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Ancelotti – on the defeat of "Sampdoria: I do not think that" Napoli "should change much


Ancelotti – on the defeat of "Sampdoria: I do not think that" Napoli "should change much

/ Italy

"Napoli" coach Carlo Ancelotti commented the devastating defeat of the Neapolitans by "Sampdoria" (0: 3) in the match of the 3rd round of the championship of Italy.

"We started the game just like the last two games, then they were able to change course, but today – no, we gave the opponent a second time, leaving a bad mood, they lost the first, they started to worry and have created problems for themselves.

I do not think we have much to change. We need to start the most concentrated games, this attitude is unacceptable. If I had a magic wand, I would change the start of the game in our performance. I would like the team to start the game the way it ends, "says Ancelotti Sky Sport Italia.

Note that the "Napoli" missed six goals after six shots on target in three initial rounds. In the standings, Carlo Ancelotti's team ranked fifth, with six points in the standings.

Sampdoria defeats Napoli, Sassuolo beat Genoa for 5-2

Levada Center: over 50% of Russians say they are ready to participate in protests against pension reform


More than half of those interviewed by the Levada Center said they were ready to take part in protests against rising retirement age. The results of the survey lead to RBC.

53% of respondents answered affirmatively on personal availability to join the protests, and 37% – in a negative sense. In July, 37% of respondents said they would prefer to protest against the reform, while 53% said they doubted their willingness to participate in the rallies.

Survey participants, who have already reached retirement age, are less likely to participate in these actions. In this category of respondents, 44% say they are ready to take part in the protest action. Among the younger population, this figure was 58%. Among the supporters of United Russia, 44% said they are ready to go out to protest, and 59% and 71%, respectively, supporters of the Communist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.

As the "Centro Levada" discovered, if the survey were conducted the following Sunday, 77% of the interviewees would speak for the preservation of the current retirement age and against 10%. About 7% of respondents said they would ignore the referendum.

The study was conducted between 23 and 30 August among 1,600 people in 136 locations in 52 regions.

The government plans to raise the retirement age to 63 for women and up to 65 – for men it became known in June. The corresponding amendments have already been adopted in the State Duma at first reading. At the end of July, the actions to protest against the pension reform took place in several cities and on 28 August President Vladimir Putin announced in his television program to mitigate the amendments – reduce the retirement age for women from 63 at 60 and provide exceptions to mothers with many children and complicate the process of dismissal work of people in pre-retirement age.


Colorectal symptoms include constipation and gas


The symptoms of the colon nerve are many and clear, and they cause pain and discomfort in the abdomen in the form of attacks accompanied by diarrhea or constipation, and the incidence of the colon is common and a long-term problem affects the way in which you live your life, but what are the symptoms that specifically confirm your injury and not just the pain? For its part, this is what we offer you, according to the webmd website.


Symptoms of the colon

– Diarrhea, which is serious.

– constipation

– Constipation alternating with diarrhea.

– A lot of gas.

Stress can make symptoms worse.

Some people also have urinary symptoms or sexual problems.

Colon 2

Causes of the colon

There are many things that cause irritable bowel syndrome Experts do not know what causes the condition, but studies suggest that the colon becomes sensitive and increases the reaction to moderate stimulation. Some people believe that the syndrome of Irritable bowel occurs when the intestinal muscles do not compress Normal, what influences the movement of the stool, but the studies do not seem to support it.

Another theory suggests that it could include bodily chemicals such as serotonin and gastrin that control neurotransmitters between the brain and the digestive system. Other researchers are investigating whether some bacteria in the intestine can lead to the condition and why In women more than men, some believe that hormones can play a role but so far studies have not shown that.


Michael Denny: And the future of PlayStation? What do you think of a game pass? And the purchase of Microsoft studios?


We had the opportunity to meet Michael Denny, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios. He is the head of the European section of the group.

I think there has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation community in terms of the quality and quantity of games we offer our fans.

