UC Theater School – Ramón Núñez: “I had to reinvent myself in the pandemic and fortunately it turned out well”

With almost five decades as an academic at the UC Theater School, the actor and National Performing Arts Award winner talks about the premiere of three historic works of his at Escenix and how it was to adapt his classes to these times. The last time Ramón Núñez went to see a play at UC … Read more

Meghan Markle wants to solve her problems with the press as soon as possible

Meghan Markle he wants to avoid as much as possible a public judgment on his problems with the British press. This would have been made known to the lawyers who represent her in the complaint against the publishing company of The Mail on Sunday. Through their mouths, the actress would have asked the magistrate again … Read more

How to beat Kyogre in Pokémon GO: counters and other Pokémon to watch out for – Nintenderos

As planned, Pokémon GO have recently received your new celebration event Hoenn. Remember that this lasts until January 24, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the bonuses. Among its novelties we can find specific raids of the event and in the 5 stars we can face Kyogre. As all Pokémon fans know, Kyogre … Read more

Spain presents the “Universal Access Plan” to contribute to the international distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

The Government presented this Monday the ‘Universal Access Plan. Sharing Vaccines against COVID-19 “Vaccination in solidarity” ‘. This Plan sets out the Spanish contribution to the international solidarity distribution of doses of vaccines against COVID-19. The percentage initially proposed by the European Union is to channel five percent of acquired vaccines towards humanitarian contexts, always … Read more

The Rock, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and … JCVD?! Netflix’s 2021 Action Film Preview + Outside The Wire Review en The NOMCAST en mp3(20/01 a las 04:38:36) 01:17:07 64194239

Netflix dropped a star-studded sizzle reel last week that highlighted 27 films they will be releasing in 2021 and many of those films were big-budget, big name action projects that look to capitalize on the success of Extraction & The Old Guard in 2020. Names like The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Chris … Read more

Celebrities celebrated the arrival of Joe Biden to the US presidency

Joe Biden assumed this Wednesday as the new president of the United States. With his arrival at the White House and the departure of Donald Trump, many pin their hopes that he will take the reins of a deeply divided country and face one of unprecedented crisis. // Joe Biden assumed the presidency of the … Read more

Centro de arte, Tongxian-Office dA

Client Client Tongxian Art Center Architects Architects Office dA (M. Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani) Collaborators Collaborators Jeff Asanza, Timothy Clark (project coordinators project coordinators), Hansy Luz Better, Christine Mueller, Chris Orsega, Tali Buchler, Abeer Seikaly, Chris Arner, Albert García, Kristen Giannattasio, Achille Rossini, Hamad Al-Sultan, Hadijanto JoJo

National Family Front criticizes textbooks for inciting minors to exercise their sexuality – Local, Police, News about Mexico and the World | The Occidental

The National Front for the Family in conjunction with the Federation of Private Schools of the West AC, the Council of Parents Conscientious Objectors, the Institute Lideres del Siglo AC and Valora Conciencia en Medios AC released the results of the review of the books free textbooks from the Ministry of Public Education and books … Read more

“Music is life and, at the same time, mission”

The mezzo-soprano Ilaria Ribezzi decided to internalize even more in the baroque repertoire, in times of pandemic: «For me the baroque is pure energy, a rainbow of affections, feelings, virtuosity and vigor; unfortunately of all this we have been orphans in 2020 ». So it was that in December he presented “Barroque Arias”, a small … Read more