How to prepare your car for spring, or four things to pay attention to after the winter season

Latvian winters, which are mostly full of snow, ice and salt-strewn roads, can negatively affect the technical condition of the car. With the onset of spring, vehicle owners are invited to check how certain car parts function after the cold weather, as well as to prepare them for the spring and summer season. Jānis Vīndedzis, … Read more

[POPULER OTOMOTIF] Why Do Truck Drivers Rarely Use Kernet? | Misguidedly Neutralize Automatic Car Transmission on Downhill Roads

JAKARTA, – The profession of a truck driver cannot be separated from the kernet. Wherever there is a driver, there is usually a driver there to help. However, the designation above is no longer valid. The truck kernet population is now starting to decrease, and many truck drivers even choose to travel alone. Then … Read more

The new best-accelerating road car has shown acceleration to 100 km/h in well under 2 seconds. Blink and it’s all gone

The new best-accelerating road car has shown acceleration to 100 km/h in well under 2 seconds. Blink and it’s all gone 22.3.2023 | Petr Miler / Photo: Dodge Recently, several electric cars have been fighting for this title, but in the end they were beaten by a very classically designed American muscle car. Certainly not … Read more

The affordable car of French prosperity – Renault Dauphine

The standard of living of the French rose spectacularly after the Second World War, which is why even the expectations placed on widely available cars were raised to a higher level. At Renault, even after the war, they responded well to the demands, but that was not enough, they needed a big push again. It … Read more

The European car market continues to grow in February. But

Good news for the European car market. In fact, February 2023 ended with 902,775 registrations, a sharp increase (+12.2%) compared to the same period last year. February 2023 is also the seventh consecutive month of growth for the car market. In a certainly positive context, however, some critical issues should also be pointed out. Let’s … Read more

The story of the Aero 30 car

In January 1919, Messrs. Kouřil, Merta and Kabeš founded the Aero factory for the repair and production of aircraft. They started with the production of licensed training biplanes Ae-01, but already in the summer of 1920 they started the development of the first Czechoslovak fighter Aero Ae-02. A plethora of aircraft designs were created, culminating … Read more

Ford presents the first electric car built on the MEB platform – the Explorer EV

The cooperation between the automotive giants Ford and Volkswagen in the development of electric cars was no secret, but we have finally seen the first tangible fruits of the agreement, which provides that Ford can use the MEB electric car platform developed by Volkswagen. Ford has introduced its first electric car built on the MEB … Read more

Illegal race with ponies in Palermo in the middle of traffic, a buggy crashes into a car: video

What the images published by the instagram channel show is real madness «Sicily Vhs». The video posted on the social network shows a crazy clandestine race of buggies pulled by small pony horses in the middle of traffic at the Albergheria with the inevitable final crash into a car. <amp-ad data-block-on-consent="" data-slot="/35821442/" width="300" height="251" data-multi-size="300×250,300×251" … Read more

With the ID 2, Volkswagen brings the first cheap electric car

KAnyone who wants to buy an electric car with the VW logo needs around 40,000 euros on their account these days. Those responsible in Wolfsburg may have known for a long time that this can hardly be financed from the average income of a German (4105 euros gross per month) and that there is therefore … Read more

BMW has created an electric car that does not need a socket – the BMW iX5 Hydrogen | Business

This year, the concern will release as many as 100 such cars for demonstration and testing purposes. In pursuit of ambitious environmental goals, the concern also announced achievements in improving the extraction and processing processes of aluminum, a material extremely important in car production. “Hydrogen is a universal energy source that plays an important role … Read more