Kjell-Børge Freiberg is running as a mayoral candidate for the Conservative Party in Hadsel – NRK Nordland

This has been confirmed by NRK from several sources, including central Høyre. It was The online newspaper who reported the news first. The fact that he is now a mayoral candidate in Hadsel in Vesterålen for the Conservative Party is welcomed. – He has a heavy political weight, and will have great impact on the … Read more

PKB Strives for Cak Imin as a Presidential Candidate, Alluding to the Trust of the Muktamar

Jakarta – National Awakening Party (PKB) insisted on nominating Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar or who is familiarly called Cak Imin as the presidential candidate 2024 presidential election future. PKB said this was a mandate from the 2019 Bali congress. “Don’t ask that question (Cak Imin will accompany Prabowo to become vice presidential candidate). Until now, PKB … Read more

The threat of ‘Erdogan’ from the table of six: We will hold accountable those who say ‘he is a candidate’!

Concerned about winning the election, the six-member parties continue their efforts to prevent President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s candidacy. opposition parties, Supreme Election Board (YSK) While putting pressure on him and hoping that Erdogan’s candidacy will return from the YSK, he does not hesitate to make threatening statements. DP SPEAKER SHAKE A FINGER TO YSK In … Read more

Children of Haji Lulung Cs leave PPP, support Anies as a presidential candidate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Child Hajj LulungGuruh Tirta Lunggana and five members of the United Development Party DPC (PPP) in the DKI Jakarta area withdrew from the party bearing the Kaaba symbol. Tirta stated that his resignation letter had been received by the PPP DPP management, but had not yet been approved. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO … Read more

Doctor Simi interrupts job interview and surprises candidate

Studies like the “2020-2021 Aflac WorkForces Report” They account for the benefits that a company candidate seeks to be hired. Doctor Simi is one of the key personalities in the Pharma market. Other brands like Heineken have turned job interviews into advertising. The Doctor Simi showed that a job interview it goes beyond a recruitment … Read more

“A candidate for president did not arrive, a father debtor for food arrived”

This Thursday, around 06:00, the former presidential candidate of the People’s Party (CEO), Franco Parisi, who stepped on national territory after several years living in the United States, from where he even led his campaign to La Moneda in 2021. read also Franco Parisi returns to Chile and will have “several public activities” June 26, … Read more

Senegal: despite his trial, Ousmane Sonko says he will be a candidate in 2024 | TV5MONDE

Senegalese justice has decided to refer Ousmane Sonko to a criminal court. The opponent is accused of rape and death threats by Adji Sarr, an employee of a beauty salon. Despite his upcoming trial, he says he will be a presidential candidate in 2024. He denounces a plot, an instrumentalization of justice.

This Country Is Threatened With Bankruptcy, The Second Sri Lankan Candidate In Asia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The crisis is increasingly felt in Pakistan. Most recently, the country experienced a large-scale blackout (blackout) on Monday, (23/1/2023). According to the Pakistani authorities, this was caused by a voltage spike that occurred. It was the second major network failure in three months, and adds to the record blackouts the country … Read more

The reason why Takakeisho, the first place V, is “unsatisfactory” as a yokozuna candidate The dignity that one Ozeki showed, of course, the spring place is the place to win the rope (1/4) | JBpress (JB Press)

The dignity shown by a lone ozeki, of course, the spring tournament will be a rope-taking place Tochinoshin (right) and Takakeisho. The photo is from the 2019 Kawasaki tournament (Photo: Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports) Go to gallery page I want you to manage to pull the rope. This is probably what many people wish for Takakeisho … Read more

Sexism in “DSDS”. Dieter Bohlen attacks the candidate deep below the belt.

RTL has already given TV juror Dieter Bohlen the red card for his uncouth snout. In the third episode of the casting show, he finished candidate Jill Lange with a sexist saying. “I could bury you in my garden as compost for the flowers”: That’s what pop titan Dieter Bohlen sounds like when he sits … Read more