Leonardo puts the point: “We don’t want Pochettino to leave the team, he didn’t ask for it.”

2021-11-26 20:15 © REUTERS photo Leonardo, Paris’s director of sports at Saint-Germain, puts an end to a story in which Paris coach Mauricio Pochettino was actively associated with Manchester United. Ralph Ragnick should now take over at the helm of Man Utd for some time, and Leonardo AFP said: “We don’t want Pochettino to leave … Read more

Black Thursday! Czech clubs fell by four places in the ranking

Weakness. The Czechs scored two points for two draws in the Conference League. Slavia played 2: 2 with Feyenoord Rotterdam at home and Jablonec broke up amicably with Alkmaar 1: 1. At the same time, both domestic representatives did not maintain the lead. Sparta remained without a point, losing in the European League in Glasgow … Read more

Don’t Do It Again, Turns Out Soda Should Not Be Consumed With These 3 Foods!

sorin popa / unsplash Soda should not be consumed with certain types of food. Bobo.id – Guys, do you like drinking fizzy? Consumption of soda should not be done in excess, because of the high sugar content in it. Launching from alodokter.com, in one can of soft drink contains an average of 15 to 18 … Read more

Discovery of Solid CO2 on the Moon and Potential for Humans to Stay There

The discovery of solid carbon dioxide is clearly positive news that is useful for producing fuels. Even more extreme, the cold material will also be useful for humans to live on the Moon in the long term, especially for astronauts who want to explore the moon for a longer time, quoted from Tech Explorist. .

Alarming number of children infected with drug-resistant HIV

Levels of resistance to HIV drugs are on the rise and a new approach is urgently needed. Figures just released by the World Health Organization show that nearly half of children diagnosed with the virus are resistant to the procedure. “According to the latest studies from surveys in 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, almost half … Read more

103-year-old grandmother from Russia beats 2 global pandemics, survived the Spanish flu and Covid-19

POSBELITUNG.CO, MOSCOW – A 103 year old grandmother (centenarian) from Russia has now been expressed to recover corona virus (Covid-19). My grandmother, Evdokia Klementievna Isakova, spent almost two weeks undergoing treatment at the Ekaterinburg hospital. Experiencing Covid-19, this is the second time he has experienced a health disaster in his life. This grandmother experienced the … Read more

The incredible life of Eugenia Priest of Lustig, the tireless researcher who fought against gender prejudice

Elena Priest of Lustig dedicated her entire life to research and worked until old age. Photography Encrucijadas Magazine nº40 The UBA Magazine) The bus line 80 covers from Barrio Sarmiento, in La Matanza to Barrancas de Belgrano, in the city of Buenos Aires. It was the one that an elderly woman drank every day in … Read more

Vaccine refuser Valentin regrets and calls from in… (Tongeren)

“People have to think carefully about what they are doing. I have seen death up close,” says Valentin Roosen from his hospital bed. The man, like his wife, refused the corona vaccine, and ended up in intensive care at the Vesalius Hospital in Tongeren five weeks ago. Roosen now regrets his refusal and wants to … Read more

FIFA selection spells prevented the World Cup for Italians or Portuguese

They have divided the 12 national teams that have not made it to the top of the planet into three quartets, of which only their winners will qualify for the final tournament. It is already clear that there will be neither the current European champions, the Italian, nor the Portuguese footballers in the World Cup, … Read more

LaLiga – preview of round 15: Xavi and Barcelona will have their first trip

Villarreal had to bite a very bitter pill because his expected duel with Manchester United did not turn out well and the “Yellow Submarine” complicated the progress of the Champions League. And to make matters worse, the team of coach Unai Emery will meet another European football giant on Saturday night. Xavi’s Barcelona is coming … Read more