Legendary synthpop band Depeche Mode releases lyrical album ‘Memento Mori’

The world-famous British group Depeche Mode has released their 15th album “Memento Mori”, in which they question mortality with their characteristic musical beauty and lyrical depth. It’s been more than four decades since the group formed as a quartet, looking to immerse themselves in the emerging synthpop culture with party hits like “Just Can’t Get … Read more

Big hit! His brothers band together against him

Prince Andrew ‘confused and desperate’ No wonder Andrew is said to be “confused and desperate” according to media reports. It be with Charles “a new sheriff in town”, who have no pity on him. Elsewhere it has even been speculated that Andrew is threatening to overthrow the monarchy with a tell-all book in order to … Read more

Xiaomi offered discounts on the POCO X5 Pro 5G smartphone and Redmi Smart Band 2 smart bracelet until March 26

Read full version 21.03.2023 10:05, Vladimir Myronenko Xiaomi announced a special offer for a smartphone as part of the AliExpress 328 sale POCO X5 Pro 5G with AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a 108-megapixel camera. As part of the promotion, which will last from March 20 to March 26, the … Read more

Connected sports bracelet promo: The Oppo Band style is half price at this reputable merchant!

Released at a price of €60, the Oppo Band Style is a connected bracelet at a low price that will appeal to athletes thanks to its many features. While it was already down to €39.99 on Amazon, it’s even cheaper today thanks to a -25% flash sale that drops it to just €29.99. In total, … Read more

The province of Hainaut makes budget cuts but… finances a marching band in Palestine: Jacqueline Galant is taken aback

** ********************* ** ******** ********** ******* ************** *** ****** ************ **** *** ******** ** ** ******** ** ******* *** *** *** *** ********** ********* ***** *** ******** *********** **** ***** ********* ******** *** ******** **** ********** ********** ******************* ** ******** ** ******* ********** *** ***** ** ***** **** ******** *** ******** ** ***** *** **** … Read more

Mamisol, a parenting solution brand, released a pencil corrector and wrist correction band

[이데일리 이윤정 기자] Mamisol, a parenting solution brand, announced on the 9th that it has released a new pencil corrector and wrist correction band that help children develop the habit of holding a pencil properly. (Photo = Mommy Sol) Unlike existing products, the Mamisole pencil corrector is designed to hold the writing instrument naturally without … Read more

BTS Band Leader Revealed Who He Could Do His Next Collaboration With: “If She Wants, Me Too”

Kim Nam-joon, the leader of the BTS band, revealed who he would do his next collaboration with: “If she wants, I want too” (BIGHIT MUSIC) Kim Nam-joonbetter known as RM -leader of the famous boy band korean BTS-, has been forced to put his musical career on hold. The authorities of South Korea force their … Read more

Pascal was failed and then admitted to technical control without changing anything at Malmedy: “Band of thieves!”

“Tired of being taxed, bunch of thieves!” Pascal is not happy. This Malmédien had an unpleasant experience at AutoSécurité in Malmedy last Friday, which he denounces on social networks. And that he detailed to us. ************** ******** *** ******* ************ ** ** *** **** *** ***** *** ** ****** *** ******* *** **** ******* **** … Read more

Today band members roll around fighting on the street, 50 years ago Pink Floyd released one of the most legendary records of all time

More sold than ABBA and The Beatles, and the most recognizable cover ever. Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ turns 50 today. The 1973 masterpiece was the creative peak of the British at the time and almost had Paul McCartney on board. Today it remains bitingly topical, but the band members roll across … Read more