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ARD movie "Deadly Comeback"                         Boy, now we come out really big: The ARD movie "Deadly Comeback"


ARD movie "Deadly Comeback"
                        Boy, now we're getting big: The ARD-movie "Deadly Comeback"

Mueller convicts Trump of lies


WashingtonDonald Trump is gone. A few hours after the final report on the Russia affair was almost completely made available to the public, the US President traveled to Florida for the Easter weekend. With a wave, a smile and a thumbs-up, he climbed into the Air Force 1. "He's in a great mood," commented his advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Trump can actually breathe a sigh of relief in many ways. As announced a few weeks ago, FBI special investigator Robert Mueller recommends no further charges. Several ex-confidants of Trumps have been prosecuted, but the presidential family is in no danger of being prosecuted.

Trump's lawyers speak of a "total victory", the president is completely freed from allegations. But even this, extremely positive reading is wrong. Because Mueller states verbatim: "This report does not rule out that the president has committed a crime. He does not relieve him. "

Parts of the report are blackened with reference to ongoing investigations or personality rights. The remainder of the 448-page reading captures the shocking image of a flamboyant, often isolated US president, who over and over again tried to steer clearing up the Russia affair, resisting his associates.

According to Mueller, Trump was subject to the dangerous error that the task of an independent judiciary was to protect him as head of the executive branch. The president, as it reads in the Mueller report like a thriller, "publicly attacked the investigation and tried non-publicly to influence the Enlightenment." When Trump learned of Mueller's appointment in the spring of 2017, according to the report, the president called out, "Oh my god. That's terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm ruined. "

Three findings from the Mueller report:

1. Trump's people welcomed Russia with open arms. But they did not punish each other.

It is undisputed that Russia wanted to manipulate the US presidential election with mass false news and hacker attacks – even though Trump never acknowledged the extent of the interference. According to Mueller and according to intelligence from US intelligence agencies, spies infiltrated local campaigns to study the language and style of American politics.

Programmers activated hundreds of thousands of social media accounts to spread misinformation and hate speech. The recruitment of Americans began in 2014 and continued after the 2016 elections. Efforts should help Trump and hurt his rival Hillary Clinton. According to witnesses, Russian President Vladimir Putin has deliberately targeted businessmen from his country to contact the Trump team. The goal was to ease the US sanctions policy against Russia after the election.

Mueller makes it clear that the Trump campaign before and after the election was susceptible to this effort. For example, a friend of Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, composed a reconciliation plan between the US and Russia, with copies landing on the desks of former Trump strategist Stephen Bannon and former Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson.

There is also evidence of news between Trump's son Don Jr. and the Wikileaks disclosure platform in connection with Clinton's stolen e-mails. Anyway, the campaign showed, according to Mueller "strong interest in Wikileaks publications of hacked material" – much of these passages are blackened with reference to ongoing investigations. The meeting of the Trump campaign with Russian representatives in the Trump Tower is also described in detail in the report.

However, Mueller sees no evidence that Trump or his environment knowingly "coordinated with the Russian government." At this point, the Special Investigator relieved the Trump team clearly. At the same time, the high legal hurdles are outlined. Because as proof of a crime Mueller should have proved that the Trump side proactively and "with corrupt intentions" with Russia had cooperated. In plain language, this means that as long as no motive or self-knowledge can be seen, the actors have little to fear. That's why so far no US citizen has been charged with conspiracy or treason – even if they took on Russian flirting and took part in fake actions.

The thin line for a prosecution becomes clear when reading the report. Russia started just five hours after Trump called Wikileaks to hack Clinton's e-mails as a candidate. But only the active participation in the cyberattack would be punishable. Also, senior members of the Trump campaign propagated propaganda tweets by the Russian Internet Research Agency, which was responsible for much of the fake news campaign. But that alone is not punishable and no proof of a conspiracy.

2. Trump tried hard to steer clearing up the Russia affair. Maybe he acted criminally.

The report leaves open the question of whether Trump acted as a criminal criminal by obstructing the investigation of the Russian affair. "Although this report does not conclude that the president has committed a crime, he does not relieve him," it says literally. "The actions and intentions of the President prevent us from concluding that there was no criminal behavior".

Mueller explicitly does not absolve Trumps of the suspicion of the legal disability. At the same time he renounces the recommendation of an indictment against Trump or his family. The Special Investigator leaves it to other authorities or the US Congress to draw its own conclusions from the investigation.

