the family leaves Honnelles to go live in Tahiti!

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 6:25 p.m. Par Thomas Dimos Émilie Thuillier and Guillaume Michel took a decision as radical as it was courageous. The couple, accompanied by their two children, will leave Belgium and the Honnelloise countryside to go and live in Tahiti. ▶ “Life is short and you have to seize … Read more

“There is a feeling of shame”

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Former member of the Open Vld, Björn Verhaeghe now lives on the street. After a bankruptcy and a conflict with his landlord, he lost everything and tells how he decided to live from his financial troubles. For 16 years, Björn Veraeghe managed his garden maintenance and … Read more

Violent burglary in a Machelen supermarket: a 19-year-old sentenced to 18 months in prison

This Wednesday, the Brussels Criminal Court sentenced a 19-year-old young man to 18 months in prison for committing a robbery with violence. The young man had robbed and hit a cashier in a supermarket. The young man denied the facts, but even his own father had recognized him on the images of the camera. The … Read more

A barbecue at the origin of a forest fire in Jalhay (photos)

A wildfire broke out on Wednesday around 1 p.m. near the La Gileppe dam, firefighters from rescue zone 4, Vesdre Hoëgne and Plateau said. The origin of the fire start is a badly extinguished barbecue, according to the firefighters. Approximately 1,500 m² of vegetation was destroyed by the flames. The intervention mobilized around twenty firefighters … Read more

Monkey pox in Belgium: here are the figures

As of August 8, 2022, a total of 546 confirmed cases of Monkeypox, better known as monkeypox, have been reported by regional administrations/governments in Belgium, Sciensano said on Tuesday as part of an update. the epidemiological situation. These are 304 cases in Flanders (56%), 187 cases in Brussels (34%) and 55 cases in Wallonia (10%). … Read more

Knokke warns day tourists during the heat wave: “You have to respect the rules here”

As a new heat wave sets in in Belgium, many tourists will take advantage of the joys of the Coast to cool off. A large influx is indeed expected on the beaches of the North Sea in the coming days, especially in the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist. Faced with the 200,000 people expected at rush … Read more

Supreme Court rejects Transbank tariff system and revokes TDLC authorization

Transbank, a company controlled by the country’s main banks, received a heavy blow this Tuesday, after the Supreme Court rejected the rate model that applies since 2021 to the actors that participate in the means of payment system. The Third Chamber of the country’s highest judicial instance – made up of ministers Sergio Muñoz, Ángela … Read more

In Aguascalientes, road crash ends with threats and broken glass; video

Networks viralize a video of a crash in Aguascalientes, with the aggression of two subjects. Photo: @QuePocaMadreMex capture a strong shock and the video of the moment it goes viral in Aguascalientessince it highlights the fury with which a couple of subjects behave, who practically end up breaking some glasses of vehicle which, according to … Read more

Index – Belföld – There was a fatal accident near Érd, a motorcyclist collided with a car

A fatal accident occurred on Wednesday morning in Érd, on road 6, the police. According to the information, a motorcyclist moving towards Százhalombatta crossed into the opposite lane, where he collided with a car, after which the engine caught fire. In the latter sat a 60-year-old man from Tárnók, who died of his injuries on … Read more

V. Sinkevičiaus’s wife Kateryna was granted Lithuanian citizenship: something will have to be sacrificed Names

For the portal after contacting Virginijs Sinkevičius, the politician was happy – neither he nor Kateryna Sinkevičienė knew about the president’s decision to grant Lithuanian citizenship to the woman yet. The latter was granted to K. Sinkevičieni on the basis of her marriage to a Lithuanian – Virginijus and Kateryna got married seven years … Read more