Realme C55 NFC Present in Bandung, Smartphone With 256GB Memory Capacity and 64MP Camera

BANDUNG, – Realme C55 NFC is the latest product from the C Series line realm which focuses on meeting the needs of today’s youth. The Realme C55 NFC brings five Champion Features and a series of upgrades to this entry level smartphone, in line with the new strategy of the C Series realm. As … Read more

Now 100 patients have been operated on in the ultra-modern operating theater with a movable MR camera at Akademiska

Since the MR hybrid was put into operation at the University Hospital in November 2020, 100 patients have been operated on in the operating room with a movable MR camera. Several specialties (neurosurgery, ear-nose-throat diseases and plastic surgery) have taken advantage of the opportunities that the operating room provides. With this technology, precision can be … Read more

DPReview – the best camera and lens review site out there

It has been announced that one of the largest and most trusted sources of photo information on the web is shutting down. Amazon-owned DPReview will close its digital doors very soon (April 10). DPReview has been operating since 1998, during which time an incredible amount of data has been accumulated about digital photography tools – … Read more

Here is the Oppo Find X6 Pro with a 1-inch camera and bright screen

Oppo has introduced its new mobile flagship Find X6 Pro that stands out through its camera system – both figuratively and literally. All three rear cameras should have the largest sensor sizes for their respective types. The main camera is Sony IMX989 of 1-inch type with 50MP and aperture f1.8. The super wide-angle camera has … Read more

Camera Grip and Slim Tripod

Samsung doesn’t make a big fuss when it releases accessories, that is unless it’s a keyboard attachment like the Galaxy Note got a while back. Well now the South Koreans have launched accessories for those who want to fix their phones better. It’s about a Camera Grip and a Slim Tripod, both modular smartphone accessories. … Read more

The AI ​​in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t just fake the moon: criticism from the professional photographer

Artificial intelligence makes some recordings worse Apparently, Samsung’s AI in the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the first photo above did not recognize windows but signs of characters, which it “supplemented” accordingly. However, the seemingly Chinese signs do not seem to make any real sense and do not appear at all times of the day and … Read more

High Speed ​​Camera Capture How Lightning Arrester Works

Jakarta – Have you ever thought about how lightning rods work? So scientists are trying to help answer this. Is Marcelo Saba, a researcher at Brazil’s National Space Research Institute (INPE), and Ph.D candidate Diego Rahonn. Both of them deliberately want to perpetuate how lightning rods work to support their research papers. They installed high-speed … Read more

We tested: DJI’s lightweight camera image stabilizer

We tested DJI’s lightweight camera image stabilizer The Chinese firm has released the little brother of its RS3 and RS3 Pro gimballs, the RS3 Mini whose use cases remain very targeted. Posted17 mars 2023, 09:23 The DJI RS3 Mini gimball supports a maximum load of 2 kilos. dji The Chinese drone specialist DJI has completed … Read more

17 Recommendations for Cheap Cellphones, Priced at 2 Million, Equipped with a 50MP Camera, Perfect for Capturing Eid Moments, Bro!

AYOBOGOR.COM – There are a number of recommendations for low-cost cellphones worth Rp. 2 million which are equipped with a 50 MP camera so they are suitable for capturing Eid moments. As Muslims will soon enter the Ramadhan 2023 period, the search for information about cheap cellphones of IDR 2 million is increasing. The reason … Read more

Life in the Mainland is fully digitized CMHK One-Card-Multiple-Number service facilitates travel across the country- – Technology Focus- 5G Mobility

After China and Hong Kong cleared the customs, many citizens immediately went to and from mainland China to visit relatives and travel. However, citizens who are familiar with the market know that in recent years, life in the mainland has basically been inseparable from mobile applications. It has also become a “pain point” for Hong … Read more