Super Meat Boy is getting a puzzle spinoff – Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy may not be a hugely popular franchise, but since the release of the original game in 2010, it has carved out a niche among platform audiences. Now, it’s swapping out the platforming gameplay for the connect-four-based puzzler style of Dr. Fetus’ Average Meat Machine. The trailer for Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online: Which games for Game Boy (Color) and Game Boy Advance are we still missing – ntower

Many had already expected it, but on February 8, 2023, it became official in a Nintendo Direct: The handheld classics Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color and Nintendo Game Boy Advance are now included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Since then, all regular subscribers have had access to games for Nintendo’s first dedicated … Read more

Violent robbery in Genval: a 17-year-old boy placed in an institution

A teenager was placed in an institution after a violent robbery perpetrated on the eve of the weekend in a business in Genval, in the entity of Rixensart, we learned Monday from the Walloon Brabant prosecutor’s office. Two individuals burst into the Carrefour Express on rue de la Tasnière on Friday evening around 7:30 p.m. … Read more

Seychelles: A 6-year-old French boy miraculously survives a shark attack

Seychelles A 6-year-old French boy miraculously survives a shark attack The heavenly vacation of Arthur and his family turned into a nightmare on March 2. Still shaken, the schoolboy’s father testifies. Posted18 mars 2023, 07:11 The tragedy occurred on the private island of Big Sister. Instagram Marked by a trip to the Seychelles that he … Read more

Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine is coming! Super Meat Boy spin-off in the first trailer

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Do you remember Super Meat Boy? Or maybe you had such a good time and are such big fans that you even reached for the recent Super Meat Boy Forever? There are probably many people who answered yes to both questions. I am in this group myself and I must admit that I have … Read more

Nintendo is expanding its Game Boy, SNES, and NES Switch Online service with four more titles

Nintendo is expanding its Game Boy, SNES, and NES Switch Online service with four more titles؟v=jBZVeqD3nRcregister for Nintendo Live on The YouTube Nintendo has announced a new batch of games for Switch Online. The latest additions are part of the standard tier – the addition of two Game Boy titles, an SNES title and … Read more

“I didn’t know it was Banksy’s work…” Boy opening the curtain Building demolished

Banksy’s latest work, ‘Painter of the Street Without a Face’./Banksy’s Instagram The most recent work of graffiti artist Banksy, dubbed the ‘Faceless Street Painter’, has disappeared without a trace. This work was left on the outer wall of an abandoned farmhouse in England, but the land owner demolished the farmhouse without knowing this fact. On … Read more

Jazmín Pinedo on the possibility of having a child with Pedro Araujo: “I would like a boy” | Gino Assereto | More Shows | SHOWS

The host of “More Shows”, Jasmine Pinedosurprised her followers by confessing that she would like to be a mother again, and this time with her new partner Pedro Araujo. MIRA: Gino Assereto rebukes a lady who asked him for photos in Tumbes: “You have judged me so much without knowing me” The model once again … Read more

24-year-old woman gives birth to ‘giant’ baby boy, doctors and nurses gasp at their size A 24-year-old woman from England, has revealed how she gave birth to ‘a toddler’ and how her newborn took doctors and nurses by surprise with her size. Ruby Eden took to social media and shared a video of her baby bump versus what her son will look like once he’s finally born. The video … Read more