“Pitch Photharamic” enters the music business, grabs “Bank Chindanai” to manage “E29 MUSIC IDENTITIES”

The Thai music business industry prepares to be excited immediately. When the leading businessman in Thailand, Pitch Photharamic, announced his full penetration into the music business. With Web3.0 technology and NFT Music Streaming to open up the music experience without limits. with support from domestic and international alliances by grabbing Bank-Chindanai Phuwakul to sit on … Read more

The death certificate of Elizabeth II has been published: we now know the cause of her death

The death certificate of Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, was made public on Thursday by the National Archives of Scotland.After 70 years of reign, Elizabeth II died in her Scottish castle of Balmoral. His death was announced by Buckingham Palace at 6:30 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. GMT), … Read more

Yousra’s psychological state after the departure of Hisham Selim.. Aisha is in great shock now

The artist, Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, revealed through the “Et in Arabi” program, the psychological state of Yousra after the departure of Hisham Selim, and it is one of the things that all her fans want to know, especially after her collapse during his funeral. Yousra’s psychological condition after the departure … Read more

Fans reflect on BTS and Coolio interaction in connection with the sudden death of the American rapper

On September 29, TMZ reported that the legendary rapper, producer, and actor Coolio died of unknown causes at a friend’s house. He was best known for his song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, but among K-Pop fans, he is also known for his appearance on reality shows. BTS «American Hustle Life». See also: Producer Don Spike arrested for … Read more

Mali • “His name is Houan David…” Angela Lova talks about the son born of her relationship with Arafat • Malijet

Several months after her irruption in the family of Dj Afarat, Angela Lova returns to the charge. The singer artist says she has evidence that she will reveal to the general public shortly. In a TV appearance, she delivered new unpublished information about her lineage with Arafat. Angela Lova seems determined to prove that her … Read more

Cuban actor Ulyk Anello explodes against Díaz-Canel: “You just left already!”

Cuban actor Ulyk Anello exploded against the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canelto whom he demanded that he leave if he is not capable of resolving the country’s crisis. Anello shared a video on his Instagram account, where he denounced that his children’s food is being spoiled by the blackout that began Tuesday night and affects almost the … Read more

Comedian Ilyes Djadel will perform at Mégarama Casablanca

Comedian Ilyes Djadel made an impression during the Marrakech du Rire 2022. His caustic humor earned him 2 standing ovations. Advertising The young comedian is currently on tour. He will perform at the Mégarama in Casablanca on September 30. The opportunity to see this nugget on stage and to chain laughter after laughter. Advertising You … Read more