Half a century of space research: Graz IWF looks back

The Institute for Space Research (IWF) in the south of Graz has been contributing to research into our solar system and distant galaxies for over 50 years. With around 100 employees, it is one of the largest institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). On Tuesday the 50th birthday will be celebrated – postponed … Read more

[사소한 역사] Invented by a Dutch optician in the 17th century… Galileo developed it by observing the celestial body.

[사소한 역사] Invented by a Dutch optician in the 17th century… Galileo developed it by observing the celestial body. Input: 2022.06.21 03:30 telescope ▲ A refracting telescope called the Galileo telescope. /Wikipedia Recently, a research team from the Department of Astronomy at Beijing Normal University in China announced that China’s largest radio telescope, Guan Tianjuyan … Read more

Mexico robbers commit ‘theft of the century’ | Abroad

The robbers were not noticed on the remote site and took eight to ten hours to empty containers using cranes, among other things. Mexican media speak of “the theft of the century”. Gold, silver and zinc The authorities are not releasing much about the investigation. The robbery has only now been announced and was on … Read more

Robbery of the century: They stole 20 containers of gold and precious metals in a Mexican port

The robbery, which, according to the daily El País, involved at least 12 armed men, took place without a single shot in the port of Manzanillo on the morning of June 5. The group first pacified the security guards and then loaded twenty containers onto trucks with heavy equipment. The operation lasted about eight to … Read more

Open heart with the Zewlakow brothers, who look back on their time in Belgium: “The player of the century in Poland? Vadis!”

Meeting with the Polish twins Marcin and Michal Zewlakow who talk about their time in Belgium. Sorry to smoke. I started the day before a Champions League game against Real Madrid, and I never stopped.” Opposite us is Michal Zewlakow (46), with his 102 national team appearances: a legend in Poland. A few minutes later, … Read more

The Soviet Union became the cradle of the sexual revolution a century ago: not everyone liked the invitation to take off their clothes

Initially, the new government met the wishes of sexual minorities The revolution of 1917 erupted through Russia like a terrible hurricane, destroying the integrity of the state, its economy and culture. The Bolsheviks who took power were the main driving force in destroying the Russian Empire and starting to build a new country, a workers … Read more

Inflation in Germany, the highest level for almost half a century. How much energy and food prices have increased

“Consumer prices, harmonized to be comparable to inflation data for other countries in the European Union, increased by 8.7% in annual terms,” ​​the Federal Statistical Office announced on Monday, News reports. ro. The last time inflation was this high in Germany was during the winter of 1973/1974, when oil prices rose following the first oil … Read more

How Sherlock Holmes Became the Greatest Cocaine Addict of the 19th Century

Sherlock Holmes is the most famous cocaine user of the 19th century. So why did he choose to use cocaine, let’s see: the second of the sherlock holmes novels, published in 1980 sign of fouris . In this novel, the famous detective pulls a syringe out of his leather bag, rolls up his sleeve, and … Read more

Pricey records are broken not only in Poland. Germany with the highest inflation in almost half a century

Growing prices in Germany they surprised experts who expected a much lower reading. According to analysts from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, The armed conflict in Ukraine translated into a sharp rise in inflation. Watch the video Have you used credit holidays, the bank will lower your creditworthiness? We ask an expert “The … Read more