Task Force Enter EDCCash into the Idle Investment List

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) OJK Tongam L Tobing said EDCCash is already on the list investation illegal because they carry out buying and selling activities cryptocurrency without permission. The Task Force even suspected that this illegal investment was using a ponzi scheme to attract members’ interest. The … Read more

US, FDA stops Johnson & Johnson vaccine: 6 cases of thrombosis, “analogies with AstraZeneca”. And the company postpones deliveries to Europe

The Food and Drug Administration asked the immediate suspension of single-dose vaccine administrations of Johnson&Johnson in United States: have been reported 6 cases of thrombosis which occurred between 6 days and two weeks after inoculation. All 6 people are women aged from i 18 ei 48 anni: one of them died, another is hospitalized in … Read more

He is building a new statue of Christ in Brazil. It will be the third highest in the world

The statue of Christ the Protector, as the new Brazilian landmark is called, currently has a finished head and hands that are, like her sibling in Rio, outstretched. Even with a pedestal, the structure measures 43 meters, ie five meters more than Christ the Savior. A few years ago, the local politician Adroaldo Conzatti came … Read more

NASA’s Innovation Helicopter needs to update its flight control software before its first flight on Mars

Illustration of NASA’s creative helicopter on Mars. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech The Ingenuity team identified a software solution to a command sequence problem identified on Sol 49 (April 9) during a planned high-speed helicopter rotor test. Over the weekend, the team looked at and tested several potential solutions to the problem, and concluded that a … Read more

2021 Champions League Schedule Tonight SCTV Live and Broadcast Schedule for Champions League Big 8 Second Leg

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – Here’s the schedule Champions League tonight Wednesday April 14, 2021 or early in the morning. The match of life and death is presented in the UCL quarter-finals for the 2020-2021 season tomorrow. There are two deciding parties to be held April 14-15 2021. This second leg brings together it is Chelsea’s turn to … Read more

Germany is also feeling the ‘De mole’ effect: “Such a campaign costs …

Flanders has been searching en masse for three weeks now The mole. This year this is happening against the background of bunkers, vineyards and beautiful German towns. Never before seemed a trip to the country of The mole so close. “This is priceless advertising if our hotels had been open.” The mole seems to succeed … Read more

Instagram Halo Showcases Amazing Mario X Master Chief Fan Art

Phil Spencer’s shelf has become a topic of conversation for the past week. First we heard Hideo Kojima Strength do something exclusively from Microsoftand now the ultimate goal is this Turn on the top hub. We’ve already noticed Jeff Grubb once said that “pretty much anything” is indicative of one thing or the other, and … Read more

The Latvian IT company, investing two million euros, plans to open an office in the Middle East

Financial software developer and implementer D8 Corporation will invest two million euros in financial technology products and a new sales and service office in the Middle East. Necessary investment banks “Citadel“Financing with Development Financial Institutions”high“Guarantee support will be provided by 1.3 million euros, but D8 Corporation ‘s own funds – 700,000 euros, the bank informs. … Read more

AHY’s New Lawsuit: A Target That Claims to be Spokesmen and Wear Democrat Party Attributes

Jakarta-Central Leadership Board Democratic party filed a new lawsuit against 12 people who were considered intellectual actors of the Extraordinary Congress in Deli Serdang. This new lawsuit was filed after withdrawing the previous lawsuit which still included the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly as the defendant. The coordinator of the Democratic legal … Read more

US Woman Goes Furious and Claims to be Harry Potter After Hit a Judge to Death

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – Nastasia Snape (23), original woman United States of America (AS) was involved in a hit-and-run case that caused a hakim died on the spot. The unfortunate incident occurred in the area Florida, United States of America. Not only that hakim Sandra J. Feuerstein (75) who was the victim, a … Read more