Watch out! More ETLE Cameras in Jakarta, Here’s How to Avoid Electronic Tickets

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya will add 70 electronic ticketing cameras or ETLE in DKI Jakarta in 2023. The plan is for the cameras to be installed on a number of roads in the Capital City that do not yet have ETLE, from protocol roads to buffer roads to Jakarta. According to detikNews, the Director … Read more

TikTok Now: the new update that will allow you to use both cameras at the same time

The platform aims to show content creators more spontaneously, asking them for a photo at a certain time of day The Chinese application TikTok announced the release of an update called TikTok Now that will allow you to use the front and rear cameras at the same time. The social network shared, in a statement … Read more

Add 70 ETLE Cameras, Metro Police: Active 1×24 Hours

JAKARTA, – Polda Metro Jaya plans to add 70 electronic ticketing cameras or electronic traffic law enforcement (MEAT) which will be distributed in the DKI Jakarta area. All ETLE cameras in the capital will be active 1×24 hours to monitor motorists violating traffic. Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Latif Usman said the addition of … Read more

Six video cameras and nine radars: why new cars are so richly equipped

The amount of equipment in cars sometimes surprises even experts. For example, in the “Peugeot 408” launched this year, it is possible to install as many as six cameras and nine radars. Why do you need so many safety technologies in one car? Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to experts, by recording … Read more

The cameras did not show it. Princess Sophie saved the day – o2

September 19 Great Britain, royal family, crowned heads, presidents, ministers, dignitaries from all over the world accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on her last journey. During subsequent ceremonies and services at Wesminster Abbey and Windsor Castle, the streets were crowded with servants and tourists. Millions also sat in front of TV sets and Internet broadcasts. BBC … Read more

Speed ​​cameras and “intelligent” traffic lights between Gardolo and Lavis: 267 fines on the first day, even a motorist speeding at 108 per hour – Trento

TRENTO. Velox and smart traffic lights, there were 267 violations on the first day. Infringements for exceeding the limit of 70 km per hour were 128. The most undisciplined motorist proceeded at 108 km per hour. 139 did not stop on the stopping line or went through red. The data must be validated by the … Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy A04s, a low-cost smartphone, great specs, comes with a durable battery, 3 beautiful cameras

Samsung launches Galaxy A04s, a low-cost smartphone, great specs, comes with a durable battery, 3 beautiful cameras, clear, full 50MP, powerful device, screen size 6.5 “refresh rate 90Hz with a price of only 4,999 baht! Samsung launches Galaxy A04s, the latest entry-level smartphone from the A-series family, officially in Thailand with great specs. covering all … Read more

Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno and her unexpected reaction in front of cameras against Hugo García for saying “pretty”: “You say that about all of them” VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

Oops! During an interview for ‘Estas en Todos’, Hugo García narrated how he approached Alessia Rovegno; However, the model had an unexpected reaction while her partner praised her beauty. READ ALSO: Korina Rivadeneira went with a ‘bamba bag’ to a Louis Vuitton event, according to Magaly Medina: “What a shame” “A friend recorded a video … Read more

He told himself in front of cameras: This is how Joci Pápai lost his virginity

We are already used to the fact that I will be a star in Szár! his selection is full of funny, sometimes honest or touching moments. Well, this Sunday will be like this, like that, but one of the most memorable is when Papa Joci After hearing Judit Spisák’s production, he begins to reflect on … Read more

GoPro Launches Three New Cameras HERO11 Black

GoPro announced three versions of the new HERO11 Black camera line: HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Creator Edition and HERO11 Black Mini. All three have new, larger sensors that also feature the highest resolution. The three newest cameras GoPro it also has the highest 10-bit color depth, the highest level of video stabilization, and the widest … Read more