An eight-year-old boy accidentally shot a one-year-old baby in Florida

Her father left his weapon in the hotel room where the boy found her, played with her, and then accidentally fired, describing the tragedy of Chip Simmons of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. The bullet first hit a one-year-old baby, then a bullet wounded another two-year-old girl. The girls’ mother was a friend of the … Read more

Discomfort at Wimbledon: a player helps a ball boy (VIDEO)

The first round of the Wimbledon tournament has begun. The opportunity for the specialists of this surface to show themselves. For the 23-year-old Briton, the first round was synonymous with the last. Opposed to the Ukrainian Tsurenko, Jodie Burrage lost in straight sets. But it is not sportingly that the Briton stood out. When the … Read more

A magnificent gesture: this player flies to the aid of a ball boy who suffered from discomfort at Wimbledon (photos)

Jodie Burrage, a 23-year-old British player, played her first round at the Wimbledon tournament on Monday. The young woman had been invited by the organizers and could not impose herself, but she stood out for her beautiful gesture of humanity. In the middle of the match, one of the ball boys felt unwell. Supported by … Read more

Viral Gunungkidul Elementary School Boy Chats Late Mother, Confesses to Showcase Report Values

Gunungkidul – The post about an elementary school boy sending messages via WhatsApp to his dead mother’s contact went viral on social media. This upload was flooded with comments from thousands of netizens who sympathized with the innocent behavior of the boy named Novan. The upload was tweeted by the Twitter account @takseiman, last Thursday … Read more

A 5-year-old boy is left in the car in the heat; the consequences are tragic

The five-year-old boy was killed in a hot car in which he was left for three hours, reports The Mirror. The tragic accident occurred in Harris County, Northeast Texas, USA. The boy’s mother was rushing home in preparation for another child’s birthday party. She is thought to have not noticed that the boy was still … Read more

Accused of stealing cellphones, boy from Padang dies molested on ship bound for Makassar

KATASUMBAR – A boy from Padang was reported to have died because he was abused aboard the Dharma Kencana 7 motorboat (KM). The ship sailed from Surabaya to Makassar. The boy is known to have the initials DP. Quoted from, DP was reportedly killed after being accused of allegedly stealing a passenger’s cellphone. The … Read more

The 9-year-old boy who disappeared in the mountains in the Belluno area has been found: he is fine, he has already embraced dad and mom

BELLUNO. It is not yet known where he spent the night in the open but now he is fine, Francesco, the 9-year-old boy from Mestre who had suddenly gone away disappearing from the sight of his father, with whom he was walking over Malga Grant in Col Indes. The discovery took place because the little … Read more

The 9-year-old boy who was lost in the woods of Belluno has been found: he spent the night in the open, but he is fine

He passed the night alone, in the woods where he was lost. There are no other details. Certainly there is that Francesco she is fine and is already in her parents’ arms from the first light of today. It lasted not even 24 hours theremoval of the 9 year old child’s Teacherwho disappeared yesterday between … Read more

Ukrainian boy with paralyzed face wants to meet superstar who can not smile – Sydsvenskan

This spring, Matviy Bezvershenko fled a war and contracted a disease that paralyzed half his face. Despite everything he has been through, the 11-year-old feels sympathy for the superstar Justin Bieber who is fighting the same symptoms. – I’m sorry about that, says Matviy.