Instead of a shack, a garage. The country house combines the old with the new

North Bohemia is a very interesting region full of contrasts from an architectural point of view. Here you can come across wooden cottages, villas of the original German manufacturers and their once magnificent factories, but also large rural buildings that used to belong to landowners. One of these has recently undergone renovation, which turned it … Read more

he will be a technician, not a politician. Certain times for interventions

Rome, May 27, 2023 – The government wants to change gears on reconstruction. And not only that ofEmilia Romagna which remains, however, at the top of the agenda of things to do. It is no coincidence that yesterday the premier, Giorgia Meloniunderlined that it is “duty not to look the other way” also because the … Read more

Unscrupulous manipulator or brilliant diplomat? Henry Kissinger is 100 years old

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 06:31 Dick Jansen foreign editor Dick Jansen foreign editor Was he a brilliant diplomat who, like a political rock star, manipulated world leaders? Or was he an unscrupulous manipulator who did not shy away from covert bombing of Laos and Cambodia in order to make North Vietnam more accommodative in peace talks? … Read more

Artificial Brain Challenges AI! Can Brain Tissue + Brain-Computer Interface in a Petri Dish Beat Computers? – PanSci Pan Science

Popular science in elementary school and senior grades, literacy reading starts today!! At the end of February 2023, Johns Hopkins University professor Thomas Hartung led a research team and published the research results of “Organoid intelligence” (OI), hoping to use brain organoids plus brain-computer interface to create a new biological computing technology. Are we finally … Read more

Belew: How could Fury not have a fight with Usyk? Collaborating with the Ukrainian team was the easiest thing in my life» | Boxing

Former World Champion Tony Bellew doesn’t understand why boxing fans still haven’t gotten a fight Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 OR) и Alexander Usyk (20-0, 13 KO): How could you not arrange a fight with Usyk? I know what it’s like to work with Alexander’s team because I’ve dealt with them. Working with them was the … Read more

Paloma Fiuza and her reaction when remembering her ex-husband in front of Tomi Narbondo

Zumba mentioned her ex-relationship with Jenko del Río to Paloma Fiuza and the model couldn’t help but get nervous. The “Devil” mentioned Paloma’s ex-husband before breaking a balloon over the model’s head. This funny incident caused the astonishment of Angie Arizaga’s best friend because they did it in front of her current outgoing Tomi Narbondo. … Read more

5 Profitable Small Capital Business Ideas, Easy for Beginners to Do

Reading opportunities and knowing market conditions is the first thing to do before starting a business or business. Prospective entrepreneurs must understand the various factors that can affect their business, one of which is the risk in business. With the right strategy, a business can definitely grow and generate profits as expected. Not only that, … Read more

Proud! Indonesia Has 10 Geoparks That Become UNESCO World Heritage

Jakarta – UNESCO has just designated 18 new UNESCO Global Geopark sites. Now Indonesia has 10 geoparks registered with UNESCO out of 194 geoparks in the world. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has just designated 18 new UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) sites at its annual assembly in Paris, France, last Wednesday … Read more

Meloni vs Brussels. “Opposition’s Attacks Become More Violent”

“Brussels and the Democratic Party are putting more and more pressure on the government. Opposition attacks are becoming more and more ferocious,” assessed the Italian daily “Avvenire”. The secretary of the opposition Democratic Party (PD) Elly Schlein criticizes the government of Giorgi Meloni for the proposed economic reforms, as does the EU economics commissioner, also … Read more