Open the ‘Session II’ of ‘The 20th century through the artistic funds of the Diputación de Córdoba’

CÓRDOBA, 30 (EUROPA PRESS) The Rafael Botí Art Center will host until next September 13 the ‘Session II: Reality and matter’ of the exhibition ‘The 20th century through the artistic funds of the Diputación de Córdoba’, an exhibition that includes “works ranging from the Civil War to the Democratic Transition, a historical period that seems … Read more

Theft of the century, Best Latin American Production at the Begur Costa Brava Festival

The Argentine movie The theft of the century, directed by Ariel Winograd and starring Guillermo Francella Y Diego Peretti, he won Award for Best Latin American Production at the Begur Costa Brava International Film Festival, from Spain. Luis Luque, Pablo Rago, Rafael Ferro and Mariano Argento complete the leading cast of the most watched film … Read more

Crisis in Venezuela: a country without industry or electricity that lives in the dark and with one foot in the 19th century

Today in Venezuela people pass half life in the dark, an image that is the best example of the energy crisis that the country is experiencing. On the other side, there is an industry, the electric, which has set foot in the nineteenth century and is also the main drag on economic reactivation. Whoever rules … Read more

Elsa Serrano and the party of the century: all the secrets of the wedding dress that Claudia Villafañe used to marry Maradona

Diego and Claudia were married in the mythical Luna Park stadium on November 7, 1989. From his atelier on Pereyra Lucena street, in Palermo Chico, Elsa serrano makes a stop in her afternoon of tests to remember that iconic dress that the world saw on television. Diego Armando Maradona, the player of the moment, married … Read more

The most powerful hurricane in half a century brought a mysterious ship to the shore of a Russian city: Society: Russia:

Hurricane Maysak, which arrived in Primorye, carried a mysterious ship ashore in Nakhodka. Video published in Telegram-channel RT. As reported RIA Novosti, local residents suggested that there is a crew on the ship, which cannot go ashore, as the ship is arrested. Some have called it a “ghost ship.” TV channel “Russia 1” has learned … Read more

Coronavirus: Century 21 fires # Lady3Pesos for scandal at Walmart store

MEXICO CITY The woman baptized in social networks as # Lady3Pesos, who insults and denigrates workers at a Walmart self-service store in Azcapotzalco, was identified and fired from her job. The woman exploded in anger because she was not allowed to enter the store because she was with her daughter under 12 years old, which … Read more

The global pandemic has “sent” the economies of Italy, Greece and Portugal into the last century

The Bank of America has produced an excellent chart showing how many quarters of GDP growth have been lost due to the recession caused by the global covid-19 pandemic. In some cases, declines in real economic output are hardly believable. For example, Italy lost almost 120 quarters of GDP growth and the level of economic … Read more

Miocic or Cromier – who will be the best of all time? Expert opinions on the UFC heavyweight fight of the century – Martial arts – – Sports

A heavyweight fight between Stipi Miočič and Daniel Cormier is expected on Sunday. The media has already crowned the winner of this duel as the best UFC heavyweight of all time. What have the experts said about the upcoming duel? This will be Mitchicch and Cormier’s third fight. The score now stands at 1: 1. … Read more

Disney ends with the iconic 20th Century Fox jingle. However, the fanfare and the headlight remain

American entertainment company Walt Disney ends with the 20th Century Fox brand, which is one of the most famous names in the entertainment industry. The film company, which has been on the market for 85 years, was renamed Disney at 20th Century Studios in January and has now renamed 20th Century Fox Television to 20th … Read more