Shh… BRI Boss Gives Leaks About Jumbo Profits and Dividends

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) is ready to give sweet bonuses to its shareholders through dividends. BRI Main Director Sunarso is optimistic that the profit achievement in 2022 can reach IDR 40 trillion. “The full year estimate has not yet been published. God willing, on 8 February 2022, if 9 … Read more

A dive into the underworld of the South Bank, a territory “in conflict with its history” | Photography

In May 2007, regarding the construction of the “new” airport in Lisbon, the ex-minister Mario Lino repeatedly called the South Bank “desert”. He described it as a place “where there are no people, where there are no schools, where there are no hospitals, where there are no cities, where there is no industry, where there … Read more

If you are confused by a thousand pounds… the National Bank loan with a salary guarantee

A large segment of employees in the government or private sectors who wish to borrow money from Ahli Bank To set up small projects, get married, or buy a car or real estate, about the conditions for obtaining personal loan from Ahli Bank With a salary guarantee and long repayment periods, Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews, in … Read more

Al-Rajhi Bank profits rise to 17 billion riyals in 2022, with declining provisions

Shown the annual financial results forAl-Rajhi Bank, high profits By the end of the year 2022, by 16.3%, to more than 17.1 billion riyals, compared to the same period in 2021, when the bank achieved profits of 14.74 billion riyals. Al-Rajhi Bank’s annual profit was better than average analyst expectations. The bank stated, in a … Read more

Portugal is an exception to the drop in house prices in Europe | Housing

Across Europe, the most recent statistical data are starting to confirm the predictions made last year: after years of successive records, the trajectory of sharp growth in house prices seems to be coming to an end and values ​​are already to fall in several countries, Nordics at the head. Portugal, marked by a chronic lack … Read more

Dollar earthquake from the Central Bank! The system that will make the dollar 25 TL has started: Everyone is locked to that date!

The new exchange rate decision of the Central Bank is followed with interest by the citizens. So, what developments took place after the bilateral exchange rate decision? All the details are here. Citizens research everything they wonder about the bilateral exchange rate, which comes with the new regulation, on the internet. So what is the … Read more

Interests are growing fast, they already know how to earn money. What rates do Slovak banks offer on “forwards”? (+ comparison) – People – Economy

That is why money on a term deposit is far more attractive than on a current account, where the client leaves it with the bank essentially free of charge. The reason for the increase in interest rates is that the European Central Bank (ECB) increases its base rates, which also affect other rates in countries … Read more

Seize the opportunity.. The highest return on savings certificates in banks in Egypt in 2023, before they were suspended by the Central Bank

The savings certificates in Egypt for the year 2023 are among the highest value savings certificates during the last ten years, and these certificates enjoyed high rates of purchase in the two banks of Egypt, namely the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, and this is due to the profitable investment return from these … Read more