Turkey’s refuge (and ‘one way’) for Russians who don’t want to fight

AP NOS News•Thursday, 20:37 Mitra Nazar correspondent Turkey Mitra Nazar correspondent Turkey Since President Putin’s announcement of military mobilization, many young Russian men have been flying to Turkey. The country is a sought-after refuge because it does not abide by Western sanctions, and has always kept its borders open to Russians. More than a week … Read more

Russian plane close to Poland. Fighters from Malbork were picked up

The presence of the plane from Russia on the border with Poland has not been communicated. For this reason, NATO raised an alarm and dispatched two fighters as per the procedure to determine what was happening. As it turned out, it was nothing serious. NATO fighters are deployed in Malbork, which is not far from … Read more

At least two sent to hospital after shots fired at a home in Enköping – VG

LARGE RESOURCES: The police are present with drones, helicopters and dogs to search for perpetrators after the shooting incident in Enköping. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT Two people have been taken to hospital after a shooting incident in Enköping outside Stockholm. The police are hunting the perpetrators. Published: Updated yesterday 22:22 The police were notified of the … Read more

Powerful Ukrainian strike against the occupiers: “downed” two Russian Su-25 planes

Operative group “South” announced this on the social network Facebook. “On September 29, around 5:00 p.m., soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Odesa Air Force Command shot down two Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in the Bashtansky district of the Mykolaiv region,” the statement reads. As previously reported by UNIAN, according to the latest … Read more

A number of British royal rules that Princess Diana has violated, including wearing an open dress to sending children to school outside the palace

Become a member United Kingdom it’s not easy and not as beautiful as what we usually see in fairy tales, Beauties. There are various traditions to royal rules that are quite strict and must be obeyed. Even the spotlight from the media and the wider community makes the royal family have to pay attention to … Read more

In Zaporijia, a maternity hospital facing the front

Two hours after giving birth, a woman and her newborn baby in a hallway of the regional maternity hospital in Zaporizhia, September 25, 2022. LUCAS BARIOULET FOR “THE WORLD” The head doctor crosses the corridors, slipping a word of encouragement to the employees he meets on his way. A woman in a stretcher surrounded by … Read more

Urgent meeting of the Ukrainian Security Council. “Fundamental Decisions” Are About to Be Taken

The secretary of the RCNiO emphasized yesterday that “important, fundamental decisions” for Ukraine will be made at the urgent meeting convened by President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, he did not specify what decisions were meant. President Volodymyr Zelensky also confirmed that the meeting of the Council had been convened in the evening. The rest of the … Read more

France prepares delivery of new Caesar guns to Ukraine

A Ukrainian officer stands in front of a Caesar self-propelled gun on a frontline, in the Donbass region, eastern Ukraine, June 15, 2022. ARIS MESSINIS / AFP The delivery will have been the subject of long negotiations. According to our information, France is preparing to supply Ukraine with a new series of Caesar guns, taken … Read more

– The Russians hunted me – VG

ATTACK: Ihor (50) shared intelligence about Russian activity in the occupied town of Balaklija with Ukrainian forces. Photo: Harald Henden / VG BALAKLIJA (VG) In the occupied town of Balaklija, in eastern Ukraine, 50-year-old Ihor operated behind enemy lines for almost seven months, while Russian soldiers hunted him. Published: Updated yesterday 20:48 With their lives … Read more