“You destroyed her.” The shocking interview with Diana has a hard time after 26 years

The results of the investigation, which revealed the unfair practices of journalist Martin Bashir in an interview with Princess Diana in 1995, have unpleasant consequences for the British television station BBC. The organization is now facing one of the biggest criticisms in recent years. Some even call for changes in its functioning. The BBC’s failure … Read more

The bad adventure of Cletus, the stray dog ​​who stayed for weeks with his head stuck in a tube

With a metal tube stuck in the head, as if it were a helmet. It is not known exactly how, but the most likely hypothesis is that it was not an accident if Cletus found himself in this anything but funny situation. According to his rescuers, it was a cruel person who put him in … Read more

The forerunner of the plane shot down over eastern Ukraine was restored from the wreckage

In 2014, a forefront that crashed over a passenger liner crashed over eastern Ukraine was restored on a metal skeleton at the Gilze-Reien Air Force Base in the Netherlands. The crash that killed all 298 aircraft “Boeing 777“Three Russian citizens and a Ukrainian are being tried. The lawsuit over legal disputes, which began last March, … Read more

In Switzerland, a fighter crashed near a recreational area

The fighter flew with two other aircraft and was to serve as a sparring partner in air combat training. According to the footage, it seems that the machine flying in the red and white color of the Patrouille Suisse acrobatic group started to burn during the flight. For my international mil-twitter audience: Today a🇨🇭F-5E Tiger … Read more

Pym-ini, the sandwich at Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort costs $ 100

In addition to being a super hero sandwich, the one proposed by the new restaurant inspired by the Avengers which opens on June 4th in Disneyland Resort di Anaheim, in California, even from super wallets. The sandwich Pym-ini, according to the menu of the Pym Test Kitchen, it costs in fact a good 99.99 dollars, … Read more

Kashe (2) admitted as the youngest member of the American gifted club Mensa | Family

Kashe has only been Quest for 2 years, but she knows how to point out and name American states on the map flawlessly. She counts to a hundred, scoops up the alphabet and can do fifty sign language gestures. With an IQ of 146, she has now been admitted as the youngest member of the … Read more

Kevin Clark is dead: – “School of Rock” actor (32) hit and killed

Wednesday night reports Chicago Sun Times about the tragic news that 32-year-old actor Kevin Clark has passed away. Clark, who played as Freddy “Spazzy McGee” Jones in “School of Rock” in 2003, was hit and killed on a bike ride on Wednesday night Norwegian time. CAPTURE ROLE: Kevin Clarke hijacked the film role at just … Read more

Lithuania celebrates Independence Day / Article

In Lithuania, on Thursday, March 11, Independence Day is celebrated. 31 years ago, the Supreme Council of Lithuania adopted the Act “On the Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebrations will be quieter than usual this year, but there will be a number of traditional events. The festive … Read more