Nell & # 39; universe PlayStation for more than twenty years, Michael Denny is a man who knows his subject perfectly. So we started by asking him how he saw the brand's evolution. Knowing that Microsoft seems to focus on the next generation of consoles, we asked Mr. Denny how he saw the future of PlayStation and if Sony he was already working on a new one PlayStation. As you will see, it is very proud of the current, future and future PlayStation 4 library of toys. It even has a treasure, the game dreams of Molecule of the media. We also tried to find out if the Step game of Microsoft could have a pendant a Sony. Similarly, we talked about the acquisition of several studies by Microsoft in order to create a type of Woldwide Studios. Do not lose the answer, it's worth its weight in gold.

You can read the transcript of the interview on the next page or see the original version in the video above.


Oil behaves in a contradictory manner


3 September 2018, 07:15 – REGNUM
In London, on the intercontinental stock exchange, on 31 August, the price of Brent crude oil behaved in a very contradictory manner, from growth to decline. But as a result, at the close of trading on August 31st, the price of Brent decreased by 0.45% to $ 77.42 a barrel. During the day, oil received a sign of $ 78.14 per barrel, but at this level it did not resist and also fell below $ 77.50 a barrel at the end, the correspondent said. IA REGNUM Deputy Director of the Analysis Department of Alpari Natalya Milchakova.

Apparently, oil "bulls" are not yet ready to stimulate growth. On August 31, Baker Hughes reported data on the number of oil production platforms operating in the United States, which grew by only two units a week, from 860 to 862. But the market is waiting for more important information on the operating results of the # 39; OPEC for August.

Recall that in July the participants in the "OPEC +" agreement only met 109% instead of the previous 120-130%. Now the market expects oil production to increase. Proceeding from the above, at the beginning of the week the barrel of Brent crude oil will be traded again between $ 77-78.30.

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The Mediterranean crossings are less, but more deadly than before


Report of the UNHCR The Mediterranean crossings are less, but more deadly than before

| Reading time: 2 minutes

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Crossings of the Mediterranean – less but more deadly

The number of Mediterranean crossings has declined, but travel is now more lethal. This is the conclusion of a report from the UNHCR published.

Although fewer tugs cross the Mediterranean, smugglers take a greater risk, to the detriment of migrants. A new UN report underlines the consequences of increasing controls off the coast of Libya.

MAccording to estimates by the UN Refugee Agency, human traffickers are taking more risks in the transportation of refugees and migrants across the Mediterranean. The reason is the Libyan Coast Guard, which is capturing more and more tugboats, according to a report published by UNHCR on Monday morning. Although the number of Mediterranean crossings has decreased compared to previous years, the sea journey is now more deadly than before.

With more risks associated with stowage of tugboats, the likelihood of more refugees and migrants dies on board, according to the report. 2276 people died in the crossing last year, so one death occurred in 42 arrivals in Europe. This year, there were 1095 deaths, with a death on 18 survivors in survivors in Europe. Only in June, the ratio was one to seven.

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The special envoy of UNHCR for the Mediterranean, Vincent Cochetel, said that the surveillance of the Libyan Coast Guard has increased. At the same time tugboats have tried to reduce their costs. "It costs him more to keep the people in their warehouses longer in captivity". He warned that fewer departures from Libya meant that tugs would exploit more people for the same income. "The result is more cases of slavery, forced labor, prostitution – because they (the smugglers) want to make money with people".

"These people are sent back to detention centers and many disappear"

Another goal of the report, entitled "Desperate Journeys", is the path of refugees and migrants from other parts of Africa to Libya and what happens to them when the Coast Guard picks them up at sea and returns them. "These people are sent back to detention centers and many disappear, and many are sold to militia, traffickers and some abused as non-wage workers."

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Referring to the refugee routes through Sudan, Algeria, Chad and Niger, Cochetel said: "Many people in Libya tell us they saw people dead in the desert".

He called on Europe to take the initiative in responding to the emergency. It was clear that it was too late when people were already in Libya. "We have to work in the country of the first kindergarten, in the country of origin, and it takes time."