The deeper one goes into the reading, the more it becomes clear which "actions and intentions" Mueller means. Because as soon as the FBI buttoned the Trump campaign, Trump saw red. In the spring of 2017, "he slumped back in his chair and said," Oh God, that's awful. This is the end of my presidency. I'm ruined. " In the report it says at this point literally: "I'm fucked". Trump feared that the special investigator's appointment would overshadow his presidency, which turned out to be correct in retrospect. "My hands are tied then. That's the worst thing that ever happened to me, "the Mueller report cites a witness.

So Trump had a motive to obstruct the investigation of the affair. He felt that he had been demoted to justice, saw his spectacular electoral success undermined and publicly fueled the accusation of "witch hunt". The report abounds with examples showing that Trump wanted to steer the investigation out of the White House.

So Trump instructed the former lawyer Don McGahn, he may initiate the dismissal of special investigator Mueller in the way. He ordered K.T. McFarland, the then deputy security adviser, was lying about the Russia contacts of her supervisor Michael Flynn. He instructed his staff to disguise the Trump Tower meeting in front of the press.

Trump also complained to the then Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had withdrawn from supervision over the Russia investigations for bias: "It's terrible, you left me alone on an island." Mueller also supports the allegations of the then FBI Director James Comey, Trump has put Comey under pressure and threatened with dismissal should he not influence the investigation positively. Trump fired Comey in May 2017.

However, Trump's environment slowed the president in many cases. "The president's efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful," the Mueller report says. "Especially because his coworkers refused to execute the orders."

Mueller seems to have discussed at length the consequences of the recommendation of an indictment against Trump. One factor that apparently prevented him from doing so was the Ministry of Justice's assessment that a president could not be charged in office. Mueller describes in his report the danger of a constitutional crisis, even if he had only vaguely and confidentially advocated the option of an indictment. The ball for further investigation is now in the field of Congress – and the law enforcement agencies.

3. There is a threat of legal repercussions. And the election campaign gets dirty.

Mueller has forwarded 14 possible crimes that he received in the course of the investigation, to federal officials. One case concerns Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who will face his three-year prison term in May for perjury, tax fraud and campaign finance laws violations. Many other details about it are blacked out in the report. In the coming months, one should watch out for prosecutors indicting others.

The political debate over the Mueller report is also not over. Mueller is providing the Democrats in the US Congress with a clue to investigate. Congress has the power to investigate the suspicion of judicial disability, writes Mueller. "This is in line with our constitutional system of control and balance, as well as the principle that no one is above the law."

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader in the House of Representatives, has virtually ruled out impeachment. However, the Democrats are likely to try to keep the issue from simmering elsewhere. Numerous committees deal with Trump's finances, which are largely irrelevant in the Mueller report. They urge the publication of his tax return and hope for information about Trump's relations abroad. The US Congress wants to interview Justice Secretary William Barr and Special Investigator Mueller in May.

Trump himself feels strengthened, he can now start full force in the 2020 presidential campaign. Since it is clear that Mueller does not recommend charges against him, he seems free. During a ceremony for veterans in the White House on Thursday he was awarded an award. "She'll get a nice place in the White House, at least for the next six years," Trump said.

"The wind has turned," Trump's campaign boss Brad Parscale triumphed. "Justice will prevail". Trump's advisor Kellyanne Conway said, "If you want to apologize to us, you're welcome to do so." And the US ambassador to Germany reiterated Trump's allegation that the press had pushed the Russia affair. "There should be plenty of apologies and corrections," tweeted Richard Grenell. "So many media were wrong, over years".

Because the Mueller report leaves many questions unanswered and, at a critical juncture, no unambiguous verdict, the political camps will all the more publicly underline their interpretation of the report. For the 2020 election campaign, this means that US polarization is on the increase rather than decreasing.

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Wiesbaden: "Bathtub" murder – acquittal for former lovers


A former couple has been acquitted in the murder trial of the death of the defendant's wife about 22 years ago in front of the Wiesbaden district court. It was a tough process of balancing, said the presiding judge.

The husband and his former lover had been accused of having killed his wife in October 1997 in Lorch in the Rheingau in order to get their fortune. The case had already been filed. DNA evidence brought the investigators in 2018 on the trail of the man and the woman.

The judge said that in the circumstantial process, despite contradictory statements and suspicious behavior of the man, there was no undeniable evidence to justify a guilty verdict. Revision can be appealed against the judgment.

