That was not the case for half a century: D. Sabonis demonstrates a form worthy of W. Chamberlain

The Indiana Pacers wizard returned fantastically after back pain that stopped him for two weeks. The basketball player of the Lithuanian national team against Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards scored a total of 58 points, rebounded 38 balls and made 23 assists. No NBA player has collected such figures in a two-match period since … Read more

A look back at the major vaccination campaigns of the last century

As the COVID-19 vaccination campaign crowns, health historians say we shouldn’t forget the impact vaccines have had on the world over the past decades. For Christopher Rutty and Laurence Monnais, vaccines are without a doubt one of the 20th century’s greatest public health achievements. Vaccination is both a technological and preventive advance. It is absolutely … Read more celebrates a quarter of a century. CZK 80,000 was enough to launch the portal

“I apologize in advance, but I would very much like to invite you to visit the List of the best WWW pages in our country,” Lukačovič’s message to people was in 1996. Although it is today the most visited site on the Czech Internet, it was originally created in the children’s room of its … Read more

Scientists Expect Rainfall in Antarctica to Increase in this Century

The rising rainfall could threaten the penguin’s life. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Scientists have identified major changes in weather patterns caused by climate change pressures. Scientists predict more rainfall along the Antarctic coast. Reporting from Science Alert, Sunday (25/4), according to new research, between the present year and 2100, it rained on Antartika is projected to … Read more

“Player of the Century” .. Benzema sets a milestone in Real Madrid’s history

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema scored two goals and scored another, during the match against Cadiz, on Wednesday evening, in the 31st round of the Spanish League. And the first half of the Real Madrid match ended, with Meringue advancing three goals without a response. Benzema, with his two goals today, achieved a remarkable record … Read more

The History of Islam in China Grows Rapidly Since the 7th Century, Before the Communists came to power Page all – Muslim Uighur, more than 1 million are being held in detention centers in the westernmost province of Xinjiang, China. Uighur leaders and experts outside China have warned that the situation could worsen until the United Nations has suspected genocide against Uighur Muslims. Why don’t Muslims there get justice? How is it Islam history … Read more

Go to the last century with the launch trailer of Shadow Man: Remastered

With the topic of game preservation more relevant than ever before, we’re secretly getting excited about the news that classic games are making their way to newer platforms. After all, that is how they are preserved. Today the remaster of Shadow Man, released in 1999, was released on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. … Read more

[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] Jack the Ripper, the mysterious killer figure of the 19th century page all – Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, killing at least 5 women and mutilating them in an unusual manner, demonstrating his knowledge of human anatomy. His figure is still becoming mystery, has never been arrested or exposed. However, he was one killer figure from English which is famous in the world to this … Read more

Once destroyed by ISIS, the Grand Mosque of the 12th Century in Mosul will be rebuilt

The Al-Nuri Mosque, which was destroyed by ISIS, will be rebuilt by a group of Egyptian architects. (Source: Alamy Via BBC) MOSUL, KOMPAS.TV – An Egyptian group of architects won the competition to build the Al-Nuri Grand Mosque in Mosul, Iraq. The mosque from the 12th century was destroyed by ISIS in June 2017, when … Read more

The swindler of the century. The creator of the largest financial pyramid in the world has died

Condemned to 150 years in prison, schemer Bernard Madoff died in prison in the United States, it is believed that he created the world’s largest financial pyramid. Bernard Madoff is an American financier who has been accused of creating the world’s largest pyramid scheme. Damage from the Madoff scam is estimated at between $ 50 … Read more