Change in the vaccination of children and adolescents against pneumococcus

The bacterium can cause ear infections, sinusitis, but also pneumonia or meningitis, among other things. Based on new scientific data, epidemiological developments and the introduction of the PCV15 vaccine on the Belgian market, the Superior Health Council recommends, without preference, the PCV13 and PCV15 vaccines over PCV10. There are more than a hundred kinds (serotypes … Read more

US scientists suggested: Nobody is used to the taste, but it almost zeroes the risk of heart attack!

Speaking about the research, Lorena Pacheco, a research assistant in the Harvard TH nutrition department, who is the author of the study, said that the avocado serving that should be eaten is defined as “half an avocado weighing about 80 grams.” Cheryl Anderson, chair of the American Heart Association’s Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, said: … Read more

Therefore, strokes in children are detected later than in adults

The National Children’s Stroke Quality Register works to collect knowledge about children who have suffered a stroke and spread the knowledge further. Annually, around 90 children are affected compared to 25,000 adults. – It is significantly more difficult to detect stroke in children than adults precisely because it is so unusual. Our task will be … Read more

Parents Must Recognize and Be Aware of Measles Symptoms

Measles can cause serious complications such as severe diarrhea , pneumonia to inflammation of the brain. This condition is generally experienced by children with malnutrition. Also read: Similar but Not the Same, This is the Difference between a Cold and the Flu Ministry of Immunization Management Director Health (Ministry of Health) Dr. Prima Yosephine said … Read more

Specialist doctor from SJU Tg-Jiu explains everything about the occurrence and treatment of canker sores in children – GorjOnline

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by recurrent painful mouth ulcers with varying frequency. In children, the disease is often associated with dehydration, as a result of the pain caused by canker sores and the inability to consume solid and liquid foods. Under these conditions, the correct therapy of recurrent aphthous ulcers … Read more