Why does a mirror reflect the way it reflects? And why does a flamingo stand on one leg? 8 reader questions for scientists Lieven and Hetty | Science & Planet

Today is Science Day, which is why we put some reader questions to Lieven Scheire and Hetty Helsmoortel. From why cookies get hard or just soft to the question of whether clumsiness is hereditary: Hetty and Lieven are happy to unlock these mysteries. How come a hard cookie becomes soft and a soft cookie hard? … Read more

International Theater Amsterdam cancels performances to reduce workload | Book & Culture

International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) will be deleted from next spring’s programming to reduce the workload. Including the national tour of Of hoursthe reprise of the performance The magic mountain and a scheduled live stream of The year of the lobster don’t go through. Adjustments are also made in the guest programming. 15 percent of planned … Read more

Camilla Fabri, the fugitive model who became a Chavista “human rights defender” for being the wife of Alex Saab

Camilla Fabri. Photo: AFP The confirmation of the return to negotiations in Mexico by the Nicolás Maduro regime in a statement signed by Jorge Rodríguez, did not miss the opportunity to confirm that Camilla Fabri, an Italian former model who became an activist for the release of her husband Alex Saab, will be part of … Read more

Cause of Kovic-19 Easier to contact Long COVID symptoms Frequent periods

Prof.Dr. Yong Poovorawan or “Doctor Yong” Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook Post Issues “COVID-19ExplainKovicAt present, it is easier to contact. How long ago was the virusCOVID-19 has evolved to change the species make contact easier easily spread disease But the violence did … Read more

Dindin, who sniped Bento, “I apologize for my carelessness” after the game with Uruguay

▲ Dindin. Source| dindin instagram [스포티비뉴스=장진리 기자] Singer Dindin, who had sniped the Korean national soccer team coach Paulo Bent, apologized after watching the game against Uruguay. On the 24th, DinDin wrote, “I’m sorry. Our Republic of Korea is really the best.” DinDin posted a scene from the match between Korea and Uruguay at the … Read more

What happened to the grave of Anna Ardova’s father and brother Alexei Batalov, who starred in his “Three Fat Men”

“Three Fat Men” is the most famous role of the father of sitcom star Anna Ardova. He wasn’t much of an actor at all. Just a half-brother by mother – Alexei Batalov – persuaded him to star in his film. And so Boris worked as a cartoon director. For example, he is the creator of … Read more

Indian Jawa has another novelty. How do you like the 42 Bobber?

Indian Jawa has expanded its offer with another motorcycle. It is called the 42 Bobber and is very close to the Pérák model. The novelty is based on the Pérák type, in terms of technical aspects it is actually the same. It is powered by a 334cc single-cylinder engine that provides a maximum output of … Read more

Musk hires PlayStation 3 hacker to fix Twitter

Elon Musk has hired a PS3 hacker to fix TwitterPhoto: Carina Johansen (Getty Images) George Hotz is best known for making jailbreak to iPhone carrier lock and hack the PlayStation 3. Now, Elon Musk has put him through his most momentous technical challenge: fixing Twitter in three months. Okay, not everything. He was hired to … Read more

Politicians Control Hammers of Constitutional Judges

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo has agreed to dismiss Instead from Constitutional judges by Presidential Decree Number 114 B of 2022 concerning Dismissal and Appointment of Constitutional Judges, proposal from the DPR RI and appointing Guntur Hamzah as a Constitutional Justice. Aswanto’s dismissal left not only controversy, but also procedural flaws. Notice sent by Constitutional Court to … Read more