Race with a child in the car: trial against drug racers starts soon

Without a license: the public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against the 29-year-old for an illegal race. The alleged opponent rejects the allegations, so his defense lawyer. Jobst L├╝deking 01/18/2021 | As of January 17, 2021, 4:55 p.m. Herford. The proceedings against the so-called Herford drug racer and his alleged opponents are expected to be … Read more

Twelve people accused of organizing to scam car insurance

It is true that, although they have a certain social benevolence, insurance fraud is a crime. In fact, a dozen people, some of them members of the same family, face the accusation on January 21 of the crime of procedural fraud, two of them tentatively and continuously. The trial was originally scheduled for February 10, … Read more

The price of your car insurance will go up in 2021 and this is the reason – Autobild.es

The Registration Tax will cause the price of cars to increase in 2021 as a result of the definitive settlement of the WLTP Cycle, but it will not be the only increase in the motor world. There is another rate that will affect those drivers who own a vehicle. The price of car insurance is … Read more

visa first car rental insurance

(1) Function available for any card issued from the first half of 2018. new Visa Premier card which will be ready at your BNP Paribas branch. SereniTrip Insures your Car Rentals Worldwide. Hello, CDW / LDW Coverage. 4 messages ÔÇó Page 1 of 1. flopin Consom’acteur * Messages: 2 Registered on: Tue. Renting a car … Read more

This Xiaomi wireless car charger is the easiest way to charge your mobile while driving – Technology – Autobild.es

The mobile chargers for the car today have become essential. Whether we are going to travel and need a car charger so as not to run out of battery in the mobile phone, or if we make many trips in the vehicle and we are one of those who need to connect the mobile because … Read more

Which car insurance to choose?

What type of auto insurance to choose? You can sometimes get lost when it comes to choosing your insurance. How to insure your car? Follow the mini-guide. You took advantage of Exhibition conditions, despite its cancellation, to buy a new car, thermal, electric or hybrid? Congratulations! Now is the time to think about your car … Read more

Rolls-Royce is inspired by the Ibn Firnás bridge in Córdoba for a luxury car that it sells in the Arab world

Rafael AguilarFOLLOW C├ôRDOBA Updated:01/14/2021 07:11 a.m. save Related news Two years after C├│rdoba will premiere the bridge Ibn Firn├ís en 2011, that pays tribute to the sage of the Caliphate who wanted to be Icarus, the exclusive automobile firm Rolls-Royce took its name and its image to make a car model destined to the market … Read more

Loans for your car, house, overdraft facility or credit card: this happens when you can no longer pay installments

If it becomes apparent that you are in financial difficulty, speak to your bank. Together you can find possible solutions. Don’t worry: strokes of fate are part of life – and there is a solution for everything. Solution 1: residual debt insurance For example, if you have taken out payment protection insurance for your loan, … Read more