Continuation of the “Game of Thrones” about Jon Snow launched personally Kit Harington

There is new information on the web about spin-off “Game of Thrones” about John Snow. If earlier the audience thought that the actor Kit Harington agreed to return to his star role, now it is known that, in fact, it was he who launched this project. At first, Harington’s partner in the Game of Thrones, … Read more

Before El hotel de los celebrities, Locho Loccisano participated in a sex reality show

Little was known, until now, about the media past of Locho Loccisanoone of the finalists The famous hotel. As told in LAM(América TV), Locho was a participant in a reality much more played than the one Pampita drives. Is about Playing with fire: Latinoa program in which people who had a certain “addiction” to sex … Read more

Prediction of the Pick 5 Prix Hygica, Friday, in Vincennes. Go FALCO go!

Le Prix Hygicathe opening round and pick5 this Friday, in Vincennes, will pit thirteen experienced and well-known senior trotters against each other in similar company. FALCO BERRY (photo) comes there with legitimate ambitions. (By Stephane Davy) 10 FALCO BERRY : After several unsuccessful outings, this 7-year-old trained by Jean-Michel Bazire restored its image by finishing … Read more

Geneviève Schmidt sells her mid-century architectural house for $899,000

A magnificent mid-century house has just hit the market, and it seems to be the house of Geneviève Schmidt. TOMA ICZKOVITS • Read also: Geneviève Schmidt back in L’Échappée after three years of absence • Read also: An exciting new project for Geneviève Schmidt • Read also: Geneviève Schmidt speaks with emotion about her romantic … Read more

She was famous for her extraordinary beauty and strange eye color.. Guess who this little girl who became a famous star!!

2022/06/24 It’s 02:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Technical accounts interested in star news on Instagram re-circulated a picture of a very beautiful little girl, who caught the eye with her obvious wit. And it turned out that this little girl was the late Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat, who was famous for her bewitching … Read more

The audiences of the “Grand Cactus” down: Jérôme De Warzée explains

Jérôme De Warzée explains the drop in audience for his show. “Audiences are down from the previous yearconcedes Jérôme De Warzée about his satirical talk show which goes from 17% market share in 2020 to 15% on average this season. But there are two things that must be said. First, everything is down in general, … Read more

“There is room in the background” | AFHS 2022: What happened to Isabella Picasso? | VIDEO | entertainment | SHOWS

The first chapter of the new 2022 season of “There is room in the background” presented great surprises and revelations about the members of the Gonzales and Maldini families. One of her most emotional moments was when “Francesca Maldini” nostalgically embraced her daughter’s photograph ‘Isabella Picasso’ (Karina Calmet), What happened to her? MIRA: The new … Read more

Erika complains: “It always takes me off my feet when I hear my husband speak Italian”

In our series Stars on Vacation, we’re asking domestic actors, presenters, comedians and other celebrities about how they’re getting ready for this year’s holiday. The Mother of the Goddess of the Mother of God, Erika Sajgál starts the summer in England and then continues to work, but a longer, late summer vacation can also fit … Read more

Daniella Álvarez surprised with bad news about her foot

the beautiful presenter Danielle Alvarez he’s not having a good time and so he confessed to his followers by revealing new and bad news about his health. Some time ago, Daniella Álvarez made an announcement that left many cold, the costeña temporarily withdrew from the presentationespecially from a reality show that he was part of. … Read more