Best portable fruit blender for gym and travel

Sometimes we need fresh and quick natural juice, especially while playing sports, and we are also interested in providing fresh and healthy juices for children in the club, or during travel and others, so the best solution is to purchase a portable blender, and in this article we recommend a selection of the best types … Read more

Amazon keeps canceling light novels for no apparent reason — Kudasai

Hanashi Media is a small publisher that is just getting started publishing light novels and manga in English (and apparently in Spanish as well). However, it seems that the first stumbling block has already arrived, and in what way! since Amazon canceled the release of the first volume of the light novel Boku wa Isekai … Read more

Amazon Prime Gaming gives 550 TL games for free!

Amazon is giving away games to players with its Prime Gaming service. The platform, which does this regularly every month, can also give high-priced AAA quality productions. Today, the games that Prime Gaming will give for free throughout February have been announced. Amazon Prime Gaming gives 9 games for free! Amazon, with the first month … Read more

Admiring Fallout footage from Amazon. Creators pay attention to details

Amazon has got its hands on some of the big names in the gaming industry, including Fallout. Work on the series began last year, but the creators have shown little so far. New images have surfaced online showing one of the locations, possibly a Red Rocket gas station. Players have encountered it in Fallout 4. … Read more

Fallout from Amazon in new pictures. The creators take care of the details

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Amazon still hasn’t confirmed a release date for Fallout, and the show is still in production. However, the players arrived on the set to be able to present more photos from the project. Amazon has gotten its hands on some high-profile gaming IPs and we should see “Fallout” in 2023. Work on the series … Read more

After its theft spread… Preserve your car’s tire with a “rim lock” for 2

11:29 PM Sunday, January 22, 2023 The phenomenon of car tire theft has spread widely during the recent period, and more than one gang formed to steal car tires has been arrested in many governorates of the Republic. With the increase in the prices of auto parts, especially tires and rims, which have doubled in … Read more

Amazon is investing tens of billions of dollars in data centers in the US

In 2021, AWS said it had invested $35 billion in data centers in northern Virginia between 2011 and 2020, creating 3,500 full-time jobs there. The investment still needs to be approved by the local government, but lawmakers from both political parties have already expressed their support for the investment. Virginia is now preparing a new … Read more