Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) market trends – Eechobuzz

» This research study focuses on different styles, principles, applications, and major players in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Market. It also contains a systematic review of market conditions (2014-2019), advantages and disadvantages of enterprise products, the dynamics of enterprise competition, regional industrial layout, macroeconomic characteristics and policies, development models of industry (2019-2024) and industrial … Read more

KFC mistakenly drank disinfectant water to the girl, which caused her internal organs to be damaged, only compensated 2500 yuan plus a confidentiality agreement-IT and health

Today there are media reports that when Xiao Du, a girl who works in Suzhou, was consuming at a local “KFC” restaurant, she was thirsty because of the hot weather and asked the waiter for a glass of ice water, but after drinking it, her mouth was full of the smell of disinfectant water. . … Read more

“Fake Edition” Apple’s new third-generation AirPods have been circulated on the market | HYPEBEAST

In the middle of last month,Apple Brand new third generation AirPods The spy photos of has been exposed, and you can see that it’s closer in appearance AirPods Pro, The difference is that it is not silicone earplugs, but a plastic one-piece design like the original AirPods, and it is expected to be officially launched … Read more

Don Mueang Tollway prepares to sell IPO 140 million shares – enter SET 7 trade

Mr. Worawat Wassanont, Managing Director of Avantgarde Capital Company Limited, as a financial advisor to Don Mueang Tollway Plc (DMT) said that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved DMT’s first IPO form. Then the next step will be the filing effective approval process and will start wiring to provide information to different investors. … Read more

A shortage that is destabilizing the global industry

Smartphones, game consoles, cars … Many sectors have been encountering difficulties for several months in sourcing semiconductors. Update on this shortage which is destabilizing the global industry. LSemiconductors are materials (one of the best known is silicon) and by extension the electronic components made with them: for example, chips allowing devices to capture, process or … Read more

Soulstorm ‘For Abe I put my platform fear aside’

Not everyone will be familiar with the Oddworld franchise, but this series is already more than running a while along. The older gamers among us might know the (in our eyes brilliant) game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Over the many years, multiple Oddworld games have been released, and the latest installment, Oddworld: Soulstorm, is now also … Read more

Corona news: ‘Loosening lockdown postponed to April 28’

The four major cities are again making “an urgent appeal” to the cabinet to reopen the terraces and other outdoor spaces. The mayors of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht announced this on Sunday. “In densely populated areas, residents desperately need the outdoor spaces; they also appropriate them when the weather improves. This makes enforcement … Read more

Pros and cons of the new BTp Futura coming from April 19th

The new BTp Futura will be placed from 19 April to 23 April 2021, unless early closure. The government bond conceived only for retail, now in its third edition, which includes increasing fixed-rate coupons. The title will be used to finance the post-pandemic recovery and the vaccination campaign. The duration is 16 years and provides … Read more

Bitcoin breaks the price record, today it reached 1.34 million crowns. The next day, the operator of the largest online market for cryptocurrencies in the USA, Coinbase, will enter the stock exchange, which further popularizes cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Global plans to enter Nasdaq through direct leafing, ie not through primary subscription of shares. When browsing directly, the company that on stock market enters, does not cooperate with the investment bank as in the primary subscription. Entrance to stock market without the assistance of the underwriting investment bank, it is a cheaper way … Read more