Air Italy: redundancy procedure restarts with 1322 redundancies – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – OLBIA, 23 SEPT – The collective dismissal procedure starts again within Air Italy in liquidation. After the extension of the Cig, the liquidators are now looking at the date of termination of the company as at 31 December 2021, when the six-month extension of the redundancy fund for all permanent employees operating in … Read more

Desi Dobreva shocked Orlin Goranov on air, asked him if … PHOTO

Desi Dobreva literally shocked Orlin Goranov on air by asking him a rather surprising question in front of everyone. The blonde, who recently became the host of the new music show of BNT “Music Infinity”, stunned the great singer with her question, writes Slavi Trifonov’s favorite stepped very deep, and on the air, with … Read more

Instrumented micro-aircraft dispersed in controlled free fall to scan the ambient air

Some ideas germinate from a seed. That of maple is well known: it disperses by spinning like a helicopter. This movement inspired an international research team to develop three-dimensional structures of the order of a millimeter capable of moving passively in a controlled free fall. Instrumented, they can serve as sensors to measure air quality … Read more

Air pollution increases risk of contracting coronavirus and severe illness

Release: 22.09.2021– 17:08 / Last update: 22.09.2021 – 17:11 According to the report published by the Belgian Supreme Health Council, environmental impact studies showed that the parameters of climate and air pollution are related to the rate of transmission of the virus. The findings pointed out that even a 1 microgram increase in the fine … Read more

Flight from Bologna to Elba Island, from 4 October with Silver Air in less than an hour – Chronicle

To the Island of Elba from Bologna with Silver Air in less than an hour Elba Island, 22 September 2021 – From Bologna to the wonders of the Island of Elba in less than an hour. The new flight of the company Silver Air, active from today to October 4, is just a preview of … Read more

Air Phantila updates heart status with a happy young man outside the industry But why refuse to launch into the media?

The hottest little girl, Air Phantila, who today will open her heart about love that is so sweet. But why didn’t he see a young man outside the media industry? In addition to this event, the person said that he was ready to marry. through the talk show An update on the house?Air : Just … Read more

“Despierta América” ​​will air every Sunday

Univision “Despierta América” ​​begins its Sunday broadcasts starting this Sunday, September 19. Univision premieres tomorrow, Sunday, September 19, the Sunday edition of its iconic and award-winning morning show “Wake up America”. The news show will air every Sunday beginning at 8:00 PM ET. Hosted by María Antonieta Collins, Raúl González, Jackie Guerrido and with Carolina … Read more

PPKM Ends Today (20/9), Check Conditions for Boarding Citilink, Lion Air, and Garuda Airplanes – PPKM for Java-Bali and outside Java-Bali areas ends today, Monday (20/9/2021). Requirements on a plane as long as PPKM does not change much from before. As in previous weeks, the Minister of Home Affairs issued an Inmendagri containing the latest regulations. One of them is the use of air, sea, and land transportation … Read more