Italian artificial intelligence to diagnose neonatal cholestasis

With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Treca Neonatal cholestasis is an accumulation of bile in the liver. It often manifests itself in the first 15 days of an infant’s life and is often treated by liver transplantation. To be able to treat faster and better, researchers from the largest Italian pediatric hospital, the Bambin Gesù, … Read more

The Czech economy was expected to grow, instead… The economist knows the reason

30/05/2023 15:58 | From networks NETWORK MONITORING Economist Lukáš Kovanda points out that the Czech Republic was unable to get out of the technical recession in the first quarter of the year and, despite growth expectations, the economy stagnated. According to the latest data, the German economy even experienced a slight recession of 0.3 percent, … Read more

Follow Alms in Magelang, Monks Line Up Neatly Walk Receive Alms from the People

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 | 09:55 WIB Priyo Budi Santoso / BW Magelang, – A total of 32 monk on foot from Thailand following the tradition of alms round in Magelang, Central Java, Wednesday (31/5/2023). The monks line up neatly walking around the Liong Hok Bio Temple to receive alms from the people. Pindapata … Read more

News, Grocery | New move: – Rema 1000 deceives its good customers, it annoys me

(The online newspaper): – It will be deceiving one’s good customers. It annoys me. They live off us, and then they don’t take five cents for doing that, says Rema 1000 customer Eystein Erik Groven. He reacts strongly to the move Rema 1000 has made with the popular package of barbecue ribs. – There are … Read more

Sergio Scariolo is the favorite to become the coach of an NBA club

Aa A + A – Restore Report an error Sergio Scariolo has reportedly passed his first job interviews and has a final interview with Raptors executives who are looking for a new coach. FanDuel, the NBA’s partner agency, has calculated that S. Scariolo is the favorite compared to other candidates, although they include Canadian basketball … Read more

The Hong Kong Association revised the national anthem regional flag to guide the team to ask the organizer to sign the receipt for confirmation

Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee The Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee revised the “Guidelines for the National Anthem and Regional Flag” for the Hong Kong team to participate in the competition. The team leader must ask the organizer to sign the receipt to confirm that the correct national anthem and regional flag have … Read more

ITC – [SPOILER] – Solal’s statement to Rose! – Here it all begins

For Solal, any pretext is good to talk to Rose. But, this time, it does not go through four paths. He decides to open his heart to his teacher… He makes his statement to her! How will Rose react? Spoiler for episode 678 of Here it all begins. Find “Here everything begins”, Monday to Friday … Read more

RI Wants to Auction a Giant Oil and Gas Treasure, Twice the Masela Block!

Jakarta – The government will auction off giant oil and gas working areas (WK). The resource of the block which stores the gas is estimated to be 2.5 times greater than that of the Masela Block. The oil and gas block that will be auctioned is WK D Alpha. This oil and gas block will … Read more