NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter lands at the new airport after its fifth flight.

NASA Agency Mars creativity helicopter Now we are exploring a new airport on the red planet Ingenuity made its fifth flight from Mars today (May 7th) and took off from Jezero Crater ground at 3:26 PM EST (1926 GMT). The four-pound helicopter (1.8 kg) climbed 16.5 feet (5 m) along the same route as last … Read more

Prayer times today, Friday 25 Ramadan, in all governorates of Egypt and Arab capitals

Subscribe to receive the most important news The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa published on its website Prayer times On Friday, the 25th of Ramadan, for 78 cities in all Egyptian governorates, as well as prayer times in a number of Arab capitals. And publish the table Prayer Timings On Friday 25 Ramadan, which corresponds to … Read more

Very Rare Case, Malian Woman, West Africa Gives 9 Babies Page all – A woman from Mali, aged 25, reportedly gave birth to nine babies. The number of babies born was higher than the previous doctor’s examination, which was only seven. Halima Cissé gave birth to a non-suplet child (birth nine babies) in Morocco. The Malian government flew him there for specialist treatment. “I’m very happy,” … Read more

In honor of his commitment to causes .. Mohamed Salah crowned the Inspiration Award

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" وقال Mohamed Salah, The 2020 was"A very difficult year for many people" Due to the impact of the Corona pandemic. Salah won the award after the Egyptian superstar had established himself as a prominent advocate for countless causes, including his defense of the cause of gender equality in the Middle … Read more

My wife, who returned from home from home, wasn’t all biological children.

Naver TV’Survival’ [인사이트] Reporter Kim Nam-ha = My sister fell into despair when she learned that all five children of her beloved younger brother were’out-of-marriage children’ rather than their own. On the 6th, in KBS Joy’s’Servibal’, the story of’the younger brother who claims to be a cuckoo’s nest’ spread. According to the story that came … Read more

Telegram challenges WhatsApp with new Payments 2.0 function – Daily Final Version

Telegram It is currently the apparently most complete alternative for those who want to put WhatsApp aside, and although in countries like Spain it is not yet so widely used, the launch of these new functions such as Payments 2.0 it will help attract users. WhatsApp’s main rival announced on its blog a new advantage … Read more

Aeroméxico and Volaris lower rates to attract passengers

Erick Haw Mayer 06 mayo 2021 Seeking to recover the market lost by the pandemic, as well as to reactivate the sector and attract the attention of travelers, Aeromexico and Volaris have a strong tariff war. Thanks to the strong restructuring that Grupo Aeroméxico has undergone under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law, they … Read more

Drunken skipper (33) collides twice with another freighter in lock Sambeek | Boxmeer

UpdateSAMBEEK – A heavily drunk skipper from Papendrecht on Thursday morning in the locks at Sambeek, his vessel struck another cargo ship twice. The 33-year-old driver was found to have almost six times more alcohol in his blood than is permitted. The collisions happened just before 10.30 am during the locking process. After entering the … Read more

The Prince of Liechtenstein in the storm: he is accused of killing Arthur, the largest bear in Romania

“Prince Emanuel of Liechtenstein killed Arthur, Romania’s largest bear.” The accusation comes from the Romanian environmental group Agent Green and the Austrian VGT. According to a statement, the prince received permission from the Romanian Environment Agency to hunt down a bear that had caused damage to farmers in the village of Ojdula. In particular, the … Read more