No more colds and flus in winter: the problem is your nose

The reborn myth Science has finally found out why we get more colds and flus in the winter. And our grandmothers were right: it’s because of the cold. When our nasal walls detect a virus or bacteria, they release extracellular vesicles, a kind of cloud of particles that attack intruders as soon as they enter … Read more

Dyson Zone earphones + air purifier confirmed for March launch in Hong Kong

Dyson Zone at the beginning of this yearpublishedThe Dyson Zone earphone + air purifier, its bold appearance has already grabbed a lot of attention, but the actual specifications are still somewhat suspenseful, especially the most important pricing. Today Dyson officially handed over all the information of Zone, including confirming that it will be launched in … Read more

286th day of war in Ukraine: new power cuts following missile fire on Ukraine, Russia also hit on air bases

Ukraine suffered this Monday, December 5, a new deadly salvo from Russian missiles, causing new power and water cuts in a country already in energy crisis, Moscow having made this infrastructure its priority target in the middle of winter. The strikes come on the same day as the entry into force of the mechanism to … Read more

Qatar thinks it can even hold a cooled Olympic marathon thanks to World Cup air conditioners

AFP NOS Sport•Tuesday, 11:34 According to engineer Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, the ingenious air conditioning that now makes it possible to play soccer in Qatar under pleasant temperatures at the World Cup is proof that the Olympic Games can also be held in the desert state. Qatar would like to apply for the Games in … Read more

Former Adjutant Jokowi Officially Appointed Commander of the National Air Operations Command

Jakarta – Former aide of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) Air Marshal (Marsdya) TNI Mohammad Tony Harjono officially replaced Marsdya TNI Andyawan Martono as Commander of the National Air Operations Command (Partnership) Indonesian Air Force. Tony’s inauguration was carried out through a military ceremony handover (sertijab) at Taxi Way Echo, Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/12/2022). Tony previously … Read more

Reborn Rich, good strength, no falling! Set a new rating record again After being on air for 3 weeks

It seems that the series Reborn Rich JTBC channel will be one of the most popular works at the end of 2022, after being on the air for 3 weeks, the rating numbers will only increase. And it hasn’t decreased even once. Reference from Nielsen Korea The latest episode (EP.7) of the series aired last … Read more

The planet Mars will disappear behind the Moon

Where to observe it? This phenomenon should last an hour and a half in all. The majority of Canadians and Americans will be able to observe it. This event, called occultation only happens once or twice a year somewhere on Earth. At the end of the year, we will be able to observe it on … Read more

The best covers for air conditioning and fans, starting at 24 pounds

10:00 p.m Monday 05 December 2022 With the advent of winter and low temperatures, you do not need an electric fan or air conditioning at all, but how can we protect them from dust for a long time? A fan or air conditioner cover may be a great helper for you to solve this problem, … Read more

The air quality in Sajószentpéter is dangerous, some people have already set fire to their beds

The air quality has deteriorated in the Northeast due to the high concentration of airborne dust, the air quality in Sajószentpéter is already dangerous, reports MTI based on data from the National Center for Public Health (NNK). The air quality was classified as unhealthy in Miskolc, Putnok and Kazincbarcik, and the air in Mosonmagyaróvár, Székesfehérvár, … Read more

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week TRENTO. Rain alle quote lower e neve over i 1,600 meters: is this today (December 4) the situation on territory provincialwhere in the last few hours about 20mm from rainfall in the … Read more