Indiscreet Lingerie: Demoiselles are fighting for their survival


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Stop your losses
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The canonization of John McCain: the media and the political elite transform the belligerent into a saint


The canonization of John McCain: the media and the political elite transform the belligerent into a saint

Joseph Kishore

3 September 2018

"I hated my enemies even before they held me prisoner because hatred supported me in my dedication to their complete destruction and helped me overcome the virtuous human impulse to surrender with disgust at what was to be done by my hand." John McCain on the Vietnam War, April 2001

"Despite the inebriating nature of a call to arms or the justice of the cause, we should still shed a tear for all that will be lost when the war demands our debt.Take a tear and keep killing our enemies as fast as possible and ruthlessly how we should – John McCain, October 2001.

The media and theinstitution The American politicians are in the middle of the debauchery of moral hypocrisy, of the spells and they embark on the creation of a myth for five days on the occasion of the death of the Republican Senator John McCain. The operation involves almost all news agencies, newspapers and politicians, Democrats and Republicans, following a scenario in preparation since McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago – John McCain, "American Hero" , the "warrior", the "maverick", someone like the world will never see again.

On Thursday, a ceremony was held in Arizona with the speeches of former Vice President Joe Biden and others, ending with the transmission of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. From there, McCain's body was brought to Washington, where his body was exposed in the Capitol roundabout yesterday, a distinction that was only granted to another 30 people. McCain's coffin was placed on the wooden catafalque originally built for President Abraham Lincoln after his assassination in 1865 – one of the many political obscenities related to this affair.

Friday was dedicated to the speeches of members of Congress, politicians and soldiers gathered. McCain was a "generational leader" (Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell); "One of the bravest souls that our country has ever produced" (Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House); one of those who "put the country first, that give priority to service, that invite idealism into a" was cynical "(Vice-President Mike Pence). The media's attitude was summarized by CNN's "journalist" Dana Bash, who said: "The angels were crying" because it rained when McCain's coffin was brought to the United States Capitol.

The main memorial service is held today in Washington, with the eulogy of former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, former Secretary of State and war criminal Henry Kissinger, before McCain's body was buried near the Naval Academy of Annapolis, Maryland, Sunday. The actor Warren Beatty, a Democratic supporter and a friend of McCain, who will be accompanied by Biden, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, and Russian anti-Putin dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza.

Biden's Thursday speech set the tone for what followed. "My name is Joe Biden," he began, "I'm a Democrat, and I loved John McCain, he considered McCain" a brother "and while they had" many family fights ", these differences were obscured by what they had in common. Obama's vice president, who beat McCain in the 2008 election, echoed Obama's comments on the 2016 election – an "intramural fight" between two factions of the same team.

"The story of John is an American story," said Biden, "is American history, based on respect and decency, fundamental correctness, intolerance to power abuse." Many of you are traveling. for the world, looking at the world, they consider us a little naive, so fair, so decent, we're naive Americans, that's what we are, that's what John was. "

What can one say about such absurdities? The US government and its armed forces are despised all over the world, responsible for inflicting death and destruction in countless countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and many others. This "dignified" government declares the right to kill anyone, to invade any country, to overthrow any government that is on its way. The operational style of this "only so" ruling class is that of intimidation, threats and violence.

It is with the unbridled use of military force that McCain is most closely associated with. He was one of the first supporters of the 2003 war in Iraq, the Obama administration war on Libya and the operation supported by the CIA in Syria. In support of this, he traveled to Syria and met Islamic fundamentalist organizations at the head of the civil war. He was a staunch defender of aggression against Iran and a staunch opponent of any restriction on the US military budget.

The coordinated and choreographic response to McCain's death is determined by well-defined political considerations. First, there is the clash of factions within the ruling class between the dominant sections of the military intelligence apparatus and the Trump administration. McCain played a central role, in alliance with the Democratic Party, in the anti-Russia campaign to enforce a more aggressive foreign policy in Syria and against Russia itself. In the media, much was said about McCain's detailed instructions for his last trip out of the world, where he would work for months, including the request that Trump should not participate.

The Democrats – from Biden and Obama to the representatives of the "left" like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – seized the opportunity to associate themselves with a personality who, throughout his life, maintained the closest connections with the ;army. Always anxious to declare their loyalty to this apparatus of violence, the Democrats have raised, with the former director of the CIA, John Brennan, in their political pantheon, to better guide their opposition to Trump on the basis of the rightmost possible.

More fundamentally, the response to McCain's death is another important step in the rehabilitation of the Vietnam war. Since the early days of the Reagan administration, the overcoming of the "Vietnam Syndrome", ie massive popular hostility to military intervention, was a political imperative of the ruling class. It was George W. W. Bush who, at the end of the first war in Iraq in 1991, declared prematurely: "By God, we got rid of the Vietnam syndrome once and for all."

The effort to develop a new political psychology to justify a permanent and endless war requires a falsification of history. In all the hosannas of McCain's heroism in Vietnam, there is not an ounce of critical comments about the character of this war, a barbaric imperialist intervention that killed three million Vietnamese and nearly 60,000 American soldiers . In the ten years between 1961 and 1971, the US Army committed countless atrocities and poured over 20 million gallons [plus de 75 000 m3] of toxic chemicals in Indochina, turning a third of Vietnam into a wasteland.

McCain himself was more honest about the nature of the war when he reflected on this experience in 2001. The first quote above is from a commentary written in April of the same year to defend former Senator Bob Kerrey after this quest. 39. He admitted that he participated in a death squad attack in the small village of Thanh Phong in the Mekong Delta. In this attack, he and six soldiers under his command killed 21 women, children and elderly men.

With the title: "Bob Kerrey, Hero of War", McCain's defense was a crude justification for war crimes. Much has been said about the fact that McCain came to promote reconciliation with Vietnam and better relations with the country, linked to the American conflict with China. However, nothing in his statements indicates that he ever deplored the role of the United States in the war. On the contrary the second quotation above, taken from a chronicle of Wall Street Journal written by McCain in October of the same year ("There is no substitute for the victory"), clarifies that he saw brutal and systematic violence in Vietnam as a model for "the wars of the 21st century" .

The effort to end the "syndrome of Vietnam" has led not only to the falsification of history, but also to the elevation of the army's place in the political life of the country. The deification of McCain, the military statesman, the "war hero" is one of these. Until the 1990s, soldiers were not considered "warriors". Most veterans of the two world wars, not to mention Korea, did not want to talk about their war experiences and certainly did not want to wear a military uniform.

Today, military and intelligence services play an increasingly important role in American life. The army is integrated with the media and the media are integrated. Politicians, Democrats, if not more, Republicans, cite their military background and intelligence services as the most important qualifications for the job. The universal glorification of the army expresses the course of American bourgeois democracy under the effect of unsustainable social inequalities, a political radicalization of workers and young people and a deep and constant fear on the part of the ruling class that its project of conquest imperialist and social counterrevolution will encounter mass resistance.

A final point on the canonization of John McCain. Perhaps the defining characteristic of the operation is its empty and artificial nature, its disconnection from the worries and thoughts of the overwhelming majority of the population. No matter how much they do to make McCain a political and moral giant, most people do not care about his death. McCain is beautiful and well dead and will quickly disappear from popular consciousness. The first anniversary of his death and all those that follow will go unnoticed.

(Article published for the first time in English on September 1, 2018)


Laschet wants NRW's representative office in Tel Aviv


Düsseldorf / Tel Aviv (dpa) – Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet (CDU) announced shortly before his visit to Israel, the opening of a NRW representative office in Tel Aviv. He intends to open a representative office in North Rhine-Westphalia, said Laschet in a joint interview with "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" and the Israeli daily "Haaretz" (Monday editions). This NRW-Haus should be "a classic meeting place for economics, education, research and culture". Laschet described the structure as "a clear sign of appreciation for our friends in Israel". It should provide new opportunities to deepen relationships. The head of state of NRW will travel to Israel on Tuesday.


Nikola Maksimovich: "Kutepov in the future can succeed in the championship of Italy"


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