibly beautiful, good and beloved woman. My mom’s mom. She was a stage singer, model and actress. I’ve always wanted to call my daughter that. Hania [siostra Zofii – przyp. red] Every time she gave birth to her little daughters, she reminded me that she did not name her daughters Nadia, because I used it when I was a teenager, so if I ever have a daughter, I HAVE TO NAME HER, otherwise she will get pissed off at me. Sincerely? I was sure we were going to have a boy, but actually I was also supposed to be Tadek, after Grandpa Tadek – Grandma Hope’s husband. Fortunately, Andrzej agreed to this name proposition. Also Hope – we are waiting for you very much – wrote the actress.

The name of Zborowska’s daughter liked the commentators very much. A beautiful name and that is what it means nowadays – emphasize Internet users and appreciate the idea of ​​resurrecting a noble, but already slightly forgotten name.

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