New Dinosaur Species Fossil Found, Small the Size of a Domestic Cat

Jakapil kaniukura, a new species of dinosaur the size of a house cat. Jakapil Kaniukura. [ / Mauricio Álvarez / Gabriel Díaz Yanten] – Scientists have found dinosaur fossils small the size of a domestic cat. Reported if fossil it is a species dinosaur new found. As reported by, scientists call this small … Read more

Ego mod lets you see through cat eyes

You always wanted to know how you see as a cat? Well, the First person perspective mod for Stray lets you get closer Now there is Mod for Straywhich shows you the world through a cat’s eyes. The Stray First Person Mod does exactly what the name says. Activating it replaces the in-game third-person view … Read more

Researchers Find Fossil Of Mini Dinosaur, Only The Size Of A Cat

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A spiny miniature dinosaur fossil was recently discovered in South America. This discovery is thought to represent an entire lineage of previously undetected ‘iron-bodied’ dinosaurs. The newly discovered species, Jakapil kaniukura, lived between 97 million and 94 million years ago, as quoted from Live Science. The discovery confirms that an entire … Read more

Here is the “biggest cat in the world” – Corriere TV

Yulia Minina left social media users speechless with the videos of her feline, a real “giant”, known online as the “biggest cat in the world”: “Kefir”, Main Coon breed, which people usually exchange for a dog, he is in fact an Instagram star. The owner, resident in Russia, adopted the puppy and she certainly did … Read more

J-Hope reveals the story of the stray cat that came to his heart and was rescued by him

BTS has always shown his love in different ways, but the act he performed J-Hope certainly took the heart of ARMY, which was based on helping a poor cat, who was on the street, during a photo event with the idea of ​​taking him to the doctor, so that he could receive his proper treatment … Read more

A very beautiful teenage girl.. She suffers a lot every night while she sleeps.. When she puts a surveillance camera to watch what is happening, it was a mortal shock.. You will not imagine what those closest to her do every night!!

2022/08/09 It’s 03:15 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite In strange details, and according to what was reported by international and Arab news sites, a woman resorted to a strange way to discover the nightmare perched above her head for a long time. After suffering a lot of severe pain that she felt every night … Read more

STALKER 2 has celebrated International Cat Day with this horrible creature from its world

This Monday we have been introduced to the Bayun, a mutant that we will meet in the game world. Little by little we are getting to know more news about STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobylthe new video game GSC Game World which is scheduled for early next year. after having seen three new captures in … Read more