Cigarette consumption in Europe: highest in Bulgaria; at least in Sweden

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on alcohol and cigarettes has been increased by 47 percent as we enter 2022 in Turkey. According to the most up-to-date researches carried out before these price hikes, Bulgaria and Turkey were the countries with the highest smoking rates in Europe. Turkey is the country with the highest number of cigarettes … Read more

Comments on: NATO rejects Russian demands to withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria

Kristīne StrautmaneToday 3: 5: if NATO does not stop and fly to the borders of Russia, where NATO really has nothing to do but provoke, then war will be inevitable. history, remember, on average, once a century in the world there is one big war. As a rule …..

NATO rejects Russia’s demands to withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria

“NATO will not relinquish its ability to protect and defend each other, including through its military presence in the eastern part of the alliance. Russia’s demands would create first- and second-class NATO members that we cannot accept,” Oana Lungeske, a spokeswoman for NATO, said. “We reject any idea of ​​spheres of influence in Europe. We … Read more

“Via the Born of Romania and Bulgaria”

Moscow presented itself asking for the withdrawal of NATO forces from Bulgaria and Romania, as already explained in the draft treaties published in December – proposals rejected with disdain by the two countries of the alliance itself, as well as by NATO itself. Lavrov again demanded “written answers” and Blinken promised them for next week. … Read more

Bulgaria has responded to Russia’s demands: we have chosen to be a member of NATO

„Bulgaria is a sovereign state, we have chosen to be a member of NATO, “said Kirill Petkov, the head of government, in the parliament in Sofia on Friday. As a member of NATO, Bulgaria is deciding how to organize its defense in coordination with its partners. Bulgaria joined NATO in 2004. The Bulgarian Prime Minister … Read more

Romania and Bulgaria reject Russia’s NATO demands: – Unacceptable – VG

NATO: A French Marine participates in a NATO exercise in the Black Sea with the Romanian and Italian Armed Forces on 20 December 2021. Photo: DIDIER LAURAS / AFP Russia demands that NATO withdraw its forces from Bulgaria and Romania. Both countries reject the demand, while the Romanian president welcomes more NATO forces. Published: Updated … Read more

“Lies in us” – the latest Bulgarian series – Bulgaria

NOVA will again surprise viewers with a new Bulgarian series in the spring. The author’s production “Lies in Us” will complement the diverse original program of the media, confirming its long-standing commitment to support the development of film production in Bulgaria. The contrasting and dramatic story of a family living between the dark and the … Read more

They show in front of the whole of Bulgaria the attractive red-haired beauty next to Mihail Bilalov

© He is Mihail Bilalov – every weekday evening he rises in the homes of the viewers of “Get Rich”. There are many remarkable his film and theater roles. Maggie will show Bilalov in a different light – that of a loving father, brother, lover. All roles from the real life of the actor. Mihail … Read more

NATO will not withdraw its troops from Bulgaria in favor of Russia

Jens Stoltenberg rejected Moscow’s request for the Alliance to return to its positions before 1997. NATO will not withdraw troops from Bulgaria or any other Eastern European country, as Russia insists. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained to the Canadian television channel SVS key positions of the alliance in relation to Moscow. “NATO will never … Read more

Prof. Baltov: The omicron is very reminiscent of the Wuhan version

Prof. Asen Baltov Staff: BNT He is not getting used to it, we have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately there is no audibility in the ruling coalition so far. Whatever is proposed by the opposition is bad and is not accepted. In the last 3 months, household bills have increased 3-4 times. The compensations … Read more