UN Reprimands RI over New Criminal Code until Saudi Arabia Finds Ways to Reconcile with Israel

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Arab Saudi reportedly trying to find a way to eventually normalize relations with Israel. This became the international news spotlight on Thursday (8/12). United Nations rebukePBB) to Indonesia about the Criminal Code (Criminal CodeThe controversial new ) was also in the spotlight. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT Here’s an international news flash: … Read more

Concerned about the rise of China, the US will send more troops to Australia

loading… Concerned about the rise of China, the US will send more troops to Australia. Photos/Illustrations WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) and Australia have agreed to deepen defense ties, including by increasing the rotational presence of US air, ground and naval forces in the Oceanic nation. The two cited shared concern over China’s … Read more

WC football | Messi had no idea who I was, says the Australian. He didn’t even play a minute, but his bold plan worked

For the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, the match against Australia was remarkable for a number of reasons. It was his jubilee 1,000th match in his professional career, in addition to progressing and also scoring. Messi contributed one goal to the win. Devlin’s loot is all the more valuable. But surprising for himself. Editing of the … Read more

The Argentine football team proves its superiority in the game against Australia and reaches the quarter-finals. Best Episodes / Article

December 3, 8:49 p.m Added on December 3, 22:57 The game started quite cautiously. And only in the 36th minute, Argentina managed to open the score. Lionel Messi, for whom this is the 1000th official game, puts his team in the lead! Lionel Messi puts Argentina in the lead Football World Cup. Argentina – Australia … Read more

Museum finds remains of last Tasmanian tiger after 86 years in display case | Animals

The remains of what is believed to be the last Tasmanian tiger were found in an Australian museum on Monday. The skull, bones and skin of the animal lay in a display case in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart for more than 86 years. Due to an administrative error, it was not … Read more

130,000 radio antennas to be built in Australia to “look back in time and chart the birth of galaxies”

The first data is expected to be collected from 2024, and the works should be completed from 2028. In total, the SKAO costs 1.3 billion euros. The project is a collaboration between different countries. For example, South Africa, Australia, the UK, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland are already partners. In the future, France, … Read more

Otamendi makes history in the Argentina national team – Benfica

05 December 2022 – 07:24 Benfica player became the second central defender in the history of Argentina with the most caps (97), along with Oscar Ruggeri When playing in the victory against Australia, by 2-1, in the round of 16 of the World Cup, Otamendi became the second central defender in the history of Argentina … Read more

Construction of the world’s largest radio telescope begins in Australia

Sydney — In a remote corner of the Australian desert, work has begun on the world’s largest radio telescope, which astronomers say will be able to search the stars for signs of intelligent life and listen to the very beginning of the universe. The telescope called Square Kilometer Array (SKA) is an international scientific collaboration … Read more

Australia. The giant SKA radiotelescope erects its first antennae.

Australia on Monday launched the construction of a vast array of antennas in its huge and desert hinterland, in preparation for the construction of the most powerful radio telescope in the world, project officials announced. Artist’s impression, released on December 5, 2022 by the Australian Department of Science, of an antenna array for the giant … Read more

Mitchell Moses, contract extension, Parramatta Eels, $1 million offer, Bulldogs, Tigers, Dylan Brown, Dolphins, transfer news

Not even $1 million-a-season can convince Mitchell Moses to re-sign with the Eels — and his reluctance to commit to the club has raised concern over what’s happening behind closed doors. Both Moses and his halves partner Dylan Brown come off contract at the end of 2023, meaning they are now free to negotiate with … Read more