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During the past month of February, the videochat platform Zoom it announced the transcription in real time of what two or more people were talking about during the course of a video call, meaning that the dialogues were going to be subtitled as if it were a movie. This tool was only available to users who paid for the service, however, since Monday, October 25, it has become a free feature for all accounts, do you want to know how to activate it? We will explain the steps below.

“It is important to us that everyone can connect, communicate and participate successfully using Zoom”, said the head of Product Marketing, meetings and chat at Zoom, Teresa Larkin, through her official blog; likewise, it pointed out that “Without the proper accessibility tools, people with disabilities (auditory) face huge barriers when using video communication solutions ”.

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  • From the browser (not mobile app) log into your Zoom account.
  • Now, go to the navigation menu and press on settings.
  • Then go to the meeting tab.
  • Finally, in the meeting section (advanced) activate the subtitles.
Automatic real-time transcripts for all accounts. (Photo: Zoom)

It is important to clarify that at the moment this tool is only available in English, but the technology company stressed that it will later be extended to different languages.

Problems with Zoom audio on iOS or Android? Your camera does not work? Do you want to submit a problem report and customer records? Video not working on Lenovo devices? The solution and answer to these and other questions can be found on the Zoom technical support page or by clicking here.


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