The largest asteroid to ever hit Earth was 15 miles wide

The size of the asteroid was about 15.5 miles. Photo: MasterTux / Pixabay Before there were trees, when the Earth was inhabited only by single-celled organisms, the largest asteroid to hit our planet landed near what we now know as Johannesburg, South Africaforming the Vredefort crater. With an estimated crater size of between 155 to … Read more

Webb and Hubble capture detailed views of Dart spacecraft impact on asteroid –

The James Webb and Hubble telescopes, the most powerful space observatories, revealed detailed views of the impact of NASA’s Dart spacecraft on an asteroid on Thursday, images that will help scientists understand the expected orbit-altering process. It is the first time that the two famous space telescopes have been used to simultaneously observe the same … Read more

YouTube shorts incorporate a voiceover

PARIS, Sept. 29 (Benin News / EP) – YouTube expanded the options available to content creators with the initiative short videos or short films, with the ability to integrate voice-over narration, which has already started rolling out in the iOS app. YouTube shorts can now complement what is shown in images with a new tool … Read more

Novel malware ecosystem threatens VMware environments | network week

Security researchers at cybersecurity provider Mandiant discovered a new type of attack method in April. This enables attackers to install multiple backdoors in the target system, like the company in one blog entry writes. The affected software is used by companies in sectors such as public sector, finance, defense and technology. The cybercriminals use malicious … Read more

vivo x CARNIVAL Limited Box Set Special Collection Appease the street line for V25 Series 5G customers only

Shortly after the launch of vivo V25 Series 5G, vivo, the world’s leading smartphone brand Announcing a partnership with CARNIVAL, the leading street fashion brand in Thailand. In the middle of the official launch event Reinforcing the industry leadership of both brands With special limited collection products from CARNIVAL in limited quantities!! Appease vivo fans … Read more

If you’re a new user, you’ll love the switch.

– Guardian Tales Open Trailer Kong Studio’s representative work ‘Guardian Tales’, which attracted attention as a mobile RPG with dot sensibility, announced the release of the Nintendo Switch platform on October 4th. At the time of its release, Guardian Tales received favorable reviews not only in Korea but also in the global game market for … Read more

Contemporary horror and new content – “Man of Medan” and “Little Hope” get an update

With “Until Dawn” and recent “The Quarry” to have Supermassive Games two real Horror-Highlights published in the video game sector, so the slightly poorer response to the titles of the “The Dark Pictures Anthology”-Row. Before its first season with “The Devil In Me” im November will find its conclusion, you have the first two games, … Read more

OPPO Reno8 Pro: features of the smartphone that promises better quality night photos | Cell phones | TECHNOLOGY

OPPO presented at the end of August its new series of mobile phones OPPO Reno8, made up of the models: OPPO Reno8 and OPPO Reno8 Pro. This family has always focused on technology around the image with the aim of satisfying the growing demand in the camera capabilities smartphones by users. For this reason, its … Read more