Slovakia, the second nation of NATO, has sent four fighter jets to help Ukraine.

On March 24, 2023, foreign news agencies progress report Russo-Ukrainian War That lasted until the 393rd that the Mig-29 fighter aircraft (Mig-29) of the former Soviet Union of Slovakia, number 4 aircraft, had soared from Slovakia heading to Ukraine. To be used in the fight against Russian invaders. After President Vladimir Putin launched a war … Read more

Discovery about behavior ‘satiety hormone’ interesting for obesity treatment

By meticulously mapping the 3D structure of the hormone leptin and its receptor, researchers from the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) have revealed how the so-called ‘satiety hormone’ binds. The discovery could lead to new approaches in the treatment of obesity, a major risk factor for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Leptin is … Read more

Mysterious object’s strange acceleration as it moves away from the sun solved | Oumuamua | Oumuamua

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time, March 25, 2023]The mysterious celestial body “Oumuamua” (Oumuamua) is the first interstellar object discovered to visit the solar system. Since it was observed in 2017, ‘Oumuamua has attracted the attention of scientists for many of its eerie properties, including its strange acceleration as it moves away from the sun. Scientists … Read more

If you liked “Dahmer”, this Netflix series is going to be your favorite for the weekend

Waco was a sect based in Texas that posed a real danger to the integrity of all those who belonged to it. Dahmer was a real revolution for the streaming platform join the conversation Netflix hit a total and utter blowout with Dahmer, the series about the life of the man known as the “Milwaukee … Read more

a new milestone reached with hybrid models

L’domestic auto industry is making great strides. All the objectives set in terms of investment, sourcing, employment and added value have been exceeded. In addition to the production of vehicles with internal combustion and electric motors, hybrid blocks will now also be part of the manufactured range. Thus, the Tangier plant will develop a new … Read more

Stéphanie intervenes to avoid drama, “I thought he was going to kill him…”

For many years, Stéphanie Lardinois, 46, has been a loyal customer of OKay de Crisnée. “It’s the only place I go shopping,” she explains. I go there several times a week. Usually it’s pretty quiet outside. But that day… everything happened very quickly. » Last Monday, barely out of her car in the parking lot … Read more

[뉴스 따라잡기] International Criminal Court (ICC)

It’s time to ‘catch up with the news’ to explain the background of the news and related terms. Recently, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia is being held accountable for illegally relocating children from occupied areas of Ukraine during the war with Ukraine. However, Russia dismissed … Read more

A shock for the Budivelnik players: financial problems caused the club to collapse in a flash

The Kyiv Budivelnik team played in the quarter-finals of the Northern European League (ENBL) less than a week ago and were one step away from the final four, where Alytus Wolves eventually won the place. However, the situation changed in a flash. A couple of days ago, Budivelnik itself submitted a request to withdraw from … Read more