Zuzana Plačková showed her MOTHER: This is what Dion’s GRANDMOTHER looks like!

The popular influencer became a mother for the first time on September 2 when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy to her husband René. Zuzana Plačková’s mother also helps take care of little Dion, who is her great support.

Zuzana Plačková and René Strausz have been trying for a baby for a long time, which is why they are very happy that they have finally become parents. Dion has been living in luxury since birth, as he lives in a luxurious house and his celebrity mom dresses him in designer clothes.

The charismatic brunette is not alone in raising a baby boy. In addition to her husband René, she is also assisted by mother’s Veronika. She has changed a lot over the years — she cut her long hair and lost a few kilograms. Look how it fits the grandmother with Dionko in her arms!

pancake mom

pancake mom

Source/Photo: Instagram/dion.baby, queen.plackova

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