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ZTE partners with Royole on devices with foldable screens – Tablets and phones – News

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE will collaborate with screen builder Royole. Both companies have announced this. It is unclear what kind of products with folding screen ZTE will make with the screens from Royole.

Both companies do not mention smartphones in the announcement. That would be obvious, because both companies already make smartphones. As a result, it appears that ZTE has other flexible screen products in the pipeline. Both companies enter into a partnership to get the products on the market.

Royole also says that he is working on the FlexPai 2, the successor to the first smartphone with a folding screen from 2018. The FlexPai 2 has, according to the details released now, just like the first a screen of 15.9×11.9cm, a 7.8 “- OLED screen with 4: 3 ratio and an area of ​​188 square centimeters.

The screen should be brighter and less discolored at an angle. In addition, there is a new hinge and the screen should be sturdier. Royole has also equipped the device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865-soc with 5G modem, LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 storage. There are four cameras on the back instead of three.

It is not a full announcement; it will follow later. Then Royole will also announce what it will cost and when it will be released. In any case, that should be done before the end of June, according to the manufacturer.


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