Burmese Python in Florida – Captured record python with “decoy snake”

Scientists in Florida have captured one Burmese python at 5.4 meters and 97 kilograms – by far the largest ever found in the state, according to National Geographic. The female snake was caught in December, but was only shown to the press yesterday in the city of Naples, southwest of the state. Eat alligators The … Read more

Putin’s “secret suitcase” carrier found shot dead

Another suspicious suicide attempt in Russia – Colonel Vadim Zimin, who was tasked with carrying Vladimir Putin’s “secret suitcase”, was found shot dead in his home near Moscow. He is currently in rehab, reports the Kyiv Post. Retired Federal Security Service (FSB) Colonel Zimin (53) has always accompanied Russian President Vladimir Putin in his hand. … Read more

HORRIBLE! The Tragic Fate of the Shopkeeper Asks Two Afghan Girls to Remove the Veil, the Honor Killing Incident Happens

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – The incident of honor killing or killing for honor was allegedly experienced by two original girls Afghanistan. The incident was experienced by a family member by another member because it was believed that the victim had brought shame or disrespect to the family or community to which she belonged. An honor killing … Read more

Will Belarus attack Ukraine?

From the first day of the war Focus never stopped working. Our team considers it its duty to inform the reader about what is happening, to collect and analyze facts, to resist enemy propaganda. Focus needs your support today, to continue your mission. Thank you for being with us. Support I am sure that the … Read more

Naira Ashraf, Egyptian student killed in public for refusing marriage proposal

CAIRO, KOMPAS.com – A student in Egypt was stabbed to death in public while getting off a bus for refusing a marriage proposal from a man with whom she was obsessed. Reported The SunWednesday (22/6/2022), the student who was repeatedly stabbed to death was named Naira Ashraf. Murder The Naira Ashraf happened near its campus, … Read more

Thunderstorms arriving in the North, hail storms and supercells: the areas at risk

A new storm front is arriving in Northern Italy on Friday 24 June. This time Lombardy will be affected by strong storms not only in the Alpine and pre-Alpine belt, but also in the plains, with the risk of winds of over 100 km / h and large hail for the province of Brescia, especially … Read more