This is the way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is one of the most used tools to communicate. The speed with which it allows you to send messages can sometimes cause us to rush and we regret having sent something. Therefore, among one of the many updates that this application has released, it is now allowed delete sent messages before the recipient reads … Read more

Greenland, US billionaire club funds cobalt research (as ice disappears)

Funding – According to the American newspaper, these investors are financing the Kobold Metals , a US-based mining exploration company based in California. The contribution to research in Greenland would be approximately 15 million dollars. The goal is to control those deposits of precious metals useful for the electricity industry, which are coming to light … Read more

A barbecue at the origin of a forest fire in Jalhay (photos)

A wildfire broke out on Wednesday around 1 p.m. near the La Gileppe dam, firefighters from rescue zone 4, Vesdre Hoëgne and Plateau said. The origin of the fire start is a badly extinguished barbecue, according to the firefighters. Approximately 1,500 m² of vegetation was destroyed by the flames. The intervention mobilized around twenty firefighters … Read more

Ukraine, Biden signs the treaty approving the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Joe Biden signed the treaty approving entry to the saddle Sweden and of Finland in the Atlantic Alliance: “NATO has proved to be an indispensable alliance for the world of today and tomorrow. Our alliance is stronger than ever, more united than ever ”. The president of the United States had a conversation with the … Read more

Ghada Shuaa .. “Nazi” next to the political leadership, but she is critical of “Al Sports”

The local media circulated the name of the Syrian athlete, Ghada Shuaa, during the past week, after her statements criticizing the “sports leadership” in Syria, and the state of the sport, before being honored by the Syrian Olympic Committee, spoonHonoring me in my country is a positive step. Ghada Shuaa appeared on the “Captain” program … Read more

“We are no longer 17 years old”: Keti Topuria frankly about relations with her husband

Topuria rarely shares the details of her relationship with Dengov. True, in the last interview, Keti nevertheless decided on revelations, talking about the atmosphere in the family. “I know from experience that the seventh year is difficult. Of course, every year the attitude towards each other changes, but in the third year the final grinding … Read more

Xiangbei Shuai fried, recycled the floor of the stadium to create the “Slam Dunk” theatrical version of the visual board to be exhibited in Tokyo | 4Gamers

The theatrical version of “Slam Dunk” “The First Slam Dunk” is expected to be released on December 3rd. Recently, in order to increase the popularity before the release, the official specially released a set of Xiangbei Five Tigers Vision Board made of recycled stadium floors. It is currently in the urban area of ​​Tokyo. display. … Read more

“Norfos” efficiency solutions: why pay higher salaries?

Dainius Dundulis, Chairman of the Board of UAB Norfos Mamena: When we have as much money as we really need, we save and can pay our employees higher salaries. J. GRIGELYTS PHOTO. From reduced lighting to turning on refrigerators, today’s retail chains are forced to buy steering solutions that will help them withstand the rising … Read more

Monkey pox in Belgium: here are the figures

As of August 8, 2022, a total of 546 confirmed cases of Monkeypox, better known as monkeypox, have been reported by regional administrations/governments in Belgium, Sciensano said on Tuesday as part of an update. the epidemiological situation. These are 304 cases in Flanders (56%), 187 cases in Brussels (34%) and 55 cases in Wallonia (10%). … Read more