Why Is Digital Rupiah Issued? BI boss bluntly states 3 reasons Page all

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – Bank Indonesia (BI) disclose the reasons BI will issue rupiah digital as a legal means of payment in Indonesia. BI Governor Perry Warjiyo said, the main reason is of course because BI as Indonesia’s central bank has a mandate from Law Number 7 of 2011 concerning Currency to issue legal means of payment … Read more

FIS race boss Waldner. “Hintermann apologized, he shouldn’t have done that.”

Race director Markus Waldner is not always to be envied for his job. Bild: Getty Niels Hintermann is angry about the FIS after the downhill in Beaver Creek, which was blown away by the wind, and sharply criticizes race director Markus Waldner. The Austrian shows understanding, but defends himself vehemently. With starting number 14, Niels … Read more

What kind of boss is Elon Musk? Tesla executive’s answer is surprising | AppBank

Elon Musk laid off 5,000 workers after buying Twitter. It was reported that he “immediately dismissed an employee who criticized him in private”.Image of a cold boss” is becoming established. How does it feel to have such a mask as your boss? The tech media “ The Verge ” is interviewing Tesla’s senior design executive … Read more

A 13-year-old boy pawned a gold necklace and wanted to exchange it for money. “The boss refused to accept it for 1 reason.” Internet scare: Stolen? | International | CTWANT

Your child’s education can’t wait! A young man in Shangqiu, Henan, China, took a gold necklace to the silver building to pawn it. The boss saw that he was only 13 years old and had no parents. He knew that the necklace was not a child’s property, so he refused to accept it. How could … Read more

Motorola boss opens game on present and future of cell phones | Opinion

Few Brazilians occupy such a prominent position in the international technology scenario as Sergio Buniac, the president of Motorola🇧🇷 He divides his time between São Paulo, where he lives, Chicago, where the company’s headquarters are located, and several other offices around the world. The executive is recognized by the market for putting the company back … Read more

This is the reason the Ducati boss feels compassion and pity for the Yamaha factory team: Okezone Sports

REASON bos Ducati feeling sorry and sorry for the Yamaha factory team will be reviewed in this Okezone article. all the teams competing in the world’s most elite motor racing event are preparing themselves to wade MotoGP 2023. A number of racers have also been confirmed to compete in the event. Of the many racers, … Read more

World Cup boss adjusts number of deceased workers in Qatar from 3 to 400 to 500 | football world cup

29 nov 2022 om 11:06Update: een dag geleden The head of the World Cup organizing committee, Hassan Al Thawadi, has said for the first time that hundreds of workers have died preparing for the global final tournament. According to previous information from Qatar, there were only three. “It is estimated that between 400 and 500 … Read more

Boss World Cup organization: ‘A total of 400 to 500 dead migrant workers’ | football world cup

The interviewer had asked about the realistic number of migrant workers who died as a result of their activities related to the World Cup football. According to official figures, three people died at the workplaces. “We have investigated all incidents and have come to the conclusion that there were three work-related deaths,” Al Thawadi said … Read more

New Format for 2022 League 1 Schedule, MU Boss: Unfair for Persib, Uncomfortable for Persija

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – To date, League 1 schedule 2022 continues to be matured. In fact, there has been talk of a new format BRI League 1 2022/2023 which affects the game Persib vs Persija. The reason is fight Persib Bandung vs Persija Jakarta will be held in Central Java or Yogyakarta. However, in the second round, … Read more