Miraculous the movie: Ladybug and Cat Noir meet in the teaser

After the animated series, Miraculous is coming to the cinema! This film, which will return to the meeting between Ladybug and Cat Noir, will be released on July 5, 2023. And a first teaser has been unveiled. Check it out above. Miraculous: from the series to the film Impossible to miss the phenomenon Miraculous ! … Read more

He abandons a cat in a box at a gas station with a note: ‘Jackie would prefer a quiet place’

Luckily someone noticed that box abandoned at a petrol station in Edinburgh, Scotland. In fact, inside there was a litter box and above all a cat, without a microchip and a leash. Attached to the box, a note read: “this apartment cat is called Jackie and would prefer a quiet place”. The person who found … Read more

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies repair cost ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Million Marketing l 29-11-65

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies the repair cost of ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Money Marketing l 29-11-65 Great Wall Motors or GWM clarifies the cost of repairing the ORA GOOD CAT battery cover at 600,000 baht. It is a miscommunication. Sorry, ready to inform the new price #ORAGoodCat #GWM #Greatwall #EV battery #Great Wall Motors … Read more

How can I communicate with my cat?

We know they exist an infinite variety of meows, but they are not the main way cats communicate their moods and every need. To do this they mainly use non-verbal language, through their posture, the movements of the tail and ears. But there is a way to communicate with them. And to do that you … Read more

Belinda has a new cat and can’t believe she doesn’t give in to her charms

Singer Belinda He shared through his Instagram account the photos of his new petIt’s about a white kittenwhich apparently could be the long-haired Himalayan race, which he baptized as “Glen”. In the images we see the artist hugging the feline affectionately and next to them she wrote: “welcome to the family, Glen, thanks for existing”, … Read more

New York airport security personnel discover live cat in suitcase

The animal was clearly visible last Wednesday on the scanning equipment of the TSA, the agency responsible for aviation safety in the US, among other things. Employees who discovered the cat were ‘shocked’a TSA spokesperson told CNN. Unharmed The briefcase also contained bottles, glasses and a pair of slippers. The cat—a red one—came out unscathed. … Read more

China Suárez sheltered a cat who went to give birth at her house and adopted one of the kittens

China Suarez told that a kitten went to give birth to her baby at her house. Immediately afterwards, he took a photo of the cat and her children, emphasizing that I would take care of them until I found families that would consciously adopt them. “We are going to buy him a little bed and … Read more