one case of Flurona reported in Austria

An Austrian woman was infected with Covid-19 and the flu at the same time. «Flurona » is the name given to the simultaneous co-infection with influenza (“fluin English) and the coronavirus. Austria reports first case, Swiss daily reports view . This is the second caseFluronaproved to the world, after Israel. At the turn of the … Read more

Germany and Austria have opened schools in spite of growing numbers

In Germany, for example, schools opened in the remaining eight Länder on Monday, while the Länder reported an average of over 49,000 new infections per day over the past week. At the turn of the year, there were about 30,000 cases. The measures vary from one Länder to another, with mandatory respirators and regular testing … Read more

With 600 employees – XXXLutz takes over Swiss discount furniture chain Lipo

The Wels-based furniture company XXXLutz continues its shopping tour in Europe and takes over the Swiss discount furniture chain Lipo with over 600 employees from its competitor Steinhoff. The purchase includes all 23 furniture stores in the chain in Switzerland, and the parties have agreed not to disclose the sales price, Lutz announced on Monday. … Read more

COVID-19 | Protests in Europe against restrictions and compulsory vaccination

One more Sunday, protesters have taken to the streets in different parts of Europe to oppose restrictions and health passes, while governments study stricter measures to stop the explosion of COVID-19 infections. In Brussels, the Belgian capital, 5,000 people, according to the police, 25,000, according to the organizers, marched shouting “Freedom” and “No to compulsory … Read more

No vaccination obligations. About 40,000 people protested in Vienna

Thousands of opponents of vaccinations and other measures also protested today in some German cities, most of which, according to the DPA, met in Hamburg. The DPA informed about it. According to police sources, 16,000 people came to a demonstration in Hamburg with the slogan “Hands off our children”. In Germany, children between the ages … Read more

In Austria, people demonstrated for mandatory vaccinations, in France they criticized the measures – ČT24 – Czech Television

In Hamburg, people set out for the demonstration with the slogan “Hands off our children”. In Germany, children between the ages of five and 11 have been vaccinated since December. Larger demonstrations also took place on Saturday in the German cities of Magdeburg, Freiburg and Schwerin. Dozens of people also expressed disagreement with coronavirus measures … Read more

Vaccination obligation, which states provide for it besides Italy

With the vaccination obligation for those over 50, Italy is one of the few countries that have adopted this measure for a large segment of the population. Austria has dictated the way in Europe: from February all over 14s have to get vaccinated, under penalty of up to 3,600 euros in fines every three months. … Read more

AUSTRIA: Scandalous year minister – Invisible dog

Austria opposed the European Commission’s proposal to make nuclear energy and natural gas the same sources. The EU is thus fighting hard between climate protection ideologues and reality. The European Commission wants to place nuclear and natural gas among green investments. The Financial Times, which is preparing the proposal, informed about the step. Among other … Read more

Is it possible for Spain to impose mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus as Austria has done?

Communities begin to implement restrictions to bend the curve of coronavirus infections. Among the measures imposed to reduce agglomerations are the curfew, the capacity limit, the mask mandatory outdoors Y covid passport to access certain establishments. However, many experts say that these standards should be combined with increasing the percentage of fully immunized people. The … Read more