Prof. Todor Tagarev: Bulgaria is moving away from its NATO allies

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking Belarus hostage and a potential target for action. Lukashenko is failing to resist Putin’s wishes.” This is what former Defense Minister Prof. Todor Tagarev told Nova TV about the Russian leader’s decision to deploy nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory. According to him, there are indications that Putin is running … Read more

The French involved Bulgaria in the scandal of the year in tennis – they are investigating over 180 tennis players who sold over 370 matches

The French newspaper “Ekip” exploded with material that could blow up the tennis public in our country as well. One of the biggest scandals in the history of this sport is now under investigation. More than 376 matches, between 2014 and 2018, are under the watch of the authorities for fixing their results. 182 tennis … Read more

On Rangnick’s radar: Juwel swears allegiance to ÖFB

Already in the U21 team at the age of 17! Without a doubt: Tristan Osmani is one of the most promising talents in domestic football. The Schalke youth player has three citizenships, but he swears loyalty to the ÖFB. “In my head there was always only football,” trumpets Tristan Osmani in an interview with … Read more

After the elections, there will probably be a government that will bring Bulgaria into the war in Ukraine

Escalation is set and the theoretical scenario of a nuclear war is completely real, warns political analyst Prof. Ivo Hristov, who was a guest of Flagman Keywords: Prof. Ivo Hristov, political analysis, elections, war in Ukraine, third world war, nuclear war, USA, Russia, China, India, Europe, conflict, geopolitics, Burgas – Prof. Hristov, last night you … Read more

The extravagant stage bombs of the director Lilia Abadzhieva, who plays a secretary in the series “Guilts”

The famous actress entered the film to see how Victor Bozhinov works Years ago, I don’t remember how many years ago, a German critic named Torsten Maas quoted my exclamation on the occasion of Lilia Abadjieva and the MGT “Behind the Channel” play “The Sorrows of Young Werther” in Germany: “We are already starting to … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ In Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, parties oriented to the Russian-speaking audience under the name “Together” are formed

The elections showed that some of their supporters voted for “Stability”, which Klementyev calls radicals and polpulists. The rest voted for more conservative parties. A few percent voted for the Union of Latvian Russians, “Sovereign Power” and other parties that did not enter the Saeima. Politicians who have broken away from the agreement admit that … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ Parties with the same name are being created in Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, oriented towards the Russian-speaking audience

We have had so many parties, associations and SIAs with sounding names that there are not so many free names in the register, because according to the law we cannot use [jau izmantotus nosaukumus]. The main goal – what did we lose? Each other, because it was a pandemic time, now a war situation. We … Read more

what is the alliance of former USSR buffer states in Putin’s (and Biden’s) sights? The Orb case

War Ukraine, the former Soviet Union or former Warsaw Pact buffer states have been walking a razor’s edge for a year, ever since Putin’s aggression in Kiev overwhelmed the fragile balance between the veteran nations of the European Union, the latest arrivals or those about to join the EU and, on the opposite side, the … Read more

Russia is no longer important enough to be hated

Indifference to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine baffles Western analysts, writes the political analyst in the “Financial Times”* After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, American analysts began to ask themselves the question: “Why do they hate us?”. A year after the start of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, another variation on the same question … Read more

Levski’s NCP for the NRA and CSKA years ago: Bulgaria is poor, people are exhausted, among them children…

In 2015, fans of Levski from NKP reacted sharply to the information about CSKA’s debts to the NRA. Then the “blue” agitator was adamant that he would act with “deeds, not words”. “Bulgaria is a poor country. People are exhausted, and thousands literally live in poverty. The needy are constantly asking for help. Many of … Read more