Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera take their love to Egypt

They live their love far from the rumors Without a doubt, Cynthia and Carlos have enjoyed this romantic getaway to the fullest, while in Mexico the rumors about their relationship have gained strength. However, everything seems to indicate that the couple is oblivious to everything that is said about them, since they have focused on … Read more

Gareth Bale arrives, Carlos Vela wants to sign a new contract at Los Angeles FC

Vela would hang on to Hollywood to form one of the deadliest raids in MLS. Carlos Vela has signed a new contract to stay with Los Angeles FC (LAFC) after Gareth Bale and Giorgio Chiellini officially joined the Major League Soccer (MLS) club. Vela, Bale and Chiellini will form one of the most star-studded squads … Read more

Who is the son of Carlos Vives with Herlinda Gómez, and what does he look like today

Carlos Vives Jr. It is the product of the relationship that the interpreter of ‘The land of oblivion’ had with Herlinda Gomez. The Puerto Rican model was the wife of the Colombian music star after the pompous marriage he had with Margarita Rosa de Franciscoactress and presenter of ‘Desafío’. (You may be interested: “I fell … Read more

Carlos Slim wants to give you a varus to complete for your smartphone

To achieve digital inclusion in Mexico, Daniel Hajdirector general of América Móvil proposed that through social programs you can pay for mobile device service and subscription plans connectivity so that people with less purchasing power can access these services. “For digital inclusion, we require that devices and plans be accessible with public social programs to … Read more

Toñita defends herself after controversy for calling Carlos Rivera “husband”

Toñita recently commented that Cynthia Rodríguez was out for a walk with her “husband”. Photo: Cuartoscuro Before the recent controversy that sparked by saying that Carlos Rivera is the “husband” of Cynthia Rodríguez, Tonita was in need of defend himself from the singer’s fans by explaining what he meant referring to him in this way. … Read more

Toñita receives criticism for calling Carlos Rivera a ‘husband’ | VIDEO

Tonitafamous former member of The academyanswered at criticism that there was against him for having mentioned Carlos Rivera in feminine. And it is that the singer he said “husband” to Cynthia Rodríguez’s current fiancé. And it is that after being interviewed in the program First hand and that he spoke about the veto in Aztec … Read more

Carlos Lechuga, the Cuban director who prefers to sell pizzas to make a film about Raúl Castro

Cuban screenwriter and director Charles Lettuce he bought sunflowers and put on a shirt to talk about his new life in Barcelona, ​​where he is “starting a family and a relationship”. “I’m looking to the future.What movie can be made today in Cuba? It is a country that is finished. Arriving here is an incentive … Read more

Carlos Tevez Just Retired, Immediately Becomes Coach of an Argentinian Club

Rosario – A surprising decision was made Carlos Tevez. Just two weeks into retirement, Tevez was immediately appointed coach of the Argentine club Central Rosary. Tevez decided to retire at the age of 38 after more than two decades of a career. Tevez, who was poor across Europe with several clubs such as West Ham … Read more

Watch – With the participation of the stars of the “beautiful game”… 22 goals in an exhibition match between Ronaldinho and Carlos | Football

The stadium of the American club Inter Miami – owned by former English star David Beckham – hosted an exhibition match between the teams of former Brazilian stars Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos, in which a number of current and retired world football stars participated. Today, Sunday, the official account of Inter Miami on Instagram shared … Read more

Swiss reinforcement for Mark Wahlberg. “Carlos Leal is really a talent”.

Mark Wahlberg’s latest film “Father Stu” is about boxer and would-be actor Stuart Long, who finds God after a serious accident. His confessor is played by Carlos Leal (here in the background in green priest’s robes). “He’s fantastic in the film,” said Wahlberg of the Swiss actor. Carlos Leal as Father Garcia: He plays Stuart’s … Read more