Krzysztof Pi ± tek close to changing clubs! They give 20 million euros. Soccer

Watch the video The amazing transformation of Krzysztof Piątek. “An absolute show. We didn’t know him from this side” [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #53] Krzysztof Piątek in January, it was bought by Herthę Berlin with Milan for 24 million euros. The 25-year-old Bundesliga striker didn’t shine. Last season, he scored just four goals in 15 games. He … Read more

Pandemic is changing and young people are the new threat, WHO warns

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned today of a detected change in the characteristics of the coronavirus that causes covid-19, saying that younger people are increasingly causing outbreaks and contagions. “The pandemic is changing. People in their 20s, 30s and 40s are increasingly at the root of the threat, ”said WHO director for the Western … Read more

In changing its policy, Finland recommends wearing masks in public places around the world

In a change in policy, the Finnish authorities on Thursday recommended that people wear masks in public places. To date, Finland has maintained that there is insufficient evidence of the effectiveness of masks in the fight against the new coronavirus to justify the requirement to wear them. Authorities even pointed out that masks can increase … Read more

Hyundai is changing its strategy. Some cars will be sold under a new brand –

Hyundai introduces a new brand. He will use the name Ioniq for it, which was created by combining the English words “ion” (iont) and “unique” (unique). Under this brand, it will launch a number of electrified cars with a number – even numbers will be used for sedans, odd for SUVs. The first model of … Read more

However, by changing the usual program, the Riga Festival will take place

Next weekend, the Riga Festival will also take place, of course, without fireworks and gatherings. More events will take place this year in the vicinity of the capital. With the onset of the pandemic, it was estimated that the capital’s birthday celebrations would be missed this year. However, as the epidemiological situation stabilized, the municipality … Read more

Latvian tennis players start in Estonia with changing success / Article /

On Thursday, Latvian tennis players continued to participate in the “Merks Cup” between the Estonian and Latvian national teams in Tallinn with varying degrees of success, reaching a tie of 4-4 after eight fights, according to the organizers. Latvian tennis star Anastasia Sevastova gave up 6-7 (1: 7), 6-2, 5:10 on Thursday to Estonian tennis … Read more

Guide to Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Will Be Changing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The panel of experts wanted to change the consumption guidelines alcoholic beverages for the United States of America. At first it was mentioned that the standard of moderate drinking for men was as much as two glasses of alcoholic drinks and a woman’s glass. But it was later discovered that however … Read more

Dispute with China: How the “Security Law” is Changing Hong Kong

The controversial “security law” has been in force in Hong Kong for a good three weeks. It becomes clear that China’s communist leadership has already changed the actually autonomous special administrative region noticeably. By Steffen Wurzel, ARD Studio Shanghai Shop owner Dickson would never have thought that it would happen so quickly that his hometown … Read more

Why Trump is changing his stance on the pandemic – US and Canada – International

Probably motivated by his dizzying decline in the polls, and after several weeks ignoring the outbreak of the pandemic in his country, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, He returned to the podium on Tuesday to try to convince Americans that he is the leader they need. to get them out of the … Read more