Technology Zoom: Stock market success, but cascading reviews for the...

Zoom: Stock market success, but cascading reviews for the star videoconferencing application

A very popular application since the start of containment, the Zoom videoconferencing service continues to receive reviews from day to day, which does not prevent it from showing insolent growth on the stock market.


Zoom, a cross-platform instant messaging and videoconferencing service.

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With more than half of the world’s population forced to stay at home, video conferencing solutions have never been so successful … and have never been scrutinized so closely. Zoom, the star software of this containment, is the incarnate proof. The little application that was talked about for security issues a year ago is now under attack from all sides.

The reason ? Numerous controversies concerning data security and confidentiality. Last week, a rain of criticism had already descended on the company, so much so that the CEO had to put out the fire by announcing a development freeze to concentrate all the resources of the company “on matters of privacy, trust and security”. This did not stop the application from continuing to suffer in the press.

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We actually learned a few days ago that Google had prohibited the use of Zoom to its employees, claiming that the software “does not meet (its) security standards” unlike Google Meet, the web giant’s home solution of course. This move by Google comes after the Taiwan government made similar arrangements, as did schools in New York and several other states in the United States.

In France, distrust

And it’s not just outside of our borders that Zoom is persona non grata. Questioned by NextINpact, the interdepartmental digital department (DINUM) “strongly advises against using Zoom, given the data protection risks and identified flaws”, and prefers Tixeo, a videoconferencing solution certified by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI).

Same refrain from the side of the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts which in a note entitled “Videoconference: good practices for good communication” implicitly advises the public service to avoid Zoom by alerting on the poor data security offered by the ‘application. Hangouts from Google and Skype are also to be avoided according to the ministry’s guide.

Zoom is also not in the odor of holiness on the side of national education since the Aix-Marseille Academy explains that “the use of this tool should be avoided”, because “personal data may be transferred to the United States” and “many questions about securing this tool are raised “.

The department also wrote black on white in a press release that “each implementation of a tool must comply with the rules given by the DINUM concerning reversibility, access to data, protection of personal data and strict compliance with the GDPR”, which Zoom does not do. Advice quickly mocked by some teachers who pointed out that Jean-Michel Blanquer himself used Zoom.

Insolent growth

Despite all this bad press, Zoom is having a nice success in this period of planetary confinement. In March 2020, more than 200 million people connected to the service compared to 10 million in December. An overwhelming success that Zoom explains not to have really anticipated. “We did not design the product thinking that, in a few weeks, everyone in the world would suddenly work, study and socialize from home”says a blog post from the company.

This insolent growth finds an echo on Wall Street where the action of Zoom Video Communications has not stopped climbing. The company’s market valuation now exceeds $ 30 billion, more than Twitter or Slack.


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