Manipulated crime scene?

The prosecution had originally accused the two of stunned the wife and drowned in the bath. Then they manipulated the scene so that it looked like a suicide.

In court, the man, a police officer, had denied the crime. Because the crime could not be proven beyond doubt, the prosecution had pleaded for acquittal for the two defendants. The defense joined the motion.

Initial public offering Pinterest shares make a brilliant start


Initial public offering Pinterest shares make a brilliant start

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt draws against Benfica in the semifinals


Eintracht Frankfurt has reached a European Cup semi-final for the first time in 39 years. In the Europa League, the Frankfurt won the quarter-final second leg against Benfica Lisbon 2: 0 (1: 0) and moved in because of more away goals in the first leg in the next round. Frankfurt lost 2-4 in Lisbon last week.

The Eintracht were particularly lucky at the first goal: Filip Kostic scored the lead from the offside (36.), Sebastian Rode made the decisive goal (67.). In the semi-final, Frankfurt face Premier League club Chelsea. The first leg will take place on 2 May in Frankfurt (21 clock, TV: RTL, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE).

As in the previous Europa League matches, the Frankfurt crowd impressed with a great choreography before the match kicked off. "The harmony of the Main", "in the heart of Europe" was from the grandstands. The players of both teams ran up with Mourning Ribbon. The day before, 29 German tourists had died in a bus accident on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The choreography of the Frankfurt audience before the game.

Alex Grimm / Getty Images

The choreography of the Frankfurt audience before the game.

In the first half Frankfurt tried a lot in the direction of the Lisbon goal. Either the Eintracht but failed because of the compact defensive score or Benfica's German goalkeeper Odisseas Vlachodimos, who defended a degree of Filip Kostic (10).

Wrong decision in the opening goal

To defeat Vlachodimos, it took the referee's help: Mijat Gacinovic put a shot from 18 yards on the left post, Kostic dusted off the lead. Although Kostic had previously been clearly offside, referee Daniele Orsato scored the goal.

By contrast, Benfica needed well into the second half to become more dangerous on offense. After a remarkable double pass, the Portuguese super talent João Félix moved into the penalty area on the left, his cross-ball through fouling Eintrachts center-back Simon Falette almost into the goal (47.).

Rode caught a braced ball from strong Ante Rebic at the feet of Benfica. With the inside he put the ball in the right corner. Again Vlachodimos was beaten.

In the final stages, the aluminum saved the Frankfurt progress, as Eduardo Salvio shot the ball from an acute angle to the outer post. In the end, the two-goal lead – and Frankfurt catching up ended in the semi-final.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Benfica Lisbon 2: 0 (1: 0)

1: 0 Kostic (36.)
2: 0 Rode (67.)
Frankfurt: Trapp – Abraham, Hasebe, Falette (90 '+ 2 Willems) – da Costa, Fernandes, Rode (86th Torro), Kostic – Gacinovic – Jovic (76th Pacencia), Rebic
Lisbon: Odisseas Vlachodimos – Andre Almeida (79th Jonas), Ruben Dias, Jardel, Grimaldo – Gedson Fernandes, Samaris (70th Pizzi), Fejsa, Rafa Silva (72nd Salvio) – Félix, Seferovic
Spectator: 48,000 (sold out)
Referee: Daniele Orsato
Yellow cards: Abraham, Falette, Rebic – Félix

John Travolta: Tweet des Tages


“Vielen Dank an alle! Ich habe gerade meinen 16 Millionen Platinum U.S. RIAA Award für den ‘Saturday Night Fever’-Soundtrack bekommen, 45 Millionen weltweit.”

Das Highlight auf jeder 70er-Jahre-Party? “Stayin’ Alive” von den Bee Gees! Der Song aus dem Soundtrack zu “Saturday Night Fever” mit John Travolta (65, “Pulp Fiction”) in der Hauptrolle löste 1977 ein wahres Disco-Fieber aus. Jetzt wurde der Hit weltweit über 45 Millionen Mal verkauft. Diesen Erfolg teilt der “Grease”-Star auch mit seinen Fans auf Instagram. Er postete ein Bild von sich in der typischen Pose, mit der Hand nach oben gestreckt.

EU question: Android gets the choice of browser and search engines


Google is now launching, as announced in March, a major update for Android users. This includes the changes that the European Commission has made after a long controversy with Google on a clearer choice of browser and search engine.

