Zuzana Plačková showed the guest house. Her friends will enjoy such LUXURY!

The well-known influencer currently lives in Miloslavov, where she is still furnishing her new house, garden and its surroundings. Since Zuzana Plačková likes to meet family and friends, she has also prepared luxury housing for them.

The Instagram queen should become a mother in the summer and give birth to her first baby, whom she and her husband René cannot expect. Although Zuzana Plačková’s belly has already turned a lot, she still works and cultivates the sweet home.

The 30-year-old beauty, of course, also thinks about the comfort of her guests, who will even be able to enjoy their own house during the visit. The businesswoman had a beautiful bedroom connected to the bathroom arranged for her family or friends. Zuzka’s loved ones will feel like they are on holiday – not only do they have a luxurious interior, but also a large terrace with a swimming pool, where they can refresh themselves on hot days.

zuzana plackova

Source Photo: Instagram/queen.plackova, rene.rendy

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