The 2021 Fiorever collection: translates the Italian romance of Bvlgari

Rome has always been Bvlgari’s greatest source of inspiration BvlgariToday, the house evokes the charm of the ancient city through the Fiorever collection of fine jewelry, in which flowers are strongly present. 2021 Fiorever collection The new collection takes its name from the words forever, meaning “forever” in English and fiore, meaning “flower” in Italian, … Read more

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan in a jacket made by her son. Internet users are delighted

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan is one of those people who are still loud. The wife of Radosław Majdan enjoys great interest from the media and Internet users. Almost each of her posts on social networks is widely commented on. “The Perfect Lady of the House” is very active on Instagram, where she publishes photos related to both … Read more

Samir Ghanem’s last plays, “Al-Zahr When He Played,” were shown for the first time under the auspices of Madam Entertainment Authority

Watched platform bought vipUnder the direction of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, the rights to show the late star’s last plays Samir Ghanem “Dice when playing”, and it is scheduled to be presented tomorrow, Friday, for the first time and exclusively on the digital platform, as part of the farewell to the comedy legend that left … Read more

Rating: Marcelo Tinelli and Showmatch suffer from football

Football seems to continue playing a trick on Marcelo tinelli, since on Wednesday May 26, on a new night of Liberators cup in order to Boca Juniors, Showmatch The Academy 2021 again had a negative record in the rating. The show that is broadcast by The thirteen at 9 p.m. – the same time that … Read more

Photo 1: This was the luxurious wedding of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez in Guadalajara

The Mexican boxer married Fernanda Gómez and threw the house out the window with JBalvin, Maná and Los Ángeles Azules, among some of his guests. Mexican Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, the best pound-for-pound boxer to date, married his partner Fernanda Gómez on Saturday in a private ceremony at the Cathedral of Guadalajara, western Mexico. .

The man who whispers in the ears of the horses of the 7th Art

Joel Proust, former stuntman and equestrian choreographer of blockbusters like “Alexandre” by Oliver Stone or “Kundun” by Martin Scorsese, prepares his stallions for the resumption of filming in Morocco after a long crossing of the desert due to the epidemic of coronavirus. The hoof noises of horses on their way to training in the paddock … Read more

The villa that houses the loves of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

For several days, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been meeting in a villa that the singer rents in Miami. The announcement of their reunion had the effect of a bomb in the tabloids. Seventeen years after their breakup, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck coo again. The rapprochement came soon after the 51-year-old singer announced … Read more

Grammy joins YG investment in opening up YG ”MM audition for Thai artists to push the world

GRAMMY joins YG venture capital Korean giant music label under “Black Pink” spending 200 million to set up a company. YGMM Company Limited (YG ”MM) opens a mission to search for Thai artists to world-class idols. Preparing to form a girl group boy group team to create an iconic Thai group in 5 years On … Read more

Exclusive – Sumaya al-Khashab reveals what he cried in Musa … and this is what she said about Muhammad Ramadan and Sayed Rajab

​Sumaya al-KhashabA name that cannot be underestimated, as she has important roles in Egyptian dramas, from Madiha in “The Hajj Metwally Family” to Sakina in the series “Raya and Sakina” and other roles, and he had a role.Their sweetnessIn the series “Musa”, which was shown in the month of Ramadan 2021, has a special flavor, … Read more