[D:히든캐스트(92)] ‘Hourglass’ actor Kim Dae-sik’s attitude toward the ‘cast’

Seoul Daesung D Cube Art Center performance until August 14th In musicals, there are actors who reveal the situation of the lead actor or escalate the case. We pay attention to ensemble actors who make musicals stand out while adding liveliness to the play with chorus or movement and movement. In Korea, there is a … Read more

How to understand them? Hungarians surprise Rūta Meilutytė about attitude towards war in Ukraine Sports

At the Carmelite monastery in Budapest, world leaders have already shook hands with Victor Orban over the weekend. They thanked the politician, who is currently running upstream against all the other countries in the European Union, for the World Cup, which is once again being held in the Hungarian capital. It is the only EU … Read more

Putin’s Different Attitude When Ukraine Wants to Join the European Union

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin admits it doesn’t matter if Ukraine join the European Union. Putin’s attitude was different when Ukraine was rumored to be joining NATO. The European Commission itself has recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for member of the European Union. Putin also admitted that he would not oppose … Read more

The German journalist is about Berlin’s attitude towards Lithuania and Russia: the criticism is understandable

Interview 15min Fritz said the German leadership often communicates vaguely and causes stallions as a result. According to him, the sending of troops to Lithuania in Germany does not cause much discussion in principle, but in the near future all Lithuanian expectations regarding the German-led NATO brigade will not be met. VIDEO: German journalist: Lithuanian … Read more

Reason Not Suitable, Red PKB Group Rejects PKB Coalition with PKS

Merdeka.com – Hundreds of people calling themselves PKB Merah expressed their rejection of the coalition (the National Awakening Party (PKB) with the Social Justice Party (PKB)).PKS) in the 2024 presidential election. The group claiming to be loyal voters of the party led by Muhaimin Iskandar argued that the two parties were not compatible. “This PKB … Read more

Gerard Piqué would be upset with Shakira for attitude after separation

Gerard Piqué and Shakira at the 2014 FIBA ​​World Cup. Photo: Josep Lago / AFP / Getty Images It seems that the separation Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to give something to talk about, especially because Only a few weeks ago it was announced that they were no longer together since March of this year. … Read more

Rusherking sang at Luna Park and had a controversial attitude with his fans

As told on the official LA Twitter accountM, there were fans of the artist who went to the Meet & Greet, asked their idol for an autograph and left empty-handed. https://twitter.com/elejercitodelam/status/1533473239762186241 In any case, Rusherking was very friendly and took photos with all the fans who were waiting by him after the massive concert.

Claudia Bahamón is furious with a participant for bad attitude

‘Tatán’ Mejía managed to remove the black apron in a challenge in which the participants had to perform a free coffee-based preparation. The motorcyclist and Carlos Báez were the ones who stood out the most with their dishes, but finally the Manizaleño was the winner. Now, In a new challenge, celebrities had to cook with … Read more

Just one act revealed the true attitude of Usmanov to Viner

Irina Viner and Alisher Usmanov stunned with their divorce after 30 years of marriage. But the oligarch initially had big plans for this union. The fact is that Usmanov accepted Wiener with her son Anton from his first marriage without any problems. Not every man will decide to take such a step, especially those born … Read more

Protests against US attitude, graduates raise Palestinian flags and refuse Blinken handshake

loading… Palestinian students wave flags and refuse to shake hands with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Photo/Screenshot WASHINGTON – A native student Palestine Nooran Alhamdan, declined to shake hands with the Foreign Minister United States of America (AS) Antony Blinken at the graduation ceremony at Georgetown University, Washington. Not only that, the student at … Read more