Ahead of Ramadan, this is the price of 24 carat gold as of Monday, 12 April 2021

WE Online, Jakarta – Ahead Ramadan, gold price 24 carat across Pawn shops tends to be stable. Reporting from the official Pegadaian website, prices gold Antam perched at the position of Rp.968,000 per gram on Monday, April 12, 2021. Precious metals Antam can be purchased starting from the smallest 0.5 gram mold for Rp.537,000. Meanwhile, … Read more

“Enough age groups, who we vaccinate first”. Campania against the government – Libero Quotidiano

The revolt of Vincenzo De Luca, ready to transgress the guidelines that the premier Mario Draghi imposed on the regions on vaccines. “If they don’t arrive in Campania by April i 200 thousand vaccines who stole us in three months, we will take sensational measures and meanwhile we will no longer participate in the meetings … Read more

Raging Civilians Attack Myanmar’s Junta, 18 Soldiers Killed

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Residents in the border town Guest, Myanmar, reportedly went berserk and carried out an attack on the military junta on Sunday (11/4/2021). This happened after an incident previously carried out by the authorities. In the attack, the local armed organization said 18 soldiers of the military junta were reportedly killed. However, … Read more

Paramagnon particles change heat to generate electricity

The discoveries were made using tiny particles known as paramagnons. This discovery was based on paramagnons, which are very small particles. Although not magnetic, paramagnons have some magnetic flux. Thermoelectrics in the conventional sense are inefficient and produce insufficient energy. A collaborative international team of scientists has developed a method to capture heat and convert … Read more

60 Words of Greetings Celebrating Ramadan 1442 H / 2021 AD, Spread the Spirit of the Holy Month

Here are the words of greeting welcoming Ramadan: 1. The month of Ramadan is in sight. We will meet soon. Prepare your heart to draw near to Him. Marhaban of Ramadan. Sorry born and inner. Happy fasting. 2. The wounded heart may have been scarred, hopefully in this holy month of Ramadan it can be … Read more

“This topless photo is artistic”, says Hélène Boudreau

In an interview on the program Tout le monde en parle, Hélène Boudreau, a student who posed half-naked breasts in graduation outfit from UQAM, explained that she did not regret anything and did not understand the reaction of the university institution. regarding this photo. Presented by the host as “the student through whom the scandal … Read more

March Match Archives

realme, the smartphone brand for the fastest growing new generation in the world, organizes a March Match campaign for a new month with a great value pair package. When buying a smartphone, realme 7 5G or realme 7 Pro with AIoT devices, get it now! Special discount as follows Read more

Vaccines Tuscany, another week at a slow pace. But here are the Johnson & Johnson doses – Chronicle

Florence, 12 April 2021 – New Pfizer doses already today, but the Tuscans will have to wait for the other vaccines. It will be a slow week, even with the arrival of the first Johnson & Johnson within the weekend. According to the Region, the next few days will see Pfizer vaccinations for the over … Read more

Introducing Residents 2 Vaccinated Elderly Can Also Be Injected with the Covid-19 Vaccine

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government facilitates vaccination for people who take two elderly people to be injected with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Non-elderly people aged 18-59 years who accompany two elderly people to be vaccinated will also get the Covid-19 vaccine. Also read: UPDATE: 525 Covid-19 Vaccination Locations in … Read more

EU calls for resignation of the head of the European Council due to the incident with the chair – media

Women of Europe call on President of the European Council Charles Michel to step down By Sunday evening, about 2.5 thousand residents of Belgium, France, Italy and countries outside the European Union had signed the petition. The European Women’s Associations announced the collection of signatures for a petition to resign the President of the European … Read more