Analysts: Russia’s currency exchanges are closing, revealing Putin’s brutal plan

Analysts state that the Kremlin has begun collecting data on all Russian residents who exchange currency.“All over Russia – this is especially noticeable in Moscow – a sharp decline in currency exchange points has begun,” RESC partners write in an overview.Their sources say that representatives of the Central Bank, government and power structures have strongly … Read more

Delays in Western arms deliveries have limited Ukraine’s ability to launch a counteroffensive, analysts say

The institute recalls that last year the Russian army led an offensive from February 24 to July 3. Then Ukraine launched a large-scale counter-offensive in August and liberated the western part of the Kherson region. “Since then, Ukraine has failed to launch a new major counter-offensive,” the report says. Analysts believe that if the West … Read more

Analysts about J. Prigozhin accused of bribery: the influence is weakening, he feels it and is worried

According to analysts, the Kremlin probably turned to J. Prigozhin’s irregular forces to survive a difficult period after the 2022 In the summer, the offensive of Russian conventional forces in the Luhansk region ended. According to experts, this appeal misled Mr. Prigozhin and forced him to overestimate his importance in Russia’s military and political spheres. … Read more

What will happen to Russia if it loses the war? A dark fate awaits him, analysts believe

Some experts agree that if Russia loses the war, it will disintegrate into smaller units. While foreign experts estimate that up to 20 new states could be created in this way, according to Czech expert on Russia Jan Šír, there could be up to 40. What will happen to Russia if it loses in Ukraine? … Read more

investors happy, analysts mainly see cosmetic adjustment

Chinese people dressed as rabbits in Hangzhou, eastern China, celebrate Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac.Beeld Future Publishing via Getty When Chinese party leader Xi Jinping was elected to a third term surrounded by loyal vassals three months ago, it was seen as an endorsement of his policies. … Read more

A Russian attack from Belarus is unlikely this half-year, say analysts

Analysts believe that Russia will postpone the attack from Belarus until at least the autumn, because at the moment Russian troops are rotating on the training ground in the territory of Belarus and are being sent to eastern Ukraine. “We have not observed any indicators that Russian forces have command and control structures for a … Read more

Iranian missiles for the Grad missile defense system appeared in the arsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, – analysts (photo)

The ammunition was manufactured in 2022. Analysts were able to establish their Iranian origin by several factors, including a specific fuse and color. Ukrainian rocket artillery received ammunition for the Iranian-made Grad MLRS. About it report Ukraine Weapons Tracker analysts. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received 122-mm high-explosive fragmentation ammunition, which were … Read more

The Callisto Protocol is not selling well at all according to analysts: they intended to reach 5 million copies sold, but that forecast has been greatly reduced – The Callisto Protocol

One of the games that has started the year on the wrong foot is The Callisto Protocol. Many people have felt disappointed both with the video game and with the performance on PCbut all this has had a negative impact on Striking Distance Studios. According to various analysts, sales have not accompanied at all. The … Read more

Börse Express – Commodities (morning) – Oil prices rise / Analysts see Brent oil prices rising to over 100 dollars this year

Oil prices showed premiums on Wednesday morning. A barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent cost around 11 a.m. $80.48. That was 1.2 percent more than the day before. The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose 1.4 percent to $75.63. Market observers pointed to a positive mood on the European stock … Read more

Tesla shares already see light at the end of the tunnel for some analysts: “They are officially oversold”

AFP Spielberg rises in some Golden Globes that recognize “Argentina, 1985” Steven Spielberg won the prizes for best dramatic film and best director at the Golden Globes on Tuesday for his semi-autobiographical story “Los Fabelmans”, at a ceremony that awarded Latin American cinema with “Argentina, 1985”. Unlike the Oscars, the peak of awards season, the … Read more