The cheapest Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, for 182 euros on Amazon and it also scrubs! | Technology

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. One of Xiaomi’s robots is for sale on Amazon. In addition, it costs less than 200 euros and is multipurpose, since it not only sucks up dirt but also mops it dry and wet. Xiaomi already sells practically everything, and many of … Read more

Netflix’s strategy to stay ahead of streaming

He 2021 was already anticipated as a year that will be decisive in the field of streaming. A battlefield in which the four most important warriors will be debated to win the throne in the area of ​​entertainment on demand (on demand): Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and HBO. It could be “the war of … Read more

The United Kingdom closes its borders with Latin America due to the new Amazon strain

South America, resource-fragile in the face of the pandemic, is threatened by a new strain from the Amazon. The first country to shield itself and close borders has been UK, devastated by “the plague”. The government of Boris Johnson announced the ban on flight arrivals from 14 Latin American countries, as a result of the … Read more

These Xiaomi headphones triumph at Amazon: they cost 32 euros and have little to envy other more expensive | Technology

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. To listen to music, to watch movies and series, to talk on the phone, with microphone noise cancellation and automatic pairing: outstanding quality headphones for less than 40 euros. Do you remember when telephones were used only to call and hang up? … Read more

The 256 GB iPhone SE with headphones and charger is discounted on Amazon to its historical minimum price: 527.20 euros

If you want a “smart” mobile phone that is easy to handle, compact, relatively light and powerful, the iPhone SE (2020) is one of the best options on the market. The 256 GB version of internal storage is lowered at Amazon to 527.20 euros, its historical minimum price, and comes with headphones and charger.

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download the Amazon app or listen to a song on Music Free, before Friday, and get up to 10 euros for free

If you are thinking of making a purchase on Amazon, using these promotions, it is even cheaper. And it is that, using your app for the first time or listening to a song in Music Free, we will get up to 10 euros discount. Promotions will run through January 15 for selected accounts.

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Donations in the billions: The ex-wife of Amazon boss Bezos was so generous last year | 01/14/21

MacKenzie Scott used the crisis year 2020 to generously donate her profits to various aid organizations. Above all, she wanted to support those who got into financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis or who had previously lived in poverty. Scott donated approximately $ 6 billion over a five-month period. • MacKenzie Scott donates $ … Read more

Satechi’s complete USB-C hub is discounted by almost 40 euros on Amazon, reaching its all-time low price

For some years now, Apple MacBooks have only incorporated USB-C connections, so to use most peripherals and accessories that have USB-A an adapter is necessary. Instead of purchasing one for each type of connection, the best is a hub that integrates them all, like this one from Satechi which is discounted on Amazon to 89,99 euros 50.14 euros, its historical minimum price.

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LG gaming monitor now with a big discount in the Amazon store

The model we are talking about is the LG 24GL600F-B, which among other things has a screen of 24 inch, which is a sufficient measure to enjoy action titles and which, in addition, has the particularity of not being especially large for this reason (its dimensions are 55.68 x 18.06 x 41.98 centimeters, for which … Read more