Kefir, from Russia the giant cat that everyone mistakes for a dog

The giant cat lives in Stary Oskol (in eastern Russia), is 22 months old, is a Maine Coon specimen and weighs almost 13 kilos. “He has plenty of time to get even bigger,” says his mistress “Kefir is often mistaken for a dog,” says Russian Yulia Minina. Kefir lives in Stary Oskol (in eastern Russia), … Read more

The oldest man in the world has died. I was about to turn 113

The oldest man in the world since September 2021, Saturnino de la Fuente, died Tuesday at his residence in the Spanish province of Leon, less than a month from turning 113, family sources told EFE. Saturnino de la Fuente would complete another birthday on February 12. According to his son-in-law, Bernardo Marcos, De la Fuente … Read more

List of Countries That Have Moved Their Capitals – Capital relocation apparently not only in Indonesia. Several other countries have also done it. Lately there have been many pros and cons related capital relocation Indonesia from DKI Jakarta to East Kalimantan. Discourse capital city move this has existed for a long time and has never been realized. Whereas other countries have succeeded … Read more

Extinction Rebellion, the toughest ecologists funded by the Chris Hohn stock market shark – Libero Quotidiano

Maurizio Stefanini January 19, 2022 Surprise: the patron of the vulture fund who has gained more weight on world troubles in 2021 is a character who then reinvests the money so earned to assist children and to finance protests against climate change. English, born in 1966, the son of a mechanic and the secretary of … Read more

Tough Hong Kong: Hand over your hamsters for disposal, no goodbye kisses

Authorities added that these animals “should not be kissed or let down on the street” because Hong Kong, like mainland China, adheres to a zero-tolerance policy on the covid. At the same time, Hong Kong authorities said that all animals from the Little Boss store should be treated humanely. With immediate effect, not only was … Read more

The Hot Sahara Desert suddenly snows, what’s wrong with the earth?

loading… The Sahara Desert in the Algerian region which is famous for being hot during the day is now suddenly covered in snow. Experts call it evidence of the severity of the Earth’s climate crisis. Photo/Twitter @Strange_Sounds AIN SEFRA – Sahara desert which is famously hot when the day is suddenly shrouded snow . Environmental … Read more

How did the Cuban vaccine turn out (and why it has not yet been authorized in the rest of the world) –

from Elena Tebano They could help many low-income countries in the prevention of Covid, but Cuban preparations have not yet been authorized by the WHO: not for a lack of confidence in their effectiveness, but for an industrial problem The Cuban vaccine seems to work and Cuba has one of the highest vaccination rates in … Read more

Israel evicts Palestinian family in East Jerusalem

In East Jerusalem, Israel evicted a Palestinian family last night despite international criticism. The case received a lot of attention this week after one of the residents of the house threatened to set himself and the building on fire in protest against the eviction. According to eyewitnesses, the eviction took place around half past three … Read more

Boris Johnson has never been closer to the abyss. But the most likely outcome is still that he hangs on.

BRUSSELS (Aftenposten): Everyone thinks Boris Johnson is finished as prime minister. But it is not that simple. A cynical game can save him. Goodbye, Downing Street? Boris Johnsons has never been closer to being ousted as British Prime Minister. Foto: Paul Childs, Reuters/ NTB 19. jan. 2022 16:11 Last updated yesterday 18:13 NEWS ANALYSIS: The … Read more