The seismic swarm does not stop in the Cesena area, two new earthquakes were recorded during the night

“Did you hear it?” In these days it is one of the most frequently asked questions on social media in Cesena, even in the night between Sunday and Monday they were warned by the population and recorded from the Ingv room two earthquake shocks. The first at 3:23 on Saturday night with a magnitude of … Read more

BMKG: West Java Early Warning Potential for Heavy Rain, Let’s Check the Area! – Update of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released early warning West Java. Monday, January 30, 2023. In related information early warning extreme weather delivered BMKG to the people of West Java. Reported by Portaltebo, Through the official Twitter account BMKGa number of areas in West Java province which will potentially experience … Read more

Kingsoft’s 35th Anniversary!The Beijing office area started construction today, and Lei Jun gave out red envelopes on the spot–fast technology–technology changes the future

On January 29th, the eighth day of the first lunar month, many companies officially started work today, and the bosses also presented “Start-up Red See” to employees. Today, according to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi and chairman of Kingsoft, today is the opening ceremony of Kingsoft’s Beijing office area.Lei Jun said: “This year marks the … Read more

MBC News | Commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼ List of tenants

The commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼List of tenants[01/26 19:54] The name of the facility to be developed at the west exit of Kagoshima Chuo Station has been decided as “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” and the commercial area as “AMU WE”. The tenants will … Read more

An urgent expropriation decision was made for the area in this district of Konya.

According to the President’s decisions published in the Official Gazette, the Natural Site of Lale Island North Region, located in Balikesir’s Ayvalık district, has been registered and declared as a sensitive area to be protected as a result of the re-evaluation of its conservation status. The privately owned part of an immovable in the Savur … Read more

Drawing of Russian industrialists: Putin was shown the ‘E-Neva’ area developed in St. Petersburg

of Russia the president Vladimir Putin during his visit to Saint-Petersburg, he visited the factory of the military-industrial concern “Almaz-Antej”. In it Putin was shown one of the latest products is the SUV “E-Neva”, as in the name “E” means electric, and “Neva” is in honor of the Neva River. Content will continue after the … Read more

Will there be an industrial area in Pandeglang & Lebak, will companies in Tangerang and Serang move?

BANTEN NEWS – Head of Provincial Investment and One-Stop Services (DPMPTSP). BantenVirgojanti, mentions that government Of Banten already made various preparations related to the development economy in the southern region Banten or industrial area Of Pandeglang and Lebak. Preparation related to development economy in the southern region Banten or industrial area Of Pandeglang and Lebak … Read more

There is a Formula E Circuit, the President Director Calls Ancol Lost a Parking Area for 4,000 Cars

Jakarta – Main Director (Director) of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Winarso admitted that his party had lost a parking area due to the construction of the Formula E circuit. This is because the Formula E circuit area can accommodate 4,000 cars. “At the moment the need for Ancol land is very urgent, it is too … Read more

~ 10 m3 of water contaminated with oil products was collected from the flooded area of ​​SIA Ošukalns wood processing plant / Day

At the moment, on the initiative of VVD, VUGD has collected the leaked engine oil from the territory of the wood processing plant using an oil product skimmer. By applying the technological solution – a skimmer, with which it is possible to collect oil products of a wide range of viscosity, a total of approximately … Read more