La Nación / The PLRA lawyer is removed from the crime of Rodrigo Quintana

The criminal judge of Guarantees Hilda Benítez Vallejos settled with costs the exception for lack of action opposed by Fabián Ramírez Mora on behalf of the victim’s heir and excludes Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos. The criminal judge of Guarantees Hilda Benítez Vallejos excluded the lawyers Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos and Santiago Lovera in the case of intentional … Read more

The Principal Theater suspends the Tenorio because of the curfew

The Teatro Principal has decided to suspend the presentations scheduled for October 30 and 31 and November 1 of Don Juan Tenorio, by the group La Tijera, due to the restrictions imposed by the curfew. The theater considered that the time of the performance, 8.30pm, was too late so it opted to suspend the performances, … Read more

Turkey: Erdogan’s expansion causes opposition in the Middle East and Europe

In Syria and Nagorno Karabakh, through Iraq, Cyprus, Libya and the Aegean Sea, Turkey is playing a military role that unprecedented in the last century, a movement of tokens that is arousing strong political, and sometimes military, opposition from countries in the Middle East and Europe that are alarmed by a hypothetical expansion of political … Read more

They confirmed the trial for the former prosecutor Moran and a lawyer for asking for money in a case

Between five and six years ago, one of the detainees in a “heavy” cause in the local courts, launched an accusation about something that is commented and suspected, even among colleagues in the courts and prosecutors, much more than that has been investigated and proven: the granting of procedural benefits in exchange for money. In … Read more

One new death, 40 new COVID-19 cases in Smith County | Spanish

Smith County reported 40 COVID-19 cases and one new COVID-19 death on Wednesday, bringing its confirmed case count to 4,137, according to the Northeast Texas Public Health District. NET Health announced that active cases are now at 1,136, while recoveries stood at 3,022. The county has added 67 probable cases. There are 1,528 probable cases … Read more

WHO warns that electronic cigarettes are unsafe and heating tobacco can cause cancer | Economy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published three reports in which, among other aspects, it warns that electronic cigarettes, both those that contain nicotine and those that do not, are “unsafe” and harmful to health, and that products that heat tobacco can cause cancer. “Protect young people from the manipulation of the industry and prevent … Read more

The coronavirus also wreaks havoc on the film industry

The film industry was one of the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its different areas were affected in various ways, from the production of films, the suspension of filming, the closing of theaters and the prohibition of screenings, among other situations that, in addition to representing enormous economic losses, meant the need to … Read more

New wave of covid-19 and bank data leaks cause losses of up to 8% in the markets

In Europe, the United Kingdom is studying a second national lockdown due to the increase in cases by at least 6,000 daily, while Denmark, Greece and Spain introduced new restrictions on the activity. Also, the German Health Minister said that the rise in infections in countries like France, Austria and the Netherlands is worrying. In … Read more

“He said he was proud to be Kurdish …”

Posted on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 10:04 p.m. By NEITHER Farid, a young man of Kurdish origin, was beaten by several people in his apartment, rue Paul Pastur in Quaregnon, during the night from Saturday to Sunday. The assault was very violent. Farid is disfigured. According to one of his relatives, the attackers are … Read more

“He had to brake so as not to run over it!”

Posted on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 4:46 p.m. By N. RZ. A violent accident involving two vehicles occurred this Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon, along the Express road, in the direction of Mouscron towards Dottignies. It was not far from 2 p.m. this Sunday afternoon when two cars collided violently (photos and … Read more