Weather alert in the Canary Islands, a tropical cyclone is coming – Europe

(ANSA) – MADRID, 23 SEPTEMBER – The probable formation and possible displacements of a “tropical cyclone” have led the authorities of the Canary Islands to activate “the maximum alert” for “rain, wind and storms”. It is learned from official press releases. According to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, the phenomenon could affect the archipelago between … Read more

Military experts: Ukrainians are attacking again, but in one area the situation is not in their favor

Propagandists of the aggressor announce a renewed Ukrainian counterattack in Kupjansk. It is announced that the Ukrainians have successfully crossed the Oskil River near Dvorichna and established themselves in Tavilzhanka. At the same time, the attack resumed in the city of Kupjansk. Presumably, the Ukrainians have cleared the eastern part of the city and are … Read more

Powerful explosion in a residential area in Solna near Stockholm – Latest news – NRK

22. september 2022 kl. 23:16 Powerful explosion in a residential area in Solna near Stockholm A loud bang was reported at a multi-family residence in Solna north of Stockholm on Thursday evening, writes The evening paper. – We have received many calls, says police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl. The bang was heard all the way to … Read more

Bad weather, storm in the Oristano area

A violent storm struck this afternoon in the Oristano area and in the upper Campidano area. Numerous requests for help arrived at the Oristano fire brigade switchboard for flooding of streets, houses, basements and garages in Terralba, Uras, Mogoro and Arborea. Intense rains also in Sardara and on Monte Arci. No injuries were recorded. At … Read more

vertical garden and relaxation area Photo

TEACHER – The mall Doors of Mestre starts again from the entrance. That is from Porta Marghera, which will be transformed into a terrace with a vertical garden and spaces to welcome the public with seating and a relaxation area. This is one of the qualifying points for the restyling of the complex – which … Read more

UEFA Nations League – De Bruyne’s pass shot Batshuayi scored Belgium 2-1 Wales_Hazard_Right_Restricted Area

Original title:European League-De Bruyne shot Batshuayi to score Belgium 2-1 Wales At 2:45 a.m. on September 23, Beijing time, in the fifth round of Group A4 of the UEFA Nations League, Belgium played against Wales at home. In the first half, Batshuayi and De Bruyne passed each other and scored, and Belgium led 2-0 at … Read more

How did you forecast demand? Island area public rental ’empty house’ Sudu-Luk

Baengnyeongdo Silver House vacancy rate 87%Jindo twins are 27% emptyExceeding the national average vacancy rate by 3%Loss of rent and burden of management expensesIt remains as a loss of LH. It was found that the vacancy rate of public rental housing in island areas (the percentage of houses vacant for more than 6 months) was … Read more