The global version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 already has an official price

To the official launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Chinese version last month, now the official presentation of the global version has finally been added, which has no difference apart from the languages ​​and the price it has. Thus, the company itself has quietly announced the global launch of the 1.62-inch bracelet that, as … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 review: a larger screen that makes the difference

Always more generous in sports modes, Xiaomi now offers more than 110 on its Smart Band 7, 4 of which can be detected automatically (walking, running, rowing machine, elliptical trainer). Most of the sports modes, however, are only used to record a heart rate without providing specific functions for the defined practice (no number of … Read more

Xiaomi Band 7 Spotted on BIS Certification Website Could Launch in India Soon – GBS News

Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 7 NFC Edition in its home country back in May. China. This is Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker and the successor to the ever-popular Mi Band 6. A few days ago, the Mi Smart Band 7 was spotted on the IMDA website, hinting at an impending global … Read more

The main headliner of the Night of Music has become known: the Bravo band will perform at the festival in Yekaterinburg, June 17, 2022 |

The main headliner of the Night of Music, which will sing the final song about the Golden Ray of the Sun on October Square, will be the Bravo group. – The songs of the Moscow band “Bravo” – “Love, Girls”, “This City”, “Yellow Shoes”, “Black Cat” and many others – the whole country knows by … Read more

Also a brass band on the way to the Song Festival

“The orchestra will be able to,” says conductor Jānis Retenais, the artistic director of the opening concert, about the orchestra’s readiness for the Song Festival. A series of wind orchestra concert concerts ended in Liepaja, before that the wind orchestra demonstrated their abilities in Auce, Preili, Madona and Valmiera, confirming that the orchestra is preparing … Read more

Listen up! The band ‘Four Minute Man’ releases their second album

Latvian stoner / witch rock band “Four Minute Man” has released their second studio album “The Beast Is Gone”, which includes ten new compositions. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Like the band’s debut album, Devil Inspired (2020), the new tracks feature melodic guitar riffs, heavy interludes and sharp rhythmic contrasts, crowned by strong … Read more

Xiaomi is preparing to launch the Smart Band 7 in the global markets – Shuaa News – Atlas Sport Network

Xiaomi is preparing to launch the Smart Band 7 smart bracelet in global markets soon, and the latest leaks have revealed the price of the bracelet in European markets. The Chinese giant, Xiaomi, introduced the Band 7 bracelet in the Chinese market during the last period, and today a new report confirmed that Xiaomi is … Read more