Vaccine applied in Chile only has 3% efficacy if a single dose is administered

A study carried out by the University of Chile added an extra dose of concern to the situation that the trans-Andean country is going through these days with high daily infections of coronavirus and a record of bed occupancy in intensive units, despite 45% of the population was already inoculated with at least the first … Read more

Chile exceeds 3,000 covid patients in ICU, but over 70 years reach the lowest level | National

On Wednesday morning, in its daily report on the pandemic, the Government reported that our country exceeded for the first time the three thousand covid-19 patients hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (FIA). Specifically, there are 3,029 people in this situation. Of these, 2,620 are connected to a mechanical ventilator according to the details provided … Read more

Effectiveness of the vaccination program in Chile: a single dose does not protect, but 14 days after the second dose protection against contagions is 56%

How protected are people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 to get the virus? That was the question that motivated the first research on the effectiveness of the vaccines with which the population is being inoculated today. Unlike the data from clinical studies available until now, this first National study that estimates the effectiveness of the … Read more

Research Reveals Sinovac Vaccine Not Effective if Only Once Injection – A person is recommended to get two shots of the Covid-19 vaccine, especially if the vaccine from China, Sinovac was injected. A study in Chile said the Coronavac vaccine from Sinovac would not be effective if only the first dose was injected. Because it does not protect the body against Corona virus infection. … Read more

Vaccine effect: study by the University of Chile reveals effectiveness of up to 56.5% after the second dose

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Chile revealed that the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine is 56.5% to prevent infections in those who have received the second dose. The research of Juan Díaz, Eduardo Engel and Alejandro Jofré calculated this number taking into consideration that the vaccines currently applied in Chile … Read more

A study that raises questions in Chile: the Chinese vaccine Coronavac effective at … 3% after the first dose

This study in real conditions, carried out by the University of Chile, took into account the overall effect of vaccination in this country where two vaccines have been administered since December 24: the Coronavac vaccine from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac which represents the overwhelming majority (93%) of the doses administered, and the German-American vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech. … Read more

Chinese Coronavac vaccine: 56.5% efficacy after two doses in Chile

Chile’s ongoing COVID vaccination, primarily based on China’s Coronavac vaccine, has shown 56.5% efficacy against infections two weeks after injection of the second dose, but no significant effect after the first, according to a study released Tuesday. • Read also: Vaccination: when Chile teaches Canada a lesson • Read also: Chile is reconfiguring itself despite … Read more

“The cases of Covid-19 are record” and “success”: international references to the vaccination campaign and the situation of the pandemic in Chile

While the vaccination campaign against coronavirus continues to advance in Chile -exceeding 7 million inoculated –infections also continue to increase, reaching a record 8,122 last Friday. A phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed both in the country and in the international press, which has made multiple reports on the Chilean case. In addition, authorities such … Read more

Active and 5,000 years old: Geologists from the University of Chile discover a volcano in Chilean Patagonia

The falla Liquiñe-Ofqui is the name of a set of geological faults that run near 1,200 kilometers in a north-south direction from the BioBío Region to the Gulf of Penas in Aysén, an area covered with snow ten months a year, difficult to access due to the height, and a geography that boasts dense vegetation. … Read more

Scottish leader: “Chile serves as a warning of what will happen if restrictions are eased too quickly”

The Chief Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, warned this Saturday that the worsening of the second wave of Covid-19 in Chile, which has put the country on the brink of hospital collapse, despite its successful vaccination process, “It is a warning” to analyze the lifting of restrictive measures. “What is happening in Chile right now … Read more