Infographic: Google, the billion marksGoogle, the billion marks

As the concern informs now, the update will be automatically distributed to all Android users. The distribution is expected to be completed within a few weeks. After the update has been applied, every time the Google Play Store app opens the next time, each user will see a screen that asks you to choose a browser. You will then see various Web browsers that you can install for your tablet or smartphone, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Opera.

EU application

The same is true for a search engine selection page. In this case, the app next to Google, for example, DuckDuckGo or Qwant.

This announcement of the alternatives was requested by the European Commission. Google stresses once again that Android users have always been able to install additional browsers and customize Android in general and also for the search engine in particular on settings.
Browser option and Google search engine fThe user menu of the app store displays the selection

The browser order displayed and the search engine alternative should be changed so that the impression of a preselection does not occur. A total of five alternatives are displayed, with Google included in the app with apps already installed and others not already installed on the device, as their popularity in the store has been recorded and displayed in random order.

For Google, the dispute with the EU may be over for the moment. Even Microsoft had already had to go through a similar procedure and for Windows a browser selection was added to the installation.

See also:

Eu, Europe, Europ
EU, Europe, European Union, flag
Nicolas Raymond / Flickr

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Cuba: »One of us«


Cuba's President Miguel Díaz-Canel a year in office. Population sees him as a worthy successor. [TagsToTranslate] China

Press freedom in Europe is increasingly deteriorating

press freedom

In Europe, journalists increasingly have to work under difficult conditions.

(Photo: AP)

BerlinThe situation of press freedom in Europe has deteriorated from the perspective of Reporters Without Borders. "The systematic agitation against journalists has led to media professionals increasingly working in a climate of fear," the organization said in its 2019 press freedom list.

This applies above all to countries in which journalists have previously been able to feel more secure in a global comparison. "Among the regions where the situation has deteriorated the most is Europe. The US also slipped down the rankings, "writes Reporters Without Borders.

Germany moved up two places to rank 13. The main reason for this is that the freedom of the press has declined more in other countries. "The number of physical attacks against journalists has risen in Germany in 2018." Reporters Without Borders counted at least 22 cases in the past year, compared to 16 attacks. Violence, in particular, came on the margins of right-wing populist events and rallies.

Journalists in Norway, Finland and Sweden are the freest to work. At the bottom of the Reporters Without Borders scale are Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan.

The USA dropped by three places to number 48 in the ranking. There shows "the hate effect, with which President Donald Trump critical media covers since taking office," said Reporters Without Borders. "Never before have journalists – defamed by Trump as" enemies of the people "- received so many murders and bomb threats as in 2018."

Brexit 2019

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Verwertungsgesellschaft VG Media requires billions of Google



For the use of digital press products, the US Internet giant to pay retroactively for the period from 1 August 2013 to 31 December 2018 1.24 billion euros.

(Photo: AP)

BerlinFollowing the adoption of the new EU Copyright Directive, the collecting society VG Media turned to Google for billions. This was announced by VG Media on Thursday. For the use of digital press products, the US Internet giant to pay retroactively for the period from 1 August 2013 to 31 December 2018 1.24 billion euros.

For the future, VG Media is aiming for flat-rate license sums of between 3.44 billion (2019) and 8.5 billion euros (2024) per year. First, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported on the demands.

With regard to the retroactive claims, the collecting society relies on the national ancillary copyright for press publishers, which entered into force on 1 August 2013 in Germany. However, it is unclear whether the German LSR came into existence at all.

In a lawsuit between Google and VG Media, the Berlin district court wants the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify whether Germany should have informed the European Union before the adoption of the law. If this "notification" had been necessary, the law should not be applied.

In December, the responsible ECJ expert stated that he did not consider the German law to be applicable because in 2013 the Federal Government had decided not to inform the European Commission. A decision of the court is still pending.

VG Media stated that it was interested in pacification after six years of confrontation. The European legislator had "very clearly pointed the way" for European copyright law with the final resolution adopted on Monday. "This should take Google as an opportunity to finally behave in accordance with and reach an agreement with the rights holders." Google was initially unreachable for comment.

For future-oriented claims, VG Media relies on the EU's new Copyright Directive, which was ratified by the Council of EU Member States on Monday. However, this has not yet been transposed into national law in any EU state. Germany and the other EU members have time for national legislation for two years.

When calculating the retrospective claim, VG Media assumes that the collecting society will receive a five percent share of Google's turnover in Germany of 24.77 billion euros.

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