They operate on Carlos Santana’s heart

The Angels. Carlos Santana announced that he had a successful heart operation, but that he had to cancel his presentations scheduled for December in Las Vegas. In a video released Wednesday, Santana said he asked his wife to take him to the hospital Saturday because he had a chest problem. “I’m going to take some … Read more

Carlos Monti’s daughter married in Junín, where Milagros has lived with her partner for a year – Junín 24

The ceremony was in a room. Carlos Monti was deeply moved at the marriage of his daughter Mili: «I am a very tough guy, but …» Milagros Monti, a journalist like her father, contracted a relationship in our City with a Juninense. The issue was addressed by websites and media specialized in show business and … Read more

Carlos will receive shocking news from María Clara

Jealousy began to surface in Gloria (Viña Machado) after Katy (Marianne Schaller) insistently searched for Félix (Luciano D ‘Alessandro) and even more so when she told him that he was in her apartment, something with which she realized that she still feels something for him, even if she no longer wants to accept it. What’s … Read more

Carlos Cacho and his boyfriend: who is Erinson, the man who stole his heart | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 11/24/2021 05:27 pm The professional stylist Carlos Cacho He spoke for the first time about his current partner, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than seven years. In an interview with Milagros Leiva, for her channel ‘Vida y Milagros, the makeup artist revealed unpublished details about her boyfriend named … Read more

Carlos Cacho tells details about his boyfriend: “He tells me you are a blessing, I feel the rose of Guadalupe” farándula | SHOWS

For the first time, Carlos Cacho He spoke about his love life and told details of his courtship with Erinson, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than seven years. The makeup artist offered an interview to the program ‘Vida y Milagros’ by the journalist Milagros Leiva on his YouTube channel and … Read more

The legal battle for the inheritance of Carlos Menem begins

In principle, the point of conflict is the mansion that Carlos Menem It has in one of the most exclusive areas of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano. That property today would be in the name of Zulemita, although the rest of the beneficiaries could initiate the claim. The suspicions about the distribution of assets … Read more

Carlos Galdós and his return to television: “I am like Gisela Valcárcel, I will become an evangelical” | VIDEO | Ethel Pozo | For God and with the money with Carlos Galdós | Pan American | The night is mine | Farándula | SHOWS

Carlos Galdós returned to television with a night program on Panamericana after passing through The night is mine with the new name of By God and with the money with Carlos Galdós, which has begun to be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 11:00 pm The comedian, who had a tense interview with Andrés Hurtado, … Read more

Suddenly Celebrity, Carlos Fortes Arema FC: Indonesian Netizens Are Crazy!

INDOSPORT.COM – Suddenly became a celebrity on Instagram, foreign striker Arema FC, Carlos Manuel dos Santos Fortes admit that Indonesian netizens are famous for being crazy. It has become a common thing, if the figure of a foreign player will gain a lot of followers when playing at Indonesian League. Likewise, when an Indonesian soccer … Read more

Carlos Galdós: “Due to the pandemic I have debts, I took out AFP, I lost work and family” | INTERVIEW | SHOWS

The corridors of Panamericana Televisión are normally quiet, with a lot of mystery. It gives the feeling of being a huge house where when you open each door you find a character from yesteryear who greets you with a friendly gesture. But from a few days to these last hours, everything has changed. The voice … Read more

INM issues immigration alert to arrest Carlos Treviño, former CEO of Pemex

The National Migration Institute (INM) issued an immigration alert against the former CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Carlos Treviño; this at the request of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). In this way, the national and international authorities will be informed immediately if the former official intends to enter or leave Mexican territory. “The foregoing, … Read more