PS3 Store closure seems to be causing problems already

Sony’s decision to completely close the PlayStation Stores for PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 to new purchases was one that drew a lot of criticism from almost all quarters. But a ray of hope was that for content you already owned, nothing would actually change. However, reality already seems to indicate otherwise. After all, … Read more

Bathing with contact lenses has 7 times the risk of causing blindness – People who use contact lenses when bathing is more at risk of experiencing blindness. Research by experts at the University of Southampton, England, proves this. The study found that people who wear contact lenses while showering are seven times more likely to develop vision-threatening infections. Because bathing with contact lenses every day is … Read more

From the train to the shop: the national strike is causing nuisance here today

Make no mistake, despite the frequent teleworking, the national strike of ACV and ABVV will still make itself felt today. There will be hardly any strike pickets in the streets – the unions ask their members not to draw them up – various sectors do expect serious nuisance. ACV and ABVV take action after the … Read more

Kamel al-Wazir: I instructed some drivers not to use ATC technology for causing delays in trains … and I apologize for the accident, “But I will not drive the train.”

Bakri cream: Posted on: Sunday 28 March 2021 – 2:44 PM | Last update: Sunday 28 March 2021 – 2:44 PM Kamel al-Wazeer on the Sohag trains incident: God forbid and he did not want it .. God willing, it will not be repeatedThe transport bag is “heavy” and needs more work– The front train … Read more

The simps venture capital fund that is causing a stir in the crypto space

One of the most difficult problems in the field of cryptocurrencies it is knowing what to take seriously. On Friday, the DeFi Alliance, a DeFi startup incubator and accelerator, announced a roster of 11 new members. Some were predictable, like the provider of oracles Chainlink and the venture capital company Blockchain Capital, but one name … Read more

Fill Petrol 3 Times, Police Examined the Angkot Causing Fire at Malang Gas Station

CITY POOR, – The police checked one city transportation (angkot) that caused it Fire at one of the gas stations on Jalan Mayjen Sungkono. The police suspect that this Suzuki Carry type city transport is carrying out fuel stockpiling considering that there is a drum in the car. “I was with the team from … Read more

Microsoft releases Windows update for printer problem causing BSODs – Computer – News

Below is a link with an overview of the KB number compared to the versions of Windows: It was not only limited to bluescreens, but as mentioned below by IThom also problems with label printers spitting out blank labels and I even encountered a PC where none of the KBs appeared in the overview … Read more

A Chinese hack of “Microsoft” servers is causing global panic

A sophisticated attack on Microsoft Corp.’s widely used commercial email software has turned into a global cybersecurity crisis, as hackers race to infect as many victims as possible before companies can secure their computer systems. The attack, which Microsoft said began with a hacking group backed by the Chinese government, has so far injured 60,000 … Read more

Argentina is returning to causing concern among creditors

As Argentina tries to win IMF support to restructure $ 100 billion in debt, the left-wing government’s knocking on the drums of war raises concerns among creditors of a messy default.Official talks between the fund and Buenos Aires began last week and have already provided evidence of how difficult the process is for bondholders. The … Read more