Talk before O3 station (2023 Week 9) – Shibang quickly won three teams, and prosperity and decline are two different things. – Secondary Vocational – Baseball

In the ninth week, Uni-President swept Lotte to the throne, and Fubon also ushered in a wave of fast-forward attacks. The reason is explained in detail with data. Whether the topic character Li Duohui’s coming to Taiwan really has an impact on Lotte’s luck, the text also includes small statistics and interpretations, as well as … Read more

Odor has another chance at baseball

Rougned Odor’s story is one of those that must be kept current for future generations of Venezuelan baseball players who dream of being in the big leagues at some point in their lives. In this 2023, with the San Diego Padres, the second baseman is showing that hard work and perseverance is the main cause … Read more

Asian Cup Women’s Baseball “Taiwan team’s 3-game winning streak to qualify for the World Cup- Liberty Sports

The Taiwan team has won three consecutive victories in the Asian Cup to qualify for the World Cup. (picture taken from Facebook) [Central News Agency]Taiwan played against Hong Kong in the 3rd round of the Asian Cup women’s baseball preliminaries. Huang Qiaoyun, who has experience in Japan, is an excellent pitcher. She started 2 innings … Read more

Yuzuru Hanyu’s dreadful performance caused a quiet commotion at the venue “You will be amazed at the power and unexpected development”[Fantasy on Ice Report]| Figures | Shueisha’s general sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

Yuzuru Hanyu who appeared in “Fantasy on Ice 2023” in Makuhari See photos related to this article ● Half a year since turning professional “Fantasy on Ice 2023” will be held at 4 venues until the last day of the Kobe performance on June 25th. On the first day of the Makuhari performance on May … Read more

Christopher Morel’s historic streak places him at the height of these legends

CHICAGO – With the passing of the games, the Dominican Christopher Morel he is increasingly entering a well-selected history of baseball, with a streak that has rarely been seen. “Somebody made it? I don’t know,” Cubs starter Drew Smyly asked of Morel’s timing. “I really don’t know what else could be said about Morel.” What … Read more

The 21-year-old fireball man Liu Yucheng suffered an elbow injury in the secondary vocational school and left the front line in the first half of the season-Free Sports

Uni-President Lions pitcher Yoo Yoo-seung. (File photo, photo by reporter Liao Yaodong) [Reporter Gong Naixue/Taoyuan Report]Uni-President Lions have a strong bullpen this year, with a pre-match defense rate of 2.87, the best in the league, but will lose one general. The 21-year-old fireball player Liu Yucheng suffered an elbow injury and left the front line … Read more

The PC version of “All Baseball Pro” debuts and introduces the national hero legend card- Bahamut

Netstone Stick Pepper announced today (25th) that the blood sports mobile game “Everybody Plays Baseball Pro》Officially launched the PC connection version, and simultaneously launched a number of special activities such as the 14-day sign-in of the PC launch, strengthening the designated national hero legend player card, etc. [The following content is the original text of … Read more

“Secondary Vocational” Titan Chi Enqi’s first career game has a chance to face his brother Wu Junwei-Free Sports

Fubon titan Chi Enqi (right) and brother Wu Junwei (left) of CITIC. (File photo, photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu) [Reporter Wu Qingzheng/Taichung Report]Fubon Titans played against CITIC Brothers today. Rookie infielder Chi Enqi started his career for the first time and had a chance to face his brother Wu Junwei. Since Chi Enqi served as … Read more

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Prospects Gavin Stone, Bobby Miller to join Dodgers, but you can do better

How do I know my expectations for prospect call-ups have been successfully recalibrated? When I heard Gavin Stone and Bobby Miller would be joining the Dodgers rotation this week, my response was a resounding “meh.” It’s true they have upside, both being consensus top-100 prospects coming into the year, and it’ll forever be true that … Read more

Lotte, Shim Jae-min and Kook Hae-seong take a wide move… Director Seong Min-gyu’s watch turns toward fall baseball.

<!– –> Lotte, Shim Jae-min and Kook Hae-seong take a wide move… Director Seong Min-gyu’s watch turns toward fall baseball. Enter: 2023-05-22 18:36:56 <!–입력 : 2023-05-22 17:54:12수정 : 2023-05-22 18:36:35게재 : 2023-05-22 18:36:56–> Reporter Kim Han-soo [email protected] 2021 Doosan released outfielder Kuk Hae-seong recruited “Expect to strengthen outfield depth and utilize pinch hitters”Veteran recruitment effect … Read more