Cancel a life accident guarantee contract

Termination of a life accident guarantee contract The “life accident guarantee” contract is an annual tacit renewal contract which you can request to be terminated with two months’ notice, each year on the main expiry date. To terminate it, all you need to do is send a termination request to your insurer by registered letter … Read more

Soccer player dies in car accident

South African international right back Anele Ngcongca died in a car accident near Durbanannounced on Monday its club Amazulu. Ngcongca, 33, died after being thrown from a car, whose driver lost control. The player born in Cape Town He was part of the South African team in 2010 played at home, and participated in the … Read more

7 tips after the accident – the expert office prepares reports

House break. For opponents of those who caused accidents, Gerhard Elmers’ vehicle expert office (Cuxhavener Straße 128a, 21149 Hamburg) has been an important point of contact after a traffic accident for more than 15 years. Ultimately, you want to ensure that the damage is assessed fairly and impartially. “The expert opinion is usually paid for … Read more

Fireman receives high compensation after swimming accident in Hörste | Haller Kreisblatt

An Austrian firefighter broke four cervical vertebrae in 2015 and became a nursing case. Now there is a judgment. Uwe Pollmeier on November 21, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Icon image (© CC0 Pixabay) Halle/Kleblach-Lind. The firefighter driver, Peter Goldbecker, remembers the day more than five years ago: “It was a warm summer day and we … Read more

The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies

The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies The young 14-year-old Colombian actor, Cristian Felipe Mosquera died this Monday, November 16 in the city of Bogotá. By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 Mosquera became famous in 2018 after playing in ‘La mama del … Read more

Giovinazzi’s ‘swallow earth’; accident before starting and abandonment

Antonio Giovanizzi will not have a good memory of his debut on the Turkish circuit. The Italian driver arrived with morale in the clouds after returning to the points in the Grand Prix recently held in Imola, with which Alfa Romeo managed to put land in the middle with Haas, his most direct rival in … Read more

Group Life Accident Insurance Market Size 2020

The Global Group Life Accident Insurance Market report covers key industry elements including progression, segmentation, growth prospects, opportunities, challenges, and competitive analysis. Segmental analysis focuses on revenue and forecast by region, by type, and by application for the 2015-2025 quantity. This report analyzes the market size, development status, and outlook with an overview of the … Read more

Ginimbi did not leave the seat belt Penny Lebyane rubs K Naomi in arms after horrible Rolls Royce accident

Media personality Penny Lebyane received endorsement from some social media users when she made a fairly widespread statement about black men. The sister had no chills and did not back down for anyone. After feeling somehow over the weekend, Gigi felt the need to share her frustrations on social media. She shared a photo of … Read more

In the event of an accident through no fault of your own: car insurance must also pay for corona disinfection

The corona pandemic is making waves again, the virus is relentlessly penetrating even the depths of everyday driving life. Like, for example, a banal sheet metal damage. The damaged car has to be taken to the workshop. After the repair, the vehicle is properly disinfected. But who has to bear the costs? Covid-19 and no … Read more

Nine people injured after accident at SLC testing point for COVID-19 – Telemundo Utah

A vehicle collided at one of the Salt Lake City COVID-19 testing points, authorities reported. The accident occurred Thursday morning at the University of Utah COVID-19 testing point at Rice Eccles Stadium. The authorities reported that 9 people were injured, of which 5 were treated at the scene and 4 were taken to hospital. A … Read more