Support Decree, applications for non-repayable contributions 2021: payments started from 16 June

Support decree, applications for non-repayable contributions 2021: for some time now, the support decree has become a reality. And therefore it is good to clarify who is entitled to aid from Support Decree, just launched by the Government. Here’s how do you apply for these aids? What are some of the refreshments the main ones … Read more

Piotr Naimski: The electricity problem of third parties must be solved before synchronization

Piotras Naimskis, who visited Lithuania last week, said in an interview with BNS that the Astrava Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) can operate only if its safety is ensured. He also spoke in favor of closer cooperation between Lithuania and Poland in the gas sector, with both countries completing the construction of the main gas pipeline … Read more

[Večerní souhrn článků] • China again intervened against cryptocurrencies • and other articles

Source: If you have little time and can’t keep up with our articles one by one, try our evening summary. Everything important that happened that day can be found here in one place. Each title can be clicked to go to the whole article. Report of the day China has again intervened against cryptocurrencies … Read more

First dose with AstraZeneca: can I refuse the vaccine mix? Advice for under and over 60

With a circular, the Ministry of Health clarified the completion of the vaccination cycle in subjects under 60 who received a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and how to use the Janssen vaccine. The first point, perhaps, was the most awaited one because many were blown away by the latest indications that provided for a … Read more

Technologies for a greener world LA.LV

Publicity photo Today, leading ICT companies are working hard to help the European Green Course. Martin Banks, senior journalist in the edition Parliament Magazine, reports that among them is China ‘s technological giant Huawei, which is doing its job to improve global ecology. Most read In the countryside In many places destruction of sown rapeseed … Read more

Customers will be able to collect the deposit for the packaging returned in the Maxima container at any store in this retail chain.

The Maxima retail chain provides more convenience for customers returning packaging. The receipt of the beverage packages marked with a deposit can be cashed in any Maxima store by adding the receipt received from the Maxima vending machines. “The beverage packaging deposit system has been in existence in Lithuania for five years, and the Maxima … Read more

Electric car – the future that must be prepared for today :: Dienas Bizness

It has just been rumored in the public domain that the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) plans to provide support in the amount of 4,500 euros for the purchase of new electric cars under the Emission Allowance Auction Instrument in order to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This will definitely … Read more

Electricity market barometer: electricity in Lithuania became 9% more expensive. | Business

“In the Baltic States, despite the increase in gross production, less electricity was produced from renewable sources during the week, which resulted in a greater impact on the price of electricity by fuel prices. Electricity prices in Lithuania and Latvia increased by 2%. decreased energy flow from Sweden (SE4), where the price rose by 16% … Read more

Repharm Group will ask the FCMC for permission to make a mandatory share repurchase offer to Olainfarm shareholders / Day

They informed that Repharm Group has acquired a significant stake in Olainfarm – 30.84% ​​of Olainfarm shares. According to the regulation, the FCMC must request permission for the mandatory share repurchase if a significant shareholding in the company is acquired – at least 30% of the voting rights. Repharm Group operates in accordance with the … Read more