Bagheria, “slaughtered” because he had offended the boss, another 3 arrests

Identified all those who would have participated in the punitive expedition PALERMO – Beaten up because he would have disrespected the new Mafia boss of Bagheria. The carabinieri arrested three other people who allegedly participated in the beating of Fabio Tripoli. By order of Massimiliano Ficano (who said of himself: “I am history“), On 19 … Read more

Germany arrests man who sent nuclear equipment to Iran

loading… BERLIN – Police German arrested a German-Iranian man suspected of exporting equipment for use in Iran’s nuclear and missile programs in violation of European Union (EU) sanctions. Germany’s federal prosecutor revealed the arrests on Wednesday (15/9/2021) “Police searched 11 locations, including apartments and offices in the states of Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia … Read more

Tax evasion, maxi-blitz in Northern Italy: 18 arrests. Assets seized for 13 million euros

More than 51 kidnappings e 18 arrests. An investigation by the deputy prosecutor Roberta Panico of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate from Brescia allowed to bring to light a criminal association aimed attax evasion. The operation conducted by about 150 carabinieri of the Brescia command began in the early hours of the morning and involved movable … Read more

Bagheria, 8 arrests of Cosa Nostra bosses including Massimiliano Ficano

Arrests and trials in recent years in the province of Palermo have not stopped the mafia reorganization. In Bagheria, the bugs of the Carabinieri of the Investigative nucleus have picked up a voice that comes from the past, it is that of Massimiliano Ficano: sixteen years ago, he was a trusted postman of Bernardo Provenzano, … Read more

Tax evasion, arrests and kidnappings throughout Italy – Lombardy

In the blitz 18 arrests and seizure of 250 accounts Eighteen arrests were triggered as part of an investigation by the deputy prosecutor Roberta Panico of the Brescia DDA into a criminal association aimed at tax evasion. The operation involved the provinces of Brescia, Milan, Bergamo, Mantua, Lodi, Alessandria, Novara, Varese, Parma, Piacenza. 51 items … Read more

PF arrests pocketnarist who issued a threat to Alexandre de Moraes

The Federal Police arrested, on Sunday (5/9), the pocket lawyer Marcio Giovani Nigue, known as Professor Marcinho, for transmitting a threat to the Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, through social networks. The information was published by the newspaper The State of São Paulo. Minister Alexandre de Moraes became the target of … Read more

They pretend to sell fruit and vegetables at discounted prices, then rob elderly customers

Editorial board 26 August 2021 13:43 With the excuse of selling fruit at advantageous prices, they plundered vulnerable victims, robbing them. It happened in the Castelli Romani where two Neapolitans were arrested for improper robbery yesterday evening by the carabinieri of the Compagnia di Velletri and the Compagnia di Colleferro. Everything took place on the … Read more

Two new arrests in Mallorca case

The police have arrested two more people suspected of involvement in the nightlife in Mallorca last month. The 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman from Waddinxveen was killed. It concerns two 18-year-old men from Hilversum. They were arrested this morning. The men are suspected of attempted manslaughter in a catering establishment and of committing open violence in both … Read more

The army arrests citizens in Zouk and Sidon… in possession of weapons

The army announced, in a statement, that its units deployed since the morning have taken precautionary measures to accompany the commemoration of the anniversary of the Beirut port explosion. According to the statement, the army units set up fixed checkpoints and patrols “with the aim of preventing riots or clashes.” In this context, the army … Read more

Arrests on the US-Mexico Border Are at Their Highest Level in Decades

Unesco asks the US to stop construction of the wall 9:15 Washington (CNN) — In July, federal authorities arrested tens of thousands of migrants trying to enter the United States from Mexico, likely topping June’s figures, which were the highest in decades. This has raised new health and safety concerns during the hottest days of